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Kings Arms (Graceland)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Cloudwater - Baltic PorterExceptional1
Lagunitas - Born Again Yesterday (2017) Exceptional1
Wylam - In Every Dream Home a HeartacheExceptional1
Arbor Ales - Shangri-la Excellent1
Cloudwater - French 75 SlushieExcellent1
Dry & Bitter - Panther PeopleExcellent1
Fourpure - No Coast IPAExcellent1
Garage Beer Co. (Barcelona) - Soup IPAExcellent1
Hobsons - Mosaic and Citra (collaboration with Brew By Numbers)Excellent1
Howling Hops (Brewed at Hackney Wick) - Chocolate StoutExcellent1
Howling Hops (Brewed at Hackney Wick) - Pale Ale Custom Deluxe No. 1 Excellent1
Howling Hops (Brewed at Hackney Wick) - Pale Ale No. 2Excellent1
Magic Rock - BravadoExcellent1
Marble - Uppe Hela Natten Excellent1
Moor - So'HopExcellent1
Rooster's - Alternative FactsExcellent1
Rooster's - Highway 51Excellent1
Siren Craft - Liquid Mistress Red IPAExcellent1
Gloucester - Session IPAGood1
Tiny Rebel - JuicyGood1
Burning Sky - PlateauNot Tried0
Dark Star - FestivalNot Tried0
Five Points - Best Bitter (collaboration with Lost and Grounded)Not Tried0
Gloucester - GoldNot Tried0
Ilkley - Mary JaneNot Tried0
Oakham - CitraNot Tried0
One Mile End Brew Co. (formerly Mulligans at the White Hart and then WH Brew Pub) - Docker's Delight BitterNot Tried0
Purity - Mad GooseNot Tried0
Redemption - HopspurNot Tried0
Redemption - Pale AleNot Tried0
Redemption - Urban DuskNot Tried0
Siren Craft - Broken Dream Breakfast Stout (superseded by 6.5% version)Not Tried0
Siren Craft - Under CurrentNot Tried0
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - HoptonNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - CwtchNot Tried0
Wild Beer Co. - MillionaireNot Tried0
Picture 1. Kings Arms, Bethnal Green, Greater London
Stephen Harris

