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Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Bitter

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
Angel in the FieldsMarylebone, Central London30 Aug 2021
Ye Olde Blue BellPreston, Lancashire04 Aug 2021
Widow Cullen's WellLincoln, Lincolnshire19 Oct 2020
Captain KiddWapping, Greater London11 Dec 2019
Ye Olde Cheshire CheeseFleet Street, Central London23 Nov 2019
The ChandosCharing Cross, Central London19 Nov 2019
John SnowSoho, Central London05 May 2018
The CockFitzrovia, Central London01 May 2018
Fitzroy TavernFitzrovia, Central London08 Apr 2018
Ye Olde Boot InnChester, Cheshire06 Feb 2018
Anchor TapBermondsey, Central London16 Nov 2017
The AngelBermondsey, Central London24 Jun 2017
Wortley AlmshousesPeterborough, Cambridgeshire30 Oct 2016
Lyceum TavernCovent Garden, Central London23 May 2016
The Windsor CastleWestminster, Central London10 May 2016
Blue PostsFitzrovia, Central London14 Jan 2016
Princess LouiseHolborn, Central London10 Dec 2015
Cittie of YorkeChancery Lane, Central London10 Dec 2015
Wellington InnYork, North Yorkshire14 Sep 2015
Jackalope (formerly The Dover Castle)Marylebone, Central London08 Jan 2015
Prince of Wales TavernNorth Shields, Tyne and Wear06 Jan 2015
Ye Olde Blue BellKingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire30 Dec 2014
The AngelCovent Garden, Central London16 Jun 2014
The Royal OakHarriseahead, Staffordshire30 Apr 2014
Jolly SailorsWhitby, North Yorkshire22 Jun 2013
Burns HotelYork, North Yorkshire17 May 2012
Colpitts HotelDurham, Durham01 Sep 2011
The Harewood ArmsLeeds, West Yorkshire19 Jul 2010
The Head of SteamHuddersfield, West Yorkshire16 Jul 2009
The Dyneley ArmsPool in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire14 Feb 2009
The ChampionFitzrovia, Central London17 Dec 2005
Glasshouse StoresSoho, Central London15 Oct 2005

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

Angel in the Fields, Marylebone, Central London

Jack WilliamNot Tried30 Aug 2021
ChrisEExcellent15 May 2019 In very good condition.

Ye Olde Blue Bell, Preston, Lancashire

ChrisEExcellent04 Aug 2021
ChrisEGood10 Oct 2019 A little colder than I would have liked but still very drinkable, and good value at £2 per pint.

Widow Cullen's Well, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

AndrewGood19 Oct 2020

Captain Kidd, Wapping, Greater London

Stephen HarrisAcceptable11 Dec 2019 A distinctive, creamy Bitter.
Stephen HarrisAcceptable24 Aug 2017 A rather lacklustre beer.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried01 Jun 2016
Stephen HarrisAcceptable21 Sep 2014 Distinctive, creamy Yorkshire ale, on good form here, if not really to my taste.
Philip PirripExcellent08 Dec 2012 In fine form and no problem with full measure. £2.90 pp

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street, Central London

Philip PirripNot Tried23 Nov 2019
ChrisEExcellent01 Oct 2019 A good pint of Sam's.
Stephen HarrisAcceptable06 Jun 2019 I don't think this creamy Bitter will ever tickle my fancy.
Philip PirripExcellent02 Nov 2018 A beer I know that is not to everyone's taste but, after all, what is?? I could find no fault with the condition here
Philip PirripGood05 Oct 2018 Bordering on excellent but for a vague faint haze
Philip PirripGood17 Jul 2017
Stephen HarrisGood08 Apr 2015 This beer is so variable (but that is part of the joy of wooden casks). Tonight’s is creamy, woody and has hints of vanilla – I wish it was always like this.
Stephen HarrisAcceptable07 May 2014 In superb condition here, but it is a rather mundane pint.
HSBAcceptable17 Apr 2014 A lacklustre beer.
Philip PirripExcellent09 Jan 2013 Very smooth to the bottom of the glass
Stephen HarrisAcceptable17 Oct 2012 A rather ordinary, brown, fruity bitter.
AndrewGood15 Sep 2010 Good slightly resinous, slightly fruity brown bitter.

