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The County Hotel (Wetherspoon)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Wantsum - Black PigExcellent1
Daleside - Old Legover (a.k.a. Country Stile)Excellent1
Hopdaemon - IncubusExcellent2
Whitstable - Oyster StoutExcellent1
Shepherd Neame - Bishops FingerGood1
Wantsum - Ravening WolfGood1
Hook Norton - Old HookyGood1
Old Dairy - Red TopAcceptable1
Elgood's - GreyhoundAcceptable1
Sharp's - Doom BarNot Tried0
Banks's - WainwrightNot Tried0
Ringwood - FortyninerNot Tried0
Greene King - Ruddles BestNot Tried0
Wantsum - ImperiumNot Tried0
Skinner's - Betty Stogs BitterNot Tried0
Old Dairy - Blue TopNot Tried0
Wantsum - 1381Not Tried0
Brains - SANot Tried0
Greene King - Abbot AleNot Tried0
Woodforde's - WherryNot Tried0
Picture 1. The County Hotel, Ashford, Kent

Visits Details

10 Oct 2021 (ChrisE)
Sunday afternoon with a good number of diners.
Hook Norton - Old Hooky4.60GoodToo cold for my liking, otherwise O.K.
Banks's - Wainwright4.10Not Tried
04 Oct 2021 (Jack William)
Bit of business in Ashford - haven’t been here for a while. The town is looking rather bleak with many empty shops. Made Inn close on Monday so ended up here. A bit more joyful.
Elgood's - Greyhound5.20AcceptableA bit tart.
Greene King - Abbot Ale5.00Not Tried
Woodforde's - Wherry3.80Not Tried
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
28 Sep 2021 (ChrisE)
A quiet Tuesday afternnon and a CAMRA voucher duly used up. Full measure much appreciated.
Daleside - Old Legover (a.k.a. Country Stile)4.10ExcellentTraditiona copper coloured beer. Rather sweet.
Brains - SA4.20Not Tried
26 Sep 2020 (ChrisE)
Saturday afternoon, the area set aside for those without the Wetherspoon App looked rather busy so I decided to use the spacious area towards the rear of the pub. This was the first time that I have used the app and I must say I prefer to pay cash. Having said that there was no problem in ordering the guest cask ales with this device.
Hopdaemon - Incubus4.00Excellent
Old Dairy - Red Top3.80Not Tried
24 Sep 2020 (ChrisE)
I came here because I was curious to see how 'Spoons managed the table service only law. Two girls who tried to enter at about the same time as me were turned away and told to buy some face masks and I wondered whether they would be allowed access to a shop to buy face coverings. Customers such as myself who did not wish to use the App were directed to the small area to the right hand side of the pub for table service. Service was good and I had no trouble paying part in cash and part with a CAMRA voucher.
Old Dairy - Red Top3.80Acceptable
16 Sep 2020 (ChrisE)
Wednesday afternoon. I read Nick Antonia's article in Wetherspoon News and supped my pint. COVID controls have been good here since reopening but are much enhanced now with no-one allowed through the front door until they have completed the essential paperwork.
Wantsum - Ravening Wolf5.90GoodSweeter than I remember it. Reassuring that I can taste it in the present circumstances.
Wantsum - 13813.80Not Tried
12 Sep 2020 (ChrisE)
Not many pubs in this town meet my interpretation of COVID secure. This is a good one and reasonably busy. I was not able to buy a pint until I had completed the necessary paperwork.
Shepherd Neame - Bishops Finger5.00GoodAt £1.99 per pint (£1.49 with voucher) Magnus would have loved this.
Old Dairy - Blue Top4.80Not TriedOrdered but it ran out.
29 Aug 2020 (ChrisE)
Saturday afternoon. My list of COVID safe pubs in this town is getting progressively smaller but precautions are good here.
Whitstable - Oyster Stout4.50ExcellentThis is superb and most pumps seem to be adorned with this clip.
Skinner's - Betty Stogs Bitter4.00Not Tried
01 Aug 2020 (ChrisE)
I had been to the Made Inn earlier where Steve (the guv) told me that he had been here a couple of times recently and that they were taking COVID-19 precautions seriously and this was one of the safer pubs in the area to visit. A very nice atmosphere in here, I had to ask for a top up but this was given in good grace, I sat at a table and read the current edition of Wetherspoon News. The Manager's special food offerings looked very tempting but I had started preparing my dinner before I went out so I decided to stick with the beer. I did not note all the beers that were on offer but there was a good selection from local breweries.
Hopdaemon - Incubus4.00Good
11 Mar 2020 (ChrisE)
Late afternoon and reassuringly busy.
Wantsum - Black Pig4.80ExcellentA delicious dark beer.
Ringwood - Fortyniner4.90Not Tried
Greene King - Ruddles Best3.70Not Tried
Wantsum - Imperium4.00Not Tried

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About The County Hotel

The pub sign. The County Hotel, Ashford, Kent

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The pub is found in Ashford, Kent, TN24 8TD.

Typical Wetherspoon's drinking hall in High Street. Standard 'Spoon's regular beers with guest beers normally the best bet. 2 banks each of 4 handpumps on the higher level bar and 6 handpumps on the lower level.

We have visited this pub 317 times, seen 443 different beers and tried 354 of them.

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Postcode: TN24 8TD