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The Liberty Bounds (Wetherspoon)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Batemans - Nøgne Ø Bitter Excellent1
St Peter's - Twisted EdgeExcellent1
Long Man - Golden TippleExcellent1
Greene King - The Abbot's ConfessionExcellent1
Banks's - Vasileostrovsky Imperial Russian Stout Excellent1
Royal Tunbridge Wells - Beau PorterExcellent1
Twickenham (also uses sub-brand Old Hands) - London PorterExcellent1
Marston's - Birrificio Lambrate LigeraExcellent1
Banks's - Ninkasi Special BitterExcellent1
By The Horns - Citrus ParadisiExcellent1
Adnams - Sixpoint Bklyn BitterExcellent1
Shepherd Neame - Birrificio Foglie d'Erba Hot night at the VillageExcellent1
Butcombe - Chinook APAGood1
Strathaven - Fiery CauldronGood1
Sambrook's - S.S.B Special BitterGood1
Hook Norton - Chinook GoldGood1
Caledonian - Terrapin RecreationAleGood1
Wadworth - Deschutes Twilight Pale AleGood1
Royal Tunbridge Wells - Golden TicketGood1
Coach House - Toffee BitterGood1
Orkney (Sinclair) - 1878 Strong AleGood1
Caledonian - Zululand Zulu Blonde Good1
Portobello - Malster MashGood1
Butcombe - HakaGood1
Batemans - Smokey JoeGood1
Caledonian - Port of Leith IPAGood1
Wychwood - Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin AleGood1
Batemans - Fat Head's Sunshine DaydreamGood1
Liberation (was called Jersey) - Sin Bin (brewed at Butcombe)Acceptable1
Redemption - RedAcceptable1
Adnams - Sixpoint Lo-ResAcceptable1
Greene King - Heritage Suffolk Pale Ale (Chevallier Series)Acceptable1
JW Lees (see also Lees) - Drayman's RewardAcceptable1
Titanic - S.E.A.Acceptable1
Shepherd Neame - Late RedNot Tried0
Greene King - IPANot Tried0
Fuller's - London PrideNot Tried0
Greene King - Abbot AleNot Tried0
Greene King - LibertineNot Tried0
Skinner's - Riggin' AleNot Tried0
Moorhouse's - Amber RamblerNot Tried0
WharfeBank - Spring HopNot Tried0
Marston's - Pivovar Kocovnik Vivat BohemiaNot Tried0
Moorhouse's - White MistNot Tried0
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Cambridge Brewing Sgt. PepperNot Tried0
Thwaites - Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPANot Tried0
Wadworth - Abita Brewing Restoration Pale AleNot Tried0
Adnams - Stone Brewing Supremely Self-Conscious Black Ale Not Tried0
Sharp's - Doom BarNot Tried0
Portobello - StarNot Tried0
Portobello - PaleNot Tried0
Portobello - London PilsnerNot Tried0
B&T (Banks & Taylor's) - Shefford Old StrongNot Tried0
Purple Moose - Dark Side Of The MooseNot Tried0
Lymestone - Ein SteinNot Tried0
Wychwood - Nøgne Ø Brewery Nordic NoirNot Tried0
Hook Norton - Fat Head's Yakima SunNot Tried0
Adnams - BroadsideNot Tried0
Wadworth - BentSpoke Braddon BitterNot Tried0
Coach House - HoptoberNot Tried0
Maxim - Northern KnightNot Tried0
Evan Evans - Autumn FrenzyNot Tried0
Tring - Warrior QueenNot Tried0
Woodforde's - Norfolk BowmanNot Tried0
Signature Brew - SessionNot Tried0
Wimbledon - XXKNot Tried0
Reunion - Single Double Hop UK Cascade vs. US CascadeNot Tried0
Cronx - Yallah MildNot Tried0
Yeovil - RubyNot Tried0
Brú - Red AleNot Tried0
Otter - SpringfestNot Tried0
Black Sheep - Monty Python's Flying CircusNot Tried0
Sambrook's - Flat White StoutNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Liberty Bounds, City, Central London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