The Chandos, Charing Cross, Central London

Philip PirripGood19 Nov 2019 Viciously agitated upon pulling - took several minutes to settle. Lovely sweet edge on a woody bitterness
Philip PirripExcellent29 Aug 2019 It was woody the other day and this one was sweet bitter, really drinkable
Philip PirripExcellent24 Aug 2019 A lovely woody pint
Philip PirripGood20 Jul 2019 A rather woody acid flavour
Philip PirripGood06 Jul 2019
Philip PirripExcellent29 Jun 2019 In lovely nick. Refreshing. Best beer of the evening
Philip PirripExcellent05 Jun 2019 When in good condition OBB is a great bitter
Philip PirripExcellent22 May 2019 First rate, smooth, great clarity. An English bitter
ChrisEExcellent15 May 2019 I find that this beer can vary but I had very good pints of it in two pubs today.
Philip PirripExcellent03 May 2019 4½* Certainly the very best OBB I've had in memory. Beautiful bittersweet balance, head, condition, lacing - the lot. One to drown in
Philip PirripAcceptable27 Feb 2019 rather bitter sour tasting. The top up from another pump seem to kill the head
Philip PirripAcceptable28 Dec 2018 OK but not in prime condition
Philip PirripGood23 Nov 2018
Philip PirripExcellent09 Oct 2018 Oddish taste as Sams can have but condition excellent
Philip PirripAcceptable05 Dec 2017 Flattish and rather woody tasting
Philip PirripGood30 Oct 2017
Philip PirripAcceptable23 Oct 2017 Scummy yeasty head and an unusual bitterness
Philip PirripExcellent07 Aug 2017 Very creamy with limited bitterness
Philip PirripGood11 Jul 2017
Philip PirripExcellent05 Jul 2017 Everything right including appropriate chilling
Philip PirripGood14 Jun 2017
Philip PirripAcceptable08 May 2017 Not up to scratch. Scummy yeasty head and taste unusual
Philip PirripGood24 Apr 2017 Not quite up to the recently consistently excellent scratch
Philip PirripExcellent12 Apr 2017 In superb nick
Philip PirripExcellent06 Apr 2017
Philip PirripExcellent27 Mar 2017
Philip PirripExcellent20 Mar 2017
Philip PirripExcellent13 Mar 2017
Philip PirripExcellent09 Mar 2017
Philip PirripExcellent06 Mar 2017
Philip PirripExcellent28 Feb 2017
Philip PirripExcellent21 Feb 2017
Philip PirripExcellent13 Feb 2017 Most enjoyable
Philip PirripExcellent09 Jan 2017 Top notch, bitterness and very smooth. Very drinkable
Philip PirripGood30 Dec 2016
Philip PirripGood07 Dec 2016
Philip PirripExcellent04 Dec 2016
Philip PirripExcellent28 Nov 2016
Philip PirripExcellent15 Nov 2016
Philip PirripExcellent08 Nov 2016
Philip PirripExcellent07 Nov 2016 First rate traditional English bitter, an increasing rarity
Philip PirripExcellent17 Oct 2016 Good old traditional English bitter in fine form indeed
Philip PirripExcellent26 Sep 2016 A bitter in the style they all used to be
Philip PirripGood15 Sep 2016
Philip PirripExcellent13 Sep 2016
Philip PirripExcellent07 Jul 2016 Lovely nick, reasonable measure
Philip PirripAcceptable03 Jul 2016 Scummy broken yeasty head
Philip PirripGood07 May 2016 Inevitable top up required
Philip PirripExcellent13 Mar 2016 After the statutory top up request I enjoyed this beer which was in prime condition. £2.90pp or per part of per pint
Philip PirripGood27 Aug 2015 Tarter than the other day, thus probably as Humphrey intended
Philip PirripExcellent24 Aug 2015 Smooth and well balanced. I enjoyed this one a lot
Philip PirripGood27 Jul 2015 Topped up with scorn
Philip PirripExcellent26 Jul 2015 Always a sharp odd taste but left a good bitterness mouthfeel
Philip PirripGood02 Jan 2015 In good nick but wonder what it might taste like if not ripped to death through a restrictor
EdbeckAcceptable07 Feb 2014 Perfectly acceptable at less than £3 a pint in Charing Cross
Philip PirripGood25 Aug 2012 Always a difficult beast to judge. Advised it is sold in 36s with only one on at one time sold through one active pump on each of the two pairs of handpumps. At first tasted tangy and fruity but a strange almost vinegary after-taste. Hmmh

