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The Hovelling Boat Inn (Freehouse)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Old Dairy - Darkside of the MooExceptional1
Hammerpot - Double HelixExcellent1
Wantsum - DynamoExcellent1
Brunswick - UbiquitousExcellent1
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - ÜberHopExcellent1
Dukeries - GunsmokeExcellent1
Naylor's - Toffee MildExcellent1
Hop Back - Winter LightningExcellent1
Purple Moose - Snowdonia Ale (Cwrw Eryri)Excellent1
Mad Cat - Ninth Life (a.k.a. 9th Life)Good2
Peerless - Knee-Buckler IPAGood1
Poynton - Black PearlGood1
Wantsum - Noah's Ark AleGood1
Exeter - TomahawkGood1
Romney Marsh - Best BitterNot Tried0
Rudgate - Chocolate StoutNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Oatmeal StoutNot Tried0
Raw - Red Ghost IPANot Tried0
Ashover - JaggersNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - DogBolter Dark PorterNot Tried0
Strathaven - Lines OutNot Tried0
Romney Marsh - American PaleNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate, Kent
Picture 2. The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate, Kent
Picture 3. The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate, Kent
Chris Excell

Visits Details

11 Mar 2018 (Dosser)
Only 2 in....
Poynton - Black Pearl5.00Good
08 Mar 2018 (Dosser)
Few in
Dukeries - Gunsmoke5.50ExcellentSmokin
Mad Cat - Ninth Life (a.k.a. 9th Life)5.90Good
04 Mar 2018 (Dosser)
Good chatter as always
Brunswick - Ubiquitous6.00ExcellentFlavoursome
25 Feb 2018 (Dosser)
New owners after Easter?
Hammerpot - Double Helix5.20ExcellentOutstanding
17 Feb 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid evening visit, took the last table space.
Wantsum - Noah's Ark Ale3.50GoodRather thin
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Oatmeal Stout4.60Not Tried
Raw - Red Ghost IPA5.90Not Tried
Ashover - Jaggers4.60Not Tried
10 Feb 2018 (Andrew)
Pub no.3. We wanted to get the bus here from the Artillery Arms but it didn't turn up on time so we walked the 50m. I was informed that I looked like Christopher Reeve by a local. I didn't live it down all day.
Exeter - Tomahawk3.50Good
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - DogBolter Dark Porter5.60Not Tried
Strathaven - Lines Out4.00Not Tried
Romney Marsh - American Pale5.00Not Tried
30 Jan 2018 (Dosser)
Just before closing time
Naylor's - Toffee Mild4.20ExcellentLike a stout
Peerless - Knee-Buckler IPA5.20Good
27 Jan 2018 (Dosser)
Huge crowd. Why is he leaving?
Mad Cat - Ninth Life (a.k.a. 9th Life)5.90GoodNot bursting with flavour like Paul's other beers but good
20 Jan 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid evening visit on a cold damp Ramsgate night, in fact how I best like any coastal resort. Good chat with the Guv about the value of Tomson & Wotton artefacts and the latest ones he has been offered but refused!
Hop Back - Winter Lightning5.50ExcellentA taste shock after the Purple Moose
Purple Moose - Snowdonia Ale (Cwrw Eryri)3.60ExcellentIn fine form
Romney Marsh - Best Bitter4.00Not Tried
Rudgate - Chocolate Stout5.00Not Tried
15 Jan 2018 (beery steve)
Lunchtime a few in
Old Dairy - Darkside of the Moo7.00ExceptionalSuperb
Wantsum - Dynamo4.30Excellent
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - ÜberHop5.20Excellent

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About The Hovelling Boat Inn

The pub sign. The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate, Kent

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The pub is found in Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9DS.

Micropub opened on Good Friday 2013 on the site of the Hovelling Boat pub which closed in 1909 (and re-opened 104 years later). A highly polished Tomson and Wotton tray adorns one of the walls, a reminder of the superb beers that once came from the brewery up the road from this pub. Local closed breweries' artefacts adorn the walls and shelves including a haunting Mr Allbright metal face which would once have decorated a brewery dray. No lager or keg beers are sold here. Other past lives of the building have been as a florist's shop and a fancy gift shop. A menu of the beer and cider on offer is shown on a wall blackboard then your drink is fetched (with table service) from a back room having been served on gravity there.

We have visited this pub 134 times, seen 185 different beers and tried 124 of them.

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Postcode: CT11 9DS