21 Mar 2018 (Stephen Harris)
First, maybe only, serious go at the current JDW Festival list.
St Peter's - Twisted Edge4.30ExcellentA very nice, crisp Pale Ale with enhanced lemon flavours.
Caledonian - Port of Leith IPA5.00GoodAmber in colour. Avoids the usual Caledonian soft mouthfeel. Good hops, but not quite in harmony.
Adnams - Sixpoint Lo-Res4.50AcceptableA disappointment, with blunt flavours. But condition of this pint is not great.
Greene King - Heritage Suffolk Pale Ale (Chevallier Series)5.00AcceptableJust tastes to me of the GK yeast strain. Reeks of Bury St Edmunds.
Yeovil - Ruby4.50Not Tried
Brú - Red Ale4.20Not Tried
Wimbledon - XXK4.80Not Tried
Otter - Springfest4.00Not Tried
Black Sheep - Monty Python's Flying Circus4.50Not Tried
Sambrook's - Flat White Stout4.50Not Tried
31 Jan 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Very busy here in the immediate after-work period, although noticeably calmer in the upstairs bar.
Twickenham (also uses sub-brand Old Hands) - London Porter5.30ExcellentBlack. Quite dry for a Porter, with lots of coffee and chocolate flavours.
By The Horns - Citrus Paradisi4.30ExcellentFrom a keg of some sort and absolutely oozing with grapefruit juice tastes.
Sambrook's - S.S.B Special Bitter5.00GoodA fine Best Bitter with a slight molasses sweetness and some hop character.
Redemption - Red4.00AcceptableReddish/brown in colour. Fruity and malty and a bit sweet.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Greene King - Abbot Ale5.00Not Tried
Signature Brew - Session4.00Not Tried
Wimbledon - XXK4.80Not Tried
Reunion - Single Double Hop UK Cascade vs. US Cascade4.50Not Tried
Cronx - Yallah Mild3.60Not Tried
18 Oct 2016 (Stephen Harris)
I remembered that there was a Wetherspoon festival on and decided to try my luck in here after work. Pub very busy and at least two tables contained groups of boisterous City types with potential for being the sort of people you see on late night tubes slumped unconscious or staggering around and causing ‘spillages’.
Banks's - Ninkasi Special Bitter5.80ExcellentAmber in colour. Strong and richly malty with a bit of spice and a touch of citrus. Really nice I thought.
Shepherd Neame - Birrificio Foglie d'Erba Hot night at the Village5.00ExcellentA very dark ruby red colour. This is in the London Brown Porter style and has dry roasty and choco flavours, whilst being just a little herbal.
Caledonian - Terrapin RecreationAle4.70GoodAmber in colour. A heavily malty beer with some peppery hop flavours.
Titanic - S.E.A.5.00AcceptableBrown in colour. Quite complex flavours here, although not ones I really liked.
Adnams - Broadside4.70Not Tried
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Wadworth - BentSpoke Braddon Bitter4.50Not Tried
Coach House - Hoptober3.80Not Tried
Maxim - Northern Knight4.20Not Tried
Evan Evans - Autumn Frenzy4.60Not Tried
Tring - Warrior Queen4.60Not Tried
Woodforde's - Norfolk Bowman5.00Not Tried
20 Oct 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Typically busy here in the early evening, although I was able to find a table on the ground floor level.
Butcombe - Chinook APA4.20GoodNice to see Butcombe embracing US hops alongside their regular offerings. This is a tasty, citrusy, golden beer.
JW Lees (see also Lees) - Drayman's Reward4.10AcceptableNothing wrong with it, but this dark beer was not to my liking.
Liberation (was called Jersey) - Sin Bin (brewed at Butcombe)3.70AcceptableGolden and malty.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
B&T (Banks & Taylor's) - Shefford Old Strong5.00Not Tried
Purple Moose - Dark Side Of The Moose4.60Not Tried
Lymestone - Ein Stein5.00Not Tried
Wychwood - Nøgne Ø Brewery Nordic Noir4.50Not Tried
Hook Norton - Fat Head's Yakima Sun5.00Not Tried
22 Oct 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Still quite busy in here when I left at 9pm – mostly a meal trade. Not sure how all these Portobello beers got onto the bar during the Festival, but nice to see them.
Long Man - Golden Tipple5.00ExcellentServed a bit warm. Golden, fruity/citrusy hops. Quite dry.
Strathaven - Fiery Cauldron4.40GoodA rich, amber beer with ginger and spice.
Coach House - Toffee Bitter5.00GoodI had three problems with the name of this beer, ‘Coach’, ‘House’, and ‘Toffee’ (I’m fine with ‘Bitter’) – so just a half to show willing. Golden. Tastes like something out of the office Xmas chocs tin (but actually rather nice in a way).
Portobello - Malster Mash4.10GoodAmber, malty and tasty.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Portobello - Star4.30Not Tried
Portobello - Pale4.00Not Tried
Portobello - London Pilsner4.60Not Tried
16 Oct 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Busy and boisterous in the early evening as City workers took over from the tourist crowds. Several volunteers in to celebrate a day planting ceramic poppies in the moat of the Tower of London, just across the road.
