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The Foy Boat (Freehouse)

We believe this pub is CLOSED

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Moorhouse's - Blond WitchExcellent2
Wychwood - HobgoblinGood1
Freeminer - Back Street HeroesGood1
Stonehenge - PigswillGood1
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 5Good1
Sharp's - Doom BarGood1
1648 - SignatureAcceptable1
Wells & Young's (Charles Wells now) - Young's BitterAcceptable1
Triple fff - Alton's PrideNot Tried0
Stonehenge - Spire AleNot Tried0
Tring - Side Pocket for a ToadNot Tried0
Moorhouse's - Pendle Witches BrewNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - She Sells Sea ShellsNot Tried0
1648 - Saint George English AleNot Tried0
Loddon - HullabalooNot Tried0
Tring - Colley's DogNot Tried0
Moorhouse's - Pride of PendleNot Tried0
Wells & Young's (Charles Wells now) - Courage DirectorsNot Tried0
Fuller's - London PrideNot Tried0
Nelson - Friggin in the RigginNot Tried0
Otter - BitterNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Foy Boat, Ramsgate, Kent

Visits Details

06 Jun 2015 (Dosser)
SEARCHING for pubs not visited recently on this site and came here hoping for some good beers. There is alot of building work going on inside and its obvious that this pub is closed... at least for now. Some windows boarded up.
19 Feb 2012 (Blair)
We had been informed there was Karaoke, unfortunately this wasn't the case. Still I haven't been here for a long while, not much has changed.
Wychwood - Hobgoblin4.50GoodThis was actually really good, quite surprised.
Otter - Bitter3.60Not Tried
Wells & Young's (Charles Wells now) - Young's Bitter3.70Not Tried
20 Aug 2010 (Andrew)
Fairly quiet and the girl behind the bar poured off a pint of Youngs before serving me mine - so top marks there. This is a funny pub I always think. Nice views of the sea but not my favourite place. Can't work out why though. Nothing to do with the staff as they're always friendly so it must be the decor or something.
Wells & Young's (Charles Wells now) - Young's Bitter3.70AcceptableA touch flat
Wychwood - Hobgoblin4.50Not Tried
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
22 Nov 2008 (Ian)
Pub no. 4 and my last one before heading to Waitrose and then the station. Never been here before but I quite like it. Overlooking the sea front. Nice homely fee to it and with 5 handpumps. Most interest from the clientele was about Charlton losing except one table who talked about their friends ailments.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 54.40GoodA very good best bitter. Slightly dusty toasty hop backs up some dry malt in mouth. It is very good and probably the best thing I've had today.
Wells & Young's (Charles Wells now) - Courage Directors4.80Not Tried
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Nelson - Friggin in the Riggin4.70Not Tried
Wells & Young's (Charles Wells now) - Young's Bitter3.70Not Tried
09 Oct 2008 (Blair)
Got here at around 10 and it was really quiet, looked like they were about to close. So we got a quick one in and headed off.
Stonehenge - Pigswill4.00GoodVery fruity with plenty of malt, a little vanilla comes through as well. Quite nice, but not outstanding.
Moorhouse's - Pride of Pendle4.10Not Tried
Wells & Young's (Charles Wells now) - Young's Bitter3.70Not Tried
28 Sep 2008 (Blair)
Heaving in here which is really good to see, the beer range wasn't great though.
Moorhouse's - Blond Witch4.50ExcellentThis beer is fantastic. Light hoppy and very easy drinking.
Wells & Young's (Charles Wells now) - Young's Bitter3.70Not Tried
05 Sep 2008 (Blair)
I came out dressed in my old school uniform and stupidly didn't think to take my ID with me just in case. Pretty funny really, the girl behind the bar ID'd me, but luckily the landlord came to my rescue.
Moorhouse's - Blond Witch4.50ExcellentReally light fruity blond ale. Very refreshing and just a great beer really.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 54.40Not Tried
Tring - Side Pocket for a Toad3.60Not Tried
Tring - Colley's Dog5.20Not Tried
Wells & Young's (Charles Wells now) - Young's Bitter3.70Not Tried
21 Aug 2008 (Andrew)
A few people were in and all watching the Olympics on the TV. I ordered my beer and immediately the landlord started chatting to me about his recent beer festival. It seemed it went quite well (he had 12 beers on). He said he usually has a Gadd’s on as he likes to support local produce. A very friendly chap he was and I liked his attitude. I hope he does well.
Freeminer - Back Street Heroes4.80GoodBadged as BSH. Dark brown beer. Good condition. Earthy rich tar-ey bitterness
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
Tring - Side Pocket for a Toad3.60Not Tried
1648 - Signature4.40Not Tried
Loddon - Hullabaloo4.20Not Tried
18 Aug 2008 (Blair)
Mini beer festival was over and they were selling off the remainders for £1.80 a pint. I just hope the festival was actually a success.
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00GoodSweet, malty and creamy. This is a good reliable beer. Very distinctive as well.
Triple fff - Alton's Pride3.80Not Tried
1648 - Saint George English Ale4.50Not Tried
17 Aug 2008 (Blair)
Final day of it's mini beer fest, once again plenty of people here to support it.
1648 - Signature4.40AcceptableLight hoppy beer with a grassy aroma. Alright but not my cup of tea.
Triple fff - Alton's Pride3.80Not Tried
Stonehenge - Spire Ale3.80Not Tried
Tring - Side Pocket for a Toad3.60Not Tried
Moorhouse's - Pendle Witches Brew5.10Not Tried
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - She Sells Sea Shells4.70Not Tried

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About The Foy Boat

The pub sign. The Foy Boat, Ramsgate, Kent

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The pub is found in Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9HZ.

Found above the harbour on Sion Hill with a good view out to sea. A former Tomson & Wotton brewery house. The inside is a combination of new and old with plenty of seating.

We have visited this pub 18 times, seen 34 different beers and tried 17 of them.

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Postcode: CT11 9HZ