John Snow, Soho, Central London

Jack WilliamPoor05 May 2018 Keg. Fizzy. Tasteless.

The Cock, Fitzrovia, Central London

AndrewGood01 May 2018
Stephen HarrisAcceptable24 Sep 2014 Easy-drinking bitter.

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia, Central London

Stephen HarrisNot Tried08 Apr 2018

Ye Olde Boot Inn, Chester, Cheshire

Magnus GreelExcellent06 Feb 2018 In spot on nick but far too malty for my taste

Anchor Tap, Bermondsey, Central London

ChrisEGood16 Nov 2017 I find this beer can vary, not a hint of any woody taste today, a bright clear pint but not exciting.
Stephen HarrisAcceptable03 Oct 2014 A very fresh-tasting pint.
EdbeckAcceptable02 Jan 2014
IanAcceptable08 Oct 2005 Dark copper/brown colour with thick creamyhead, some nice hop aroma, but dull malt, bit dead some bitterness but really dull and disappointing

The Angel, Bermondsey, Central London

Magnus GreelNot Tried24 Jun 2017

Wortley Almshouses, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Philip PirripAcceptable30 Oct 2016 A bit too chilled
Philip PirripAcceptable03 Jun 2013 Rather bland
Flying.geordieGood24 Apr 2010
BlairAcceptable14 Nov 2009 Yup, fairly ok. Malty and creamy. Not bad.
StephenAcceptable10 Oct 2009 Not great but I will go back so it must be acceptable
IanPoor07 Oct 2009 A hell of a lot better than the pint I had in the Cittie of Yorke but still not a whole lot of flavour, some spritzy hop finish, but overall still a sub standard bitter. No off flavours, just not a very good bitter, no matter if it was 77p for a half.

Lyceum Tavern, Covent Garden, Central London

Stephen HarrisAcceptable23 May 2016 A very ordinary sort of Bitter.
Philip PirripGood05 Jun 2015 I always seem to pick up a slight acetic taste on OBB - must be part of the recipe
HSBUndrinkable30 Apr 2015 Horrible nasty off taste which I think is diaceytl caused by yeast breakdown.
BrianAcceptable02 Nov 2013 OK best bitter. A bit too cold and a tad lively, but perfectly drinkable.
DubbelNot Tried22 Feb 2009

The Windsor Castle, Westminster, Central London

Magnus GreelExcellent10 May 2016

Blue Posts, Fitzrovia, Central London

HSBAcceptable14 Jan 2016 As good as it is possible for this beer to be.

Princess Louise, Holborn, Central London

HSBAcceptable10 Dec 2015 Usual thin fare
Stephen HarrisGood11 May 2015 None of the creamy texture I have noticed in this beer of late – in fact this pint is quite sharp. Freshly on? From a newly-made barrel? Who knows? I liked it though.
Philip PirripExcellent29 Aug 2012 Better than at the Chandos over the weekend. Same price at £2.90 pp
Stephen HarrisNot Tried25 Jul 2012
IanAcceptable31 Mar 2006 Served with a tight sparkler. Copper colour. Creamy bitter. Decent enough with a toffee hop finish and at £1.72 a pint in central London, you really can't argue

Cittie of Yorke, Chancery Lane, Central London

HSBAcceptable10 Dec 2015 Usual standard
Stephen HarrisAcceptable20 Apr 2015 Very smooth.
AndrewAcceptable07 Nov 2014 Bit cold and a touch bland.
Stephen HarrisAcceptable25 Jul 2012 A pale, fruity and rather woody bitter, served with a creamy head.
IanPoor08 Sep 2009 Not much more than brown water to be honest.
AndrewAcceptable26 Apr 2008 Pale brown. Tart fruit flavours. Bitter finish.
IanAcceptable02 Jul 2007 Amber with lasting thin beige head. Caramel aroma, no real yeast or hop on aroma. It’s ok in mouth but a bit thin. Bit bland overall. Drinkable. "It’s better when it comes in the mouth than when you swallow," as my Danish companion said. Not as good as I remember but also not terrible. It’s a bitter, some malty fruit towards the finish. Some drying hop on end.

