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Krakatoa (formerly The Moorings Bar) (Freehouse)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Cromarty - WhiteoutExcellent1
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Dark MunroGood1
Cromarty - Hit The LipGood1
Fyne - AvalancheGood4
Fyne - JarlGood5
Cromarty - Happy ChappyGood1
Cromarty - KowabungaAcceptable1
Cromarty - AKAAcceptable1
Fyne - YakhopAcceptable1
Spey Valley - Spey StoutPoor1
Windswept - WeizenNot Tried0
Loch Ness - Light NessNot Tried0
Cromarty - Atlantic DriftNot Tried0
Spey Valley - Spiced OotNot Tried0
Cromarty - Brewed AwakeningNot Tried0
Picture 1. Krakatoa (formerly The Moorings Bar), Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Visits Details

05 Oct 2017 (McGargle)
Cromarty - Whiteout3.80Excellent
Fyne - Jarl3.80Acceptable
Spey Valley - Spey Stout5.40PoorNot stout: thin.
Cromarty - Brewed Awakening4.70Not Tried
Windswept - Weizen5.20Not Tried
01 Aug 2017 (McGargle)
Quiet, early evening.
Cromarty - Hit The Lip3.80GoodFruity and flavoursome.
Fyne - Avalanche4.50PoorThin and uninteresting.
13 Jul 2017 (McGargle)
Don't be put off by a lack of pump clips. Thursday is usually fresh cask day and they sometimes forget to show the pimpclips. Seven beers on.
Fyne - Avalanche4.50GoodFresh and refreshing.
10 Mar 2017 (McGargle)
Busy, noisy. Just as it should be.
Fyne - Jarl3.80ExcellentYardstick beer.
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Dark Munro4.00Not Tried
Cromarty - Atlantic Drift3.50Not Tried
Windswept - Weizen5.20Not Tried
Spey Valley - Spiced Oot6.10Not Tried
20 Jan 2017 (McGargle)
Bands setting for a night of raucous music. Eight ales available.
Fyne - Jarl3.80GoodIdeal refresher.
Cromarty - AKA6.70AcceptableBig and bold but lacking the finesse of Southville Hop in CASC.
29 Dec 2016 (McGargle)
Cromarty - Kowabunga4.60AcceptableSeemed tired.
17 Nov 2016 (McGargle)
Eight ales available. Only those tried noted.
Fyne - Avalanche4.50Good
Cromarty - Happy Chappy4.10Good
27 Oct 2016 (McGargle)
Very quiet early evening. Thursday's a good day to visit as this is when fresh casks are put on for the weekend. Eight beers on from Windswept, Orkney, Fyne and Cromarty.
Fyne - Jarl3.80ExcellentJarl at its best.
22 Sep 2016 (McGargle)
Good range. Didn't note the beers I didn't try. Unusually for Krakatoa beers seemed a bit warm.
Fyne - Avalanche4.50Good
Fyne - Jarl3.80AcceptableLacking the crispness of the Jarl in The Grill.
10 Mar 2016 (McGargle)
Quieter. Dhu it had sold well. Must've been me.
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Dark Munro4.00Good
Fyne - Yakhop3.40AcceptableFresh, easy drinking wheat beer. Presumably hopped with....Becoming uncomfortably sweet.
Fyne - Avalanche4.50Not Tried
Windswept - Weizen5.20Not Tried
Loch Ness - Light Ness4.50Not Tried
Cromarty - Whiteout3.80Not Tried

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About the Krakatoa (formerly The Moorings Bar)

The pub sign. Krakatoa (formerly The Moorings Bar), Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

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The pub is found in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB11 5AA.

Rock and metal music bar with friendly staff and customers. Unstinting commitment to real ale - usually five from mostly Scottish micros (often BrewDog) on. Lined glasses used. Excellent selection of keg beers on font and plenty of interesting bottles - think Rodenbach, Cantillon and the like. Real Cider too. One of the best bars in Scotland and probably Britain, The Moorings Bar is an Aberdeen 'must visit'. Renamed in 2015.

We have visited this pub 128 times, seen 145 different beers and tried 80 of them.

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Postcode: AB11 5AA