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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Sportsman Brewing Company - Town MildExcellent1
Track - SonomaExcellent1
Mallinsons - IndulgenceExcellent1
Exit 33 (formerly The Brew Company then Sky's Edge) - ABC Amarillo, Bravo, CitraExcellent1
Golcar - Sportsman Brewing Co. Pigeon Bridge PorterExcellent1
Wilde Child - ExpatriateExcellent1
Mallinsons - Hopped No 3Excellent1
Mallinsons - Perle AgnusExcellent1
Sportsman Brewing Company - Alpha #5Excellent1
Wilde Child - Rite of PassageExcellent1
Golcar - Dark MildExcellent1
Exit 33 (formerly The Brew Company then Sky's Edge) - Hop Ripper IPAExcellent1
Mallinsons - AramisExcellent1
Golcar - Sportsman Brewing Co. HopsCotchExcellent1
Brightside - Underworld PorterExcellent1
Raw - Grey Ghost IPAExcellent1
Slightly Foxed - Howlin' Fox Good1
Sportsman Brewing Company - Pigeon Bridge PorterGood1
Shiny - World Ale (single hop Calypso) Good1
Malthouse - Horbury BlondeGood1
Exit 33 (formerly The Brew Company then Sky's Edge) - Muddy WatersGood1
Mallinsons - NeptuneGood1
Bosun's - Bunny BoilerGood1
Mallinsons - Hopped #11 (Summer)Acceptable1
Outstanding - Pushing OutNot Tried0
Sportsman Brewing Company - Hops CotchNot Tried0
Black Sheep - All CreaturesNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - Dark MildNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - LandlordNot Tried0
Ilkley - Lotus IPANot Tried0
Mallinsons - Tammie NorrieNot Tried0
Mallinsons - CascadeNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - Boltmaker (formerly Best Bitter)Not Tried0
Summer Wine (SWB) - TeleporterNot Tried0
Magic Rock - RaptureNot Tried0
Geeves - Fully Laden IPANot Tried0
Late Knights - Old Red EyesNot Tried0
Ilkley - PaleNot Tried0
Brass Castle - Bad KittyNot Tried0
Mallinsons - SPA (Session Pale Ale)Not Tried0
Ghost - PhantomNot Tried0
Great Heck - DAVENot Tried0
Mallinsons - Nelson SauvinNot Tried0
Ghost - WraithNot Tried0
Black Iris - Mogs's PaleNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Sportsman, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Visits Details