Wellington Inn, York, North Yorkshire

HSBAcceptable14 Sep 2015 I really can't get on with this beer.
HSBAcceptable11 Jul 2015 Never a favourite beer of mine

Jackalope (formerly The Dover Castle), Marylebone, Central London

HSBGood08 Jan 2015 As I found in Hull recently, much improved.
Stephen HarrisAcceptable24 Sep 2014 Basic bitter with a creamy head and a slight woodiness from the barrel.

Prince of Wales Tavern, North Shields, Tyne and Wear

ChrisEExcellent06 Jan 2015 In very good condition.
ChrisEGood28 Jul 2013 Not my favourite beer but we all agreed that this was in fine fettle, perhaps I could get a taste for OBB after all.
Flying.geordieExcellent14 Aug 2011
Flying.geordieGood28 Jul 2011
Flying.geordieAcceptable17 Jul 2011
Flying.geordieExceptional22 May 2011
Flying.geordieExceptional24 Apr 2011
Flying.geordieExceptional20 Mar 2011
Flying.geordieExceptional25 Nov 2010
Flying.geordieExceptional24 Nov 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent21 Nov 2010
Flying.geordieGood09 Oct 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent11 Sep 2010
Flying.geordieAcceptable15 Aug 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent25 Jul 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent22 Jul 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent10 Jun 2010
Flying.geordieAcceptable03 Jun 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent30 May 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent07 Feb 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent14 Jan 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent10 Jan 2010
Flying.geordieExcellent07 Dec 2009
Flying.geordieExcellent20 Sep 2009
Flying.geordieExcellent05 Sep 2009
Flying.geordieExcellent29 Aug 2009
Flying.geordieExcellent22 Aug 2009
Flying.geordieExcellent05 Aug 2009
Flying.geordieExceptional30 Jul 2009
Flying.geordieExceptional25 Jul 2009
Flying.geordieExcellent18 Jul 2009

Ye Olde Blue Bell, Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire

HSBGood30 Dec 2014 Surprisingly good. In recent years I thought this had really gone down hill. hopefully back on form.

The Angel, Covent Garden, Central London

Stephen HarrisGood16 Jun 2014 Creamy and toffee-flavoured. Best pint of this I’ve tasted in ages.
Stephen HarrisAcceptable20 Aug 2012 Easy-drinking brown bitter.
AndrewGood12 May 2010 Icy cold but even still that good Sam Smiths flavour shone through. If it'd been warmer I'd have given it a higher score. Also, this was only £2 a pint.

The Royal Oak, Harriseahead, Staffordshire

Nick WillisNot Tried30 Apr 2014

Jolly Sailors, Whitby, North Yorkshire

StuGood22 Jun 2013

Burns Hotel, York, North Yorkshire

ChrisEExcellent17 May 2012 Very good, and only £1.82 per pint.

Colpitts Hotel, Durham, Durham

ChrisEExcellent01 Sep 2011 In really good condition, and only £1.54 per pint.

The Harewood Arms, Leeds, West Yorkshire

LeighGood19 Jul 2010 Served a little too cold. Deep amber in colour, with a no-nonsense, toffee-led finish. Creamy head.

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

IanNot Tried16 Jul 2009

The Dyneley Arms, Pool in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire

LeighGood14 Feb 2009 A little nuttier than the Sovereign, but still quite filling! Nice creaminess, though.

The Champion, Fitzrovia, Central London

IanNot Tried17 Dec 2005

Glasshouse Stores, Soho, Central London

IanNot Tried15 Oct 2005

Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Bitter

4.00% ABV.

We have tried this beer 150 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Good to Excellent.

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