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Beavertown Brewery (Brewery)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Beavertown - Mutually Assured Destruction Exceptional1
Beavertown - Violet – Empress Stout Exceptional1
Beavertown - Black BettyExceptional2
Beavertown - Yellow – Yellow Belly Exceptional1
Beavertown - Orange – The Sun Also Rises Exceptional1
Birrificio Lambrate - Magic TramExcellent1
Beavertown - Lemon PhantomExcellent1
Beavertown - Fear Does Not Exist in this Dojo Excellent1
Beavertown - Invasion of the Lupuloids: Armillaria Mater Excellent1
Beavertown - Why-o Must I Cryo Excellent1
Beavertown - Canned RationsExcellent1
Beavertown - Blue – Cognac BA Quadruple Excellent1
Beavertown - Rubus Maximus Excellent1
Beavertown - Blueberry FikaExcellent1
Beavertown - Pink PantherExcellent1
Beavertown - Neck OilGood1
Beavertown - Invasion of the Lupuloids: Delta Unda Good1
Beavertown - Spresso Good1
De Molen - Quirks & Quinine Good1
Picture 1. Beavertown Brewery, Tottenham, Greater London
Picture 2. Beavertown Brewery, Tottenham, Greater London

Visits Details

31 Mar 2018 (Stephen Harris)
A rare Saturday when I am not watching football, my team having played yesterday. My first instinct is to come here. Arriving a few minutes after 2pm opening I find the place already crowded.
Beavertown - Fear Does Not Exist in this Dojo 6.60ExcellentA fresh NEIPA with complex flavours.
Beavertown - Why-o Must I Cryo 7.40ExcellentCloudy gold in colour and slightly odd. Some sort of witchcraft going on with the ingredients I think (I must look up what ‘Cryo’ means). Very nice though.
De Molen - Quirks & Quinine 8.00GoodAmber in colour and in rather flat condition despite keg dispense. Flavoured with gin botanicals. Dry and slightly sour.
01 Jul 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Saturdays here have developed into one of the biggest beer gatherings in London, and Saturdays come around every week. The gates opened at 2pm. By ten past every one of the outside tables was occupied and by 3pm the place was thronged.
Beavertown - Mutually Assured Destruction 9.50ExceptionalA collaboration beer with Lervig, brewed in London I think. Golden and hazy. A Double IPA. Amazingly smooth. Strong and fruity.
Beavertown - Canned Rations6.50ExcellentGolden and hazy from key-keg. A heavily-spiced IPA, using Indian spices.
Beavertown - Blueberry Fika9.40ExcellentA black beer, still with no head. The initial hit is coffee, then blueberry, then alcohol strength.
Birrificio Lambrate - Magic Tram6.70ExcellentA collaboration beer with Beavertown, brewed in Italy I think. Amber-coloured and hazy. It is a fruity hop bomb.
04 Jun 2016 (Stephen Harris)
A friend is down from Peterborough for the day and we agree to meet here, loosely joining a large North London CAMRA group who are doing a pub and brewery crawl of the area. A few amongst the CAMRA group are squeamish about drinking key-keg beer (which even CAMRA now regards as ‘real ale’) and are sitting miserably whilst large crowds all around are enjoying themselves.
Beavertown - Black Betty7.40ExcellentMy favourite of the Beavertown range (although I don’t get to drink their beers that often). A full-on Black IPA.
Beavertown - Invasion of the Lupuloids: Armillaria Mater 5.70ExcellentA thickly cloudy, golden, very hoppy, experimental IPA.
Beavertown - Invasion of the Lupuloids: Delta Unda 5.70GoodA thickly cloudy, golden, hoppy, experimental IPA.
09 May 2015 (ChrisE)
Extremely busy, we had to stand in a queue to get a beer, and queue to get to the toilets. Two bars were open inside the brewery but only one of them had cask beer. A deposit was charged on glasses.
Beavertown - Neck Oil4.30Good
13 Sep 2014 (Stephen Harris)
The Rainbow Project is fast rising as a major event in the London beer calendar. The concept is that pairs of breweries are invited to produce a very special beer based upon one of the seven colours of the rainbow. Most of the beer is bottled, but a small amount is also available on draught. This year’s hosts were Beavertown (and I think I’m right in saying that all of the beer was brewed here) and a big crowd gathered, queuing outside at 1pm, for the chance to buy the beer here at the brewery – limited to third pint measures of each one. Unfortunately I can only stay for the first 45 minutes and it is a shame to have to leave with some of the beers untried. All on key-keg dispense.
Beavertown - Violet – Empress Stout 8.50ExceptionalThick, black, strong stout, brewed by Siren Craft and de Molen.
Beavertown - Yellow – Yellow Belly 11.00ExceptionalHeavy, strong, black stout that includes biscuits and peanut butter amongst its ingredients. Stunning. Brewed by Buxton and Omnipollo.
Beavertown - Orange – The Sun Also Rises 9.00ExceptionalMagnificent, Sherry-barrel-aged Saison, with flavours of oranges and (I thought) fennel. Brewed by Beavertown and Naparbier.
Beavertown - Blue – Cognac BA Quadruple 10.00ExcellentMassive Belgian-style pale beer with woody flavours from barrel-aging. Brewed by Partizan and Mikkeller.
05 Jul 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Opening day and a big crowd has gathered from far and wide. The brewery is very impressive and this was a memorable afternoon. Nine key-keg beers are available, plus a wide range of the brewery’s bottled and canned beers. I list just the beers I drank.
Beavertown - Black Betty7.40ExceptionalThis lovely Black IPA was available in key-keg, bottled or can format. I chose a can, having read good reviews of the canning process at Beavertown, and was very impressed with the beer quality and taste. Perfect in fact.
Beavertown - Rubus Maximus 5.60ExcellentOn key-keg and brewed in collaboration with Wild Beer. A raspberry fruit beer with a lot of raspberries in it.
Beavertown - Pink Panther5.00ExcellentOn key-keg. A Belgian-style blonde beer whose ingredients include Hibiscus, Blood orange and Douglas Fir. Full-flavoured and delicious.
Beavertown - Lemon Phantom3.00ExcellentOn key-keg. A lemon-flavoured Berliner Weiss.
Beavertown - Spresso 9.00GoodOn key-keg. A thick, heavy, black stout. Very strongly flavoured with roast coffee. I’m not a big coffee fan, so just ‘good’ from me – others were raving about this beer.

About the Beavertown Brewery

The pub sign. Beavertown Brewery, Tottenham, Greater London

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The pub is found in Tottenham, Greater London, N17 9QP.

Beavertown Brewery was established at Duke’s Brew & Que (the former Duke of York pub) in de Beauvoir Town in December 2011. It was a little 4 barrel kit, squeezed into a corner of the pub kitchen. It was almost immediately inadequate, as both the brewery and the pub/restaurant became very popular and successful. Brewing moved away to a bigger space in Hackney Wick, which itself was rapidly outgrown, and in the summer of 2014 moved again, to a very substantial premises on an industrial estate in Tottenham Hale. The brewery has a little bar area, and this opened to the public for the first time in July 2014, with the expectation that it will open on Saturday afternoons going forward.

We have visited this pub 6 times, seen 19 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: N17 9QP