15 Apr 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Fairly quiet in here tonight approaching closing time and we sat in the main bar. I kept no notes on the beers – just scribbled ‘excellent’.
Wilde Child - Expatriate4.50Excellent
Wilde Child - Rite of Passage7.00Excellent
Timothy Taylor - Boltmaker (formerly Best Bitter)4.00Not Tried
Great Heck - DAVE3.80Not Tried
Mallinsons - Nelson Sauvin3.80Not Tried
Brightside - Underworld Porter4.40Not Tried
Ghost - Wraith3.80Not Tried
Black Iris - Mogs's Pale4.30Not Tried
13 Apr 2017 (Stephen Harris)
If it’s Maundy Thursday then I’m in the Sportsman until close – although I seem to have missed last year (I have a vague recollection of being in Cornwall for some reason). Not so busy this year and we have one of the side rooms almost to ourselves.
Brightside - Underworld Porter4.40ExcellentA very nice, malty, black Porter.
Track - Sonoma3.80ExcellentA golden beer. Light but flavourful and full of US hops.
Shiny - World Ale (single hop Calypso) 4.50GoodA golden beer with what I call ‘earthy’ hop tastes.
Timothy Taylor - Boltmaker (formerly Best Bitter)4.00Not Tried
Ilkley - Pale4.20Not Tried
Brass Castle - Bad Kitty5.50Not Tried
Mallinsons - SPA (Session Pale Ale)3.80Not Tried
Ghost - Phantom5.30Not Tried
04 Apr 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Late evening visit until close to closing time. Quite busy – no live music this year. We are told that there has been no brewing in the cellar for around a year, although the kit is all still there.
Mallinsons - Perle Agnus3.90ExcellentYou know where you are with Mallinson’s – loads of hops here in a pale beer.
Malthouse - Horbury Blonde3.80GoodA balanced Pale Ale.
Bosun's - Bunny Boiler4.20GoodI don’t remember much about this one at the end of a long day – but I wrote down ‘good’.
Timothy Taylor - Boltmaker (formerly Best Bitter)4.00Not Tried
Summer Wine (SWB) - Teleporter5.00Not Tried
Magic Rock - Rapture4.60Not Tried
Geeves - Fully Laden IPA6.00Not Tried
Late Knights - Old Red Eyes4.50Not Tried
29 Mar 2013 (Stephen Harris)
Another late night visit, until closing time. Again, the pub is busy. There is live music in the main bar; we manage to get a table in one of the side rooms.
Exit 33 (formerly The Brew Company then Sky's Edge) - Hop Ripper IPA4.30ExcellentPale and fiercely bitter/hoppy.
Raw - Grey Ghost IPA5.90ExcellentSmooth, strong, pale and hoppy.
Mallinsons - Indulgence3.70ExcellentFabulous, pale, hop-beer. Featuring Citra, Cascade, Chinook and Centennial. Definitely one for the hopheads.
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Golcar - Dark Mild3.20Not Tried
Slightly Foxed - Howlin' Fox 3.50Not Tried
Mallinsons - Cascade4.00Not TriedRan out.
Sportsman Brewing Company - Alpha #54.50Not Tried
28 Mar 2013 (Stephen Harris)
My seemingly annual, late-night, Maundy Thursday visit. This year the pub is busy until closing time, with a diddly session in one side room and what looked like the survivors of a wedding party at the other end.
Exit 33 (formerly The Brew Company then Sky's Edge) - ABC Amarillo, Bravo, Citra4.30ExcellentA nice pint full of hops.
Sportsman Brewing Company - Alpha #54.50ExcellentI failed to note anything other than the word ‘excellent’.
Slightly Foxed - Howlin' Fox 3.50Good
Exit 33 (formerly The Brew Company then Sky's Edge) - Muddy Waters4.50GoodA good stout.
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Golcar - Dark Mild3.20Not Tried
Ilkley - Lotus IPA5.60Not Tried
Mallinsons - Tammie Norrie3.90Not Tried
05 May 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Quite busy late on a Saturday afternoon.
Mallinsons - Aramis3.90ExcellentVery pale brewed with new French hop. Very fruity with citrus notes and a good malt character to this giving a smooth and flavoursome beer. My score 16/20.
Timothy Taylor - Dark Mild3.50Not TriedRgrettably this had just run out, it was my target beer in here.
05 Apr 2012 (Stephen Harris)
A late-night visit, with just a small number of customers present. Our group definitely making up for lost time in the run-up to closing time. This is not quite a full list of all beers available.
Sportsman Brewing Company - Town Mild3.50Excellentblack mild with a tan head and burnt/roasty flavours. A smoky hint too. Sportsman beers now brewed on site in the pub cellar.
Sportsman Brewing Company - Pigeon Bridge Porter4.70GoodA complex dark porter. A hint of coffee, plus a slight sour, sherry-cask-type flavour.
Mallinsons - Neptune4.40GoodPale and creamy with bitter hops.
Outstanding - Pushing Out7.30Not Tried
Sportsman Brewing Company - Hops Cotch3.90Not Tried
Black Sheep - All Creatures3.50Not Tried
24 Mar 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Quite busy on a Saturday afternoon.
Mallinsons - Hopped #11 (Summer)3.80AcceptableVery pale and very hoppy with a dry citrus flavour dominating. A little too intense for my taste. My score 14/20.
15 Jul 2011 (Martin the Mildman)
Golcar - Dark Mild3.20ExcellentDark brown mild with good malt character including coffee and liquorice flavours. Low hop rate and a dryish finish. My score 16/20.
Golcar - Sportsman Brewing Co. HopsCotch4.60ExcellentPale and very hoppy with citrus hops to the fore. Good malt character gives the beer a full bodied flavour and the finish is full and fruity. My score 16/20.
11 Jun 2011 (Flying.geordie)
Golcar - Sportsman Brewing Co. Pigeon Bridge Porter4.70Excellent
Mallinsons - Hopped No 33.80Excellent

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The pub is found in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 5AY.

New pub part of the West Riding Refreshment Rooms Group from Dewsbury.

We have visited this pub 13 times, seen 50 different beers and tried 27 of them.

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