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The New Inn (Free House)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Burning Sky - PlateauExceptional1
Oakham - Bishops FarewellExceptional1
Old Dairy - Red TopExceptional1
Box Steam - Soul TrainExceptional1
Titanic - Plum PorterExceptional1
Wild Beer Co. - BibbleExceptional1
St Austell - Proper JobExceptional1
Musket - Ball PullerExceptional1
Musket - TriggerExceptional1
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - JaipurExceptional2
Iron Pier - Joined at the HopExceptional1
Northern Whisper - YammerhouseExceptional1
Skinner's - Lushingtons Sunshine Pale Ale Exceptional1
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Twin PeaksExceptional1
Skinner's - Betty Stogs BitterExceptional2
Iron Pier - Cast Iron StoutExceptional1
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Exceptional1
Musket - Fife & Drum Golden AleExceptional1
Oakham - CitraExceptional1
Kent - PaleExceptional2
Harvey's - Sussex Best BitterExceptional1
Yorkshire Heart - JRT Best BitterExceptional1
St Austell - TributeExcellent1
Durham - Jarrylo Excellent1
Salopian - Lemon DreamExcellent2
Tiny Rebel - Peloton PaleExcellent1
Kent - ErnestExcellent1
Musket - Flintlock Best BitterNot Tried0
Big Hug (cuckoo at various others) - Pave The WayNot Tried0
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Harry HopNot Tried0
Iron Pier - BitterNot Tried0
Rudgate - Ruby MildNot Tried0
Redemption - TrinityNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - Peleton PaleNot Tried0
Butcombe - Bitter (or Original Beer)Not Tried0
Harvey's - Old Ale (or Sussex XXXX Old Ale)Not Tried0
Surrey Hills - Shere DropNot Tried0
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - AM:PMNot Tried0
Iron Pier - Cascade & Archer Joined at the HopNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - Faked AlaskaNot Tried0
Blackwater (sub brand of Salopian) - HelixNot Tried0
Picture 1. The New Inn, Canterbury, Kent
Picture 2. The New Inn, Canterbury, Kent

Visits Details

17 May 2022 (Jack William)
Early evening - plenty of punters enjoying the sunshine in the garden. Good vibe as usual. 2 other beers on, not listed.
Durham - Jarrylo 4.70ExcellentBadged as a “Fusion IPA” - not sure what it was fused with but it was very good and a dark amber in colour.
Blackwater (sub brand of Salopian) - Helix4.50Not Tried
Musket - Flintlock Best Bitter4.20Not Tried
Big Hug (cuckoo at various others) - Pave The Way4.60Not Tried
17 Apr 2022 (Mitch)
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)4.70Exceptional
Skinner's - Betty Stogs Bitter4.00Exceptional
Yorkshire Heart - JRT Best Bitter4.20Exceptional
15 Apr 2022 (Mitch)
Buzzing! Several groups enjoying the best pub in the City.
Oakham - Bishops Farewell4.60Exceptional
Titanic - Plum Porter4.90Exceptional
Musket - Trigger3.60Exceptional
Skinner's - Lushingtons Sunshine Pale Ale 4.20Exceptional
02 Apr 2022 (Mitch)
Busy early evening, following a campaign to save a nearby pub from decimation and development by a money grabbing developer
Salopian - Lemon Dream4.50Exceptional
Skinner's - Betty Stogs Bitter4.00Exceptional
Oakham - Citra4.20Exceptional
01 Apr 2022 (Mitch)
Old Dairy - Red Top3.80Exceptional
Kent - Pale4.00Exceptional
Wild Beer Co. - Bibble4.20Exceptional
Iron Pier - Joined at the Hop3.80Exceptional
Musket - Ball Puller4.00Not Tried
Arbor Ales - Faked Alaska6.00Not Tried
31 Mar 2022 (Jack William)
Lunchtime - I was double booked on drinking sessions today - bus pass group were supposed to be here on a “5th Thursday”. I cycled 20 miles in wintry conditions - they couldn’t be bothered to walk the half mile and went to the ‘spoons instead! Swift one then back on the bike. A few in, good sounds on the jukebox.
Kent - Pale4.00Excellent
Harvey's - Old Ale (or Sussex XXXX Old Ale)4.30Not Tried
Surrey Hills - Shere Drop4.20Not Tried
Musket - Fife & Drum Golden Ale3.80Not Tried
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - AM:PM4.50Not Tried
Musket - Ball Puller4.00Not Tried
Iron Pier - Cascade & Archer Joined at the Hop3.80Not Tried
18 Mar 2022 (Mitch)
Buzzing, early evening. Great mix of drinkers. Warm welcome from owner and staff.
Harvey's - Sussex Best Bitter4.00Exceptional
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Jaipur5.90Exceptional
St Austell - Proper Job4.50Exceptional
St Austell - Tribute4.20Excellent
Rudgate - Ruby Mild4.40Not Tried
Redemption - Trinity3.00Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - Peleton Pale4.20Not Tried
15 Mar 2022 (Jack William)
Early evening - a swift escape after domestic duties. Very relaxing.
Tiny Rebel - Peloton Pale4.20ExcellentBeautiful pint.
Kent - Ernest4.50ExcellentKent at its best.
Butcombe - Bitter (or Original Beer)4.00Not Tried
Rudgate - Ruby Mild4.40Not Tried
St Austell - Tribute4.20Not Tried
Redemption - Trinity3.00Not Tried
05 Mar 2022 (Mitch)
Excellent local pub, outside the City Walls but easy walking distance of the centre and the trains and bus stations. Buzzing with a wide selection of drinkers including a birthday party and a music group. Always a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the landlady. 7 cask ales, regularly changing throughout the week, 3 lagers and 7 ciders as well as a wide range of whiskys and gins.
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Twin Peaks5.00Exceptional
Musket - Fife & Drum Golden Ale3.80Exceptional
Burning Sky - Plateau3.50Exceptional
Box Steam - Soul Train4.00Exceptional
Musket - Ball Puller4.00Exceptional
Northern Whisper - Yammerhouse4.50Exceptional
Iron Pier - Cast Iron Stout4.70Exceptional
26 Feb 2022 (Jack William)
Early afternoon, a new treat for a few of our group. They liked it. Sixth ale on from Wild Weather, Calleva 4.0 (too hard to add this - it takes an age to get to the “W” breweries).
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Jaipur5.90Excellent
Salopian - Lemon Dream4.50AcceptableRather insipid after the Jaipur - and end of the barrel.
Titanic - Plum Porter4.90Not Tried
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Harry Hop3.70Not Tried
Iron Pier - Bitter4.00Not Tried

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The pub sign. The New Inn, Canterbury, Kent

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The pub is found in Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1NP.

A narrow terrace house in Havelock Street that was once a Fremlin's pub and now a freehouse. Local CAMRA branch Pub of the Year 2017, 2018 and 2022.

We have visited this pub 164 times, seen 362 different beers and tried 195 of them.

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Postcode: CT1 1NP