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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Beerbliotek - SabotageExceptional1
Moor - Sloe WalkerExceptional1
Beerbliotek - Whoop AssExcellent1
Oakham - CitraExcellent1
Old Fountain Brewhouse - Bloody PorterExcellent2
Bad Co. - Wild GravityExcellent1
Moor - Dark AllianceExcellent1
Moor - RadianceExcellent1
Beerbliotek - Bobek CitraExcellent1
Brew By Numbers - 11/17 Session IPA: Citra Mosaic Excellent1
Truman's - Captain LockwoodExcellent1
Bad Co. - Love over GoldExcellent1
Beerbliotek - Not Guilty! The OJ IPA Excellent1
Roosters - White Rose Charity Pale Ale (Henshaws Society for blind people)Excellent1
Cloudwater - RedGood1
Saltaire - Long Day IPAGood1
Twickenham / Redemption Collaboration - Eureka!Good1
Charnwood - White FoxGood1
Lawman - Mr BeastGood1
Old Fountain Brewhouse - City RoadGood1
Siren Craft - Counting VampiresGood1
Plain Ales - InncognitoGood1
Siren Craft - Liquid Mistress Red IPAGood1
Wild Beer Co. - Rod Nam SangGood1
Hammerton - Life on MarsGood1
Oakham - Shot in the DarkGood1
Hammerton - Nut Brown Acceptable1
Waen - Chocolate LimesAcceptable1
Cloudwater - BitterAcceptable1
Fuller's - London PrideNot Tried0
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Lord MarplesNot Tried0
Marble - PintNot Tried0
Moor - RawNot Tried0
Moor - Unfined ConfidenceNot Tried0
Moor - Nor'HopNot Tried0
Moor - So'HopNot Tried0
Moor - StoutNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - ChocolataNot Tried0
Redemption - Pale AleNot Tried0
Siren Craft - Under CurrentNot Tried0
Old Fountain Brewhouse - AmberNot Tried0
Redemption - South Pacific Pale Ale (collaboration with Weird Beard)Not Tried0
Stod Fold - DarkNot Tried0
Saltaire - White Christmas AleNot Tried0
Redemption - TrinityNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - The Full NelsonNot Tried0
Hammerton - N7Not Tried0
Three Sods - Mud PuddlerNot Tried0
Purity - Bunny HopNot Tried0
Redemption - Fellowship PorterNot Tried0
Picture 1. Old Fountain, Old Street, Central London