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11 Dec 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Early evening and I had the back area to myself.
Arbor Ales - Shangri-la 4.20ExcellentThis Session IPA always hits the spot for me.
Tiny Rebel - Cwtch4.60Not Tried
Burning Sky - Plateau3.50Not Tried
24 Sep 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Along with everyone else I am staring out of the windows at the awesome rainfall.
Hobsons - Mosaic and Citra (collaboration with Brew By Numbers)4.20ExcellentHazy, light and hoppy. The now-classic, fruity, Citra and Mosaic hop mix.
Dry & Bitter - Panther People5.20ExcellentFrom keg. Both dry and bitter as it happens. Quite resinous too.
Redemption - Hopspur4.50Not Tried
Siren Craft - Under Current4.50Not Tried
21 May 2019 (Stephen Harris)
A quiet Tuesday evening.
Rooster's - Highway 513.70ExcellentGolden. A nicely crisp Pale Ale with citrusy hop flavours.
Cloudwater - French 75 Slushie7.50ExcellentFrom a key-keg. Cloudy gold. A very unusual Brut IPA/Sour Beer blend.
Tiny Rebel - Juicy4.80GoodA hazy gold beer with fruity hops.
Tiny Rebel - Cwtch4.60Not Tried
23 Oct 2018 (Magnus Greel)
Mid afternoon visit we were the only customers until another chap arrived shortly after.
Gloucester - Session IPA4.50GoodSlightly smoky but rather on the thin side
Gloucester - Gold3.90Not Tried
One Mile End Brew Co. (formerly Mulligans at the White Hart and then WH Brew Pub) - Docker's Delight Bitter4.20Not Tried
26 Sep 2018 (Stephen Harris)
I had planned a visit to the nearby Carpenters Arms, but that pub is closed tonight as it is being used as a film set. Came here instead.
Moor - So'Hop4.10ExcellentA great beer featuring New Zealand hops and on very fine form tonight.
Magic Rock - Bravado4.10ExcellentFrom key-keg. Hazy gold. Juicy. Floral hops.
Rooster's - Alternative Facts6.50ExcellentI misread the beer list and thought this was a collaboration brew with Okell’s and my taste buds prepared themselves accordingly. It turns out though that the collaborators are the much more exotic Odell, and this is a typically fierce US West Coast style IPA.
Purity - Mad Goose4.20Not Tried
Ilkley - Mary Jane3.50Not Tried
21 May 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Monday evening and nice and peaceful in here.
Wylam - In Every Dream Home a Heartache6.00ExceptionalThe full murk. Juicy juicy. Bags of hops and a touch of sour. Superb.
Cloudwater - Baltic Porter7.20ExceptionalFrom a keg of some kind and another exceptional beer. Heavy, black and mellow.
Howling Hops (Brewed at Hackney Wick) - Pale Ale No. 23.80ExcellentMerely hazy gold (rather than murk) from cask. Tropical fruit and piney hop flavours.
Wild Beer Co. - Millionaire4.70Not Tried
Five Points - Best Bitter (collaboration with Lost and Grounded)4.80Not Tried
04 Apr 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Mid-evening visit. Pub very busy.
Howling Hops (Brewed at Hackney Wick) - Chocolate Stout5.00ExcellentCask conditioning enhances the smoothness and richness of this lovely beer. Badged here as 5.2%.
Fourpure - No Coast IPA6.50ExcellentKey-keg. A great, fresh, murky IPA.
Dark Star - Festival5.00Not Tried
Siren Craft - Under Current4.50Not Tried
05 Oct 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Mid-evening and busy. I noticed that all of the people I had seen earlier at Kill the Cat were now in here.
Garage Beer Co. (Barcelona) - Soup IPA6.00ExcellentSoup of the Day sir? Barcelona murky. Fresh and hoppy from some sort of keg.
Howling Hops (Brewed at Hackney Wick) - Pale Ale Custom Deluxe No. 1 3.80ExcellentIt’s really good to see the Howling Hops beers out and about in cask. This is a fab, hoppy beer using Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic. My second big hit of Mosaic tonight.
Redemption - Pale Ale3.80Not Tried
Redemption - Urban Dusk4.60Not Tried
29 Sep 2017 (ChrisE)
Pub number seven of a friend's birthday pub tour. We found seats and relaxed with our beers. Craft Keg fans can enjoy Arizona Wilderness Santa Teresa Enkel for just £12 per pint but our group all opted for cask.
Marble - Uppe Hela Natten 5.10Excellent
Oakham - Citra4.20Not Tried
19 Sep 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Unexpectedly busy on a Tuesday night. A group had reserved a table in the back room next to where I was sat, came in and looked at the table and decided they would rather sit outside – so they walked away leaving the reserved sign on the table. In my view, that kind of behaviour should be illegal.
Lagunitas - Born Again Yesterday (2017) 7.00ExceptionalFrom keg dispense. My first Green Hop beer of the new season and if I taste a better one this year I will be pleasantly surprised. A fantastic smack in the face of fresh hops.
Siren Craft - Liquid Mistress Red IPA5.80ExcellentI find it almost impossible to resist this great Red Ale.
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Hopton4.30Not Tried
Siren Craft - Broken Dream Breakfast Stout (superseded by 6.5% version)6.00Not Tried

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About the Kings Arms

The pub sign. Kings Arms, Bethnal Green, Greater London

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The pub is found in Bethnal Green, Greater London, E2 6EY.

This back-street, corner pub was present off Bethnal Green Road by 1832. Historically a Courage Brewery pub, it had become a free house by the 2000s and survived as a basic, no-frills, keg-only boozer until 2013. Substantially renovated, the pub re-opened in December 2013 as a convert to all things micro- and craft in the beer world. A sister pub to the Earl of Essex in Islington.

We have visited this pub 25 times, seen 103 different beers and tried 56 of them.

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Postcode: E2 6EY