Marston's - Birrificio Lambrate Ligera4.80ExcellentAmber-coloured. Excellent – they’ve not held back with the hops in this. Very nice.
Adnams - Sixpoint Bklyn Bitter5.50ExcellentA good example of the Wetherspoon ‘visiting brewer’ concept working. A nice, smooth, amber bitter with restrained but effective use of US hops.
Hook Norton - Chinook Gold4.70GoodQuite a good beer in the pale and hoppy category.
Wychwood - Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale6.50GoodPumpkin beers are not everybody’s cup of tea, but I like them. I could smell the pumpkin in here as the beer was being pulled – surely a good sign? The beer is also heavily spiced and noticeably strong.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
23 Oct 2013 (Stephen Harris)
I’m rarely one to complain, but I did have a couple of niggles here. There was a lot of broken glass on the carpet near our table, which was mentioned to two different members of staff but still there an hour later when we left. And when I ordered a pint of the strong Abbot beer, I was told it was only sold in halves (although I’d be welcome to have two halves) at £1:70 a half. Fine I said, but perhaps then you should remove the prominent label attached to the pump clip saying that it was £3:05 a pint. I was given one of those ‘Oh no, we’ve got another weirdo’ looks and the price tag remained.
Greene King - The Abbot's Confession8.50ExcellentRich, strong and warming, and even a bit of hop character.
Butcombe - Haka4.50GoodA bit sweeter than I was expecting.
Batemans - Fat Head's Sunshine Daydream5.00GoodQuite a lot going on in this golden beer. But it basically tasted like a Bateman beer (presumably the yeast?) and you had to work hard to find the range of flavours.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Moorhouse's - White Mist4.20Not Tried
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Cambridge Brewing Sgt. Pepper4.20Not Tried
Thwaites - Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA6.30Not Tried
Wadworth - Abita Brewing Restoration Pale Ale5.20Not Tried
Adnams - Stone Brewing Supremely Self-Conscious Black Ale 5.00Not Tried
09 Apr 2013 (Stephen Harris)
I’ve found some time tonight to make some inroads into the Wetherspoon Beer festival list, and make an early evening start here. Quite busy, but I’m able to commandeer a table to myself in the ground floor area.
Wadworth - Deschutes Twilight Pale Ale5.00GoodGold in colour. Citrusy hop nose and taste. Sweeter than I really like.
Orkney (Sinclair) - 1878 Strong Ale5.50GoodChestnut-coloured. Full-bodied malt flavours, fruity and spicy.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Moorhouse's - Amber Rambler4.80Not Tried
WharfeBank - Spring Hop4.30Not Tried
Marston's - Pivovar Kocovnik Vivat Bohemia4.40Not Tried
13 Mar 2012 (Stephen Harris)
The first faint stirrings of the March Wetherspoon’s Beer Festival have been detected in the City of London.
Batemans - Nøgne Ø Bitter 4.50ExcellentA well-hopped beer (Centennial and EKG) with a very bitter finish.
Banks's - Vasileostrovsky Imperial Russian Stout 6.50ExcellentBlack, smoothly malty, slightly burnt. Liquorice, tan head, lingering bitterness.
Caledonian - Zululand Zulu Blonde 4.50GoodA gold-coloured, malty beer with a strong Fuggles / Goldings hop taste that verges on harshness.
Batemans - Smokey Joe4.80GoodAn amber-coloured, biscuit-malt beer with a very pronounced peat smoke flavour.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Greene King - Abbot Ale5.00Not Tried
Greene King - Libertine5.00Not Tried
Skinner's - Riggin' Ale4.50Not Tried
16 Jan 2012 (Stephen Harris)
Not too busy and we managed to secure a table in the ground floor seating area. A rather limited beer selection for a Wetherspoon pub, but a couple of interesting ones on.
Royal Tunbridge Wells - Beau Porter4.80ExcellentDeep red. A smooth, roasted malt taste. No discernable hop character.
Royal Tunbridge Wells - Golden Ticket5.00GoodGolden in colour and certainly tastes like a strong beer. Sweetish, malty body and subdued hopping.
Shepherd Neame - Late Red4.50Not Tried"Available soon"
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried"Available soon"
Greene King - Abbot Ale5.00Not Tried

About The Liberty Bounds

The pub sign. The Liberty Bounds, City, Central London

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The pub is found in City, Central London, EC3N 4AA.

A large JD Wetherspoon pub overlooking Tower Hill and the Tower of London. There is seating on three levels. A large part of the clientele here are tourists rather than Londoners or City workers.

We have visited this pub 10 times, seen 73 different beers and tried 34 of them.

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Postcode: EC3N 4AA