Visits Details

05 Sep 2017 (Jack William)
Mid afternoon - busy, but not uncomfortably so - we got a table and partook of their rather good burger and chips.
Oakham - Citra4.20ExcellentTip top
Truman's - Captain Lockwood5.00Excellent
Hammerton - Life on Mars4.60Good
Redemption - Fellowship Porter5.10Not Tried
11 Apr 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Rather uncomfortably crowded between 8 and 9pm. Fortunately it is a mild evening and the roof terrace is open, plus plenty are standing out on the pavement.
Bad Co. - Love over Gold4.10ExcellentGolden (obviously) with very nice hops.
Saltaire - Long Day IPA3.80GoodPale gold in colour. Nice hop flavours, but I found this beer a little thin.
Lawman - Mr Beast5.00GoodReddish-brown in colour. A well-hopped rye beer. I found it a bit too sweet, although I enjoyed the rye tingle.
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Oakham - Citra4.20Not Tried
Moor - Raw4.30Not Tried
Hammerton - N75.20Not Tried
Three Sods - Mud Puddler4.90Not Tried
Purity - Bunny Hop3.50Not Tried
05 Dec 2016 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit for our Friday Evening Group's Christmas social. A pub that seems to have lost its way from its real ale beginnings. Tonight the selection boards were packed with foreign fizz beers at overblown prices on a brewery takeover night. For real ale it must be the most difficult pub I know to select, with chalked clips on the lower level, no clips on the higher level and a cramped wall board displaying ales in no order that I could identify. On the plus side all the beers I tried were in good order.
Old Fountain Brewhouse - Bloody Porter4.00ExcellentGreat fruity nose, brewed on the premises
Siren Craft - Liquid Mistress Red IPA5.80Good
Oakham - Shot in the Dark4.10GoodUnusual to get a dark beer from Oakham
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Saltaire - White Christmas Ale4.50Not Tried
Redemption - Trinity3.00Not TriedRan out
Tiny Rebel - The Full Nelson4.80Not Tried
Redemption - South Pacific Pale Ale (collaboration with Weird Beard)6.20Not Tried
Stod Fold - Dark4.80Not TriedRan out just I was about to order one
05 Dec 2016 (Stephen Harris)
Another of the pleasing upsurge in Monday night beer events. This pub is hosting a ‘Meet the Brewer’ and ‘Tap Takeover’ tonight with the very well regarded Beerbliotek brewery from Gothenburg. Nine of their beers are on keg at just about affordable prices. Not surprisingly, there is a big crowd here in the early evening.
Beerbliotek - Sabotage6.60ExceptionalOn keg dispense. A fabulous, smooth, mellow, juicy Black IPA.
Old Fountain Brewhouse - Bloody Porter4.00ExcellentA first rate, fruity, black Porter.
Beerbliotek - Bobek Citra5.50ExcellentOn keg dispense. A beautifully-hopped, pale gold beer.
Beerbliotek - Not Guilty! The OJ IPA 7.50ExcellentOn keg dispense. A cloudy gold colour. A strong, serious, fruity, dry IPA.
Beerbliotek - Whoop Ass3.50ExcellentOn keg dispense. Very pale and cloudy. A slightly sour, acidic Berliner Weiss, heavily flavoured with oranges and/or tangerines.
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Siren Craft - Liquid Mistress Red IPA5.80Not Tried
Oakham - Shot in the Dark4.10Not Tried
Redemption - South Pacific Pale Ale (collaboration with Weird Beard)6.20Not Tried
Stod Fold - Dark4.80Not Tried
01 Sep 2016 (Stephen Harris)
Busy and hot. Good to find a couple of the pub’s own brew available on cask.
Roosters - White Rose Charity Pale Ale (Henshaws Society for blind people)4.00ExcellentGolden and hoppy.
Charnwood - White Fox4.40GoodPale gold in colour. A mellow, clear, Wheat Beer.
Old Fountain Brewhouse - City Road4.30GoodA cloudy (unfined), amber-coloured Pale Ale. Fresh and fruity with a bitter finish.
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Oakham - Citra4.20Not Tried
Siren Craft - Under Current4.50Not Tried
Saltaire - Long Day IPA3.80Not Tried
Old Fountain Brewhouse - Amber2.90Not Tried
25 Jul 2016 (Stephen Harris)
Early evening. There is an emergency plumber at work in the gent’s toilets and the whole place is more than a little whiffy. Unsurprisingly, most customers are up on the roof garden or standing outside.
Bad Co. - Wild Gravity5.20ExcellentAn impressive, full-on, Yorkshire / India Pale Ale.
Brew By Numbers - 11/17 Session IPA: Citra Mosaic 3.80ExcellentFrom key keg dispense. Great beer!
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Redemption - Pale Ale3.80Not Tried
Moor - Raw4.30Not Tried
Siren Craft - Liquid Mistress Red IPA5.80Not Tried
07 Dec 2015 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Second to last to arrive for our Friday Evening Group's Christmas Monday meet. Missed ChrisE but good to see HSB in fine fighting form. A badly balanced beer range here tonight with too many strong and too many dark ales. Must be one of the worst places in the UK to try to select a beer with tatty smudged hand chalked pumpclips and even the overhead blackboard is not in the logical order of brewery then beer name. Breweries' own pumpclips usually give immediate recognition - that was why they were designed.
Siren Craft - Counting Vampires6.10GoodA slow supping blueberry IPA. Also on sale on fizz at over £2 a pint more
Hammerton - Nut Brown 4.20AcceptableLacking natural carbonation so rather flat
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Moor - Dark Alliance4.70Not Tried
Arbor Ales - Chocolata5.50Not Tried
Cloudwater - Red4.80Not Tried
07 Dec 2015 (HSB)
15:30 - 18:30 Annual Monday December gathering of the monthly NESW drinking group. One of the rare occasions when Philip Pirrip and myself were in a pub at the same time. An excellent session, my only gripe is the chalked on slate pumpclips. I had great difficulty making out the names of some of the beers.
Moor - Dark Alliance4.70ExcellentDark & hoppy. Best beer of the evening. Had a second pint.
Plain Ales - Inncognito4.80GoodLast one out of the cask again. Still pretty good.
Cloudwater - Red4.80GoodI liked it but others were not keen
Cloudwater - Bitter4.30AcceptableJust about the last one out of the cask
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Hammerton - Nut Brown 4.20Not Tried
Siren Craft - Counting Vampires6.10Not Tried
Arbor Ales - Chocolata5.50Not Tried
10 Aug 2015 (Stephen Harris)
As part of the London Beer City week of events across the capital, the Old Fountain is tonight hosting a Moor Beer tap takeover and tasting. Six Moor casks and three more on key-keg are available to choose between, and brewers are present. Good to see groups of beer tourists here tonight from Japan and the USA.
Moor - Sloe Walker7.40ExceptionalNear black in colour, with a brown head, this is a luscious Old Ale flavoured with sloes. Rich and warming and very fruity – think Titanic Plum Porter and then add some. I love it – another 5 star beer (although you should expect to find lots of 5 star beers in a week like this one).
Moor - Radiance5.00ExcellentFull-bodied, unfined Pale Ale.
Twickenham / Redemption Collaboration - Eureka!5.00GoodAn amber-coloured Bitter. Quite light for its strength.
Waen - Chocolate Limes5.80AcceptableA black beer that has chocolate and lime flavours in spades. Subtle it is not.
Moor - Unfined Confidence4.60Not Tried
Moor - Nor'Hop4.10Not Tried
Moor - So'Hop4.10Not Tried
Moor - Stout5.00Not Tried
08 Jun 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Quite busy in the early evening, but I managed to squeeze on to the end of somebody else’s table.
Wild Beer Co. - Rod Nam Sang4.70GoodAn unusual beer, a hazy amber in colour and heavily spiced. There is definitely lemongrass and what tastes like ginger, but I believe is actually galangal.
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Lord Marples4.00Not Tried
Marble - Pint3.90Not Tried
Moor - Raw4.30Not Tried

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About the Old Fountain

The pub sign. Old Fountain, Old Street, Central London

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The pub is found in Old Street, Central London, EC1V 9NU.

Just off the City Road near Old Street tube station and just behind Moorfields Eye Hospital. Entrances, in fact, on two separate streets. The pub was established in the mid-18th century, possibly originally as the Old Fountain Knights, and for a while there was another pub just around the corner called the New Fountain. Historically a Whitbread‘s pub, ownership has now been with the same family for many years. The pub has a split-level ground floor bar and a popular roof terrace. Traditional interior, with a longish dark wood bar. Ground floor upper level bar has 5 handpumps and the lower level bar has 4 handpumps.

We have visited this pub 125 times, seen 284 different beers and tried 208 of them.

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Postcode: EC1V 9NU