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Wilde Child Beers


BeerABV (%)Seen (Tried)Ave. Score
Absolute Impeachment5.00 1 (1)Excellent
Adoption Process6.60 1 (0)Not Tried
Beyond Redemption4.00 2 (2)Excellent
Brownie Hunter4.90 1 (0)Not Tried
Choosing Procrastination3.20 2 (1)Good
Days of Wilde4.90 1 (1)Good
Eastern Promises4.30 1 (1)Excellent
Expatriate4.50 1 (1)Excellent
Insatiable Circumstance5.10 1 (0)Not Tried
Opaque Reality5.90 2 (1)Exceptional
Outside the box5.70 1 (0)Not Tried
Pushing Boundaries8.10 1 (0)Not Tried
Risk Avoidance3.80 1 (0)Not Tried
Rite of Passage7.00 1 (1)Excellent
Slippery Customer5.50 1 (1)Excellent

Wilde Child

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