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Brunswick Beers


BeerABV (%)Seen (Tried)Ave. Score
2010 A Beer Odyssey10.00 1 (0)Not Tried
7 Year Itch4.30 1 (1)Acceptable
A Good Egg4.60 1 (1)Good
Belder'Erry4.50 1 (0)Not Tried
Black Sabbath6.00 21 (10)Good
Blue Harvest3.90 1 (0)Not Tried
Caramild3.50 3 (1)Excellent
Coppernob4.50 2 (2)Good
Costmary4.40 1 (1)Excellent
F.G.A.4.50 1 (0)Not Tried
Father Mike's Dark Rich Ruby5.80 11 (4)Excellent
First Brew3.90 1 (0)Not Tried
Grillsy's Re-Restoration4.40 1 (0)Not Tried
Grimwald's Damson Stout4.80 1 (1)Excellent
Malty Tasker (Sunshine Ale brewed by a Bevvy of Brewsters) 5.00 2 (0)Not Tried
Memoriale4.80 1 (0)Not Tried
Midnight Express3.90 2 (2)Acceptable
Old Accidental5.00 2 (0)Not Tried
Oxymoronic4.80 1 (1)Excellent
Railway Porter4.30 18 (1)Excellent
Rambo II8.00 1 (0)Not Tried
Rocket4.70 6 (0)Not Tried
Rockin' Johnny's Derby Pride4.60 2 (0)Not Tried
Second Brew (aka The Usual)4.20 15 (1)Good
Staff Quarters5.20 2 (1)Excellent
Station Approach4.70 3 (0)Not Tried
Steam Forever!4.80 1 (0)Not Tried
The Usual4.20 10 (3)Acceptable
Three Brewers4.70 1 (1)Good
Triple Hop4.00 27 (9)Good
Ubiquitous6.00 2 (2)Excellent
Valour4.60 1 (1)Excellent
Vanilla Sky5.50 1 (0)Not Tried
White Feather3.60 24 (6)Good


Here is a list of all the Brunswick beers we have seen. Click on a beer to see its summary along with the pubs it has been seen in.