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The Dead Pigeon (formerly The Northern Seaman) (Freehouse)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Range Ales - Winter FireExcellent1
Angels & Demons (also uses McCanns branding) - The Second ComingGood1
Kent - The New BlackGood2
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Dark MatterGood1
Bespoke - Over a BarrelGood1
Mad Cat - Golden India Pale Ale (previously Meaney's Golden India Pale Ale)Good1
Stockport - Stock PorterGood1
Range Ales - CQB (Close Quarter Battle)Poor1
Range Ales - Golden ShotNot Tried0
Silver Brewhouse (formerly Raw) - JesterNot Tried0
Flipside - Random TossNot Tried0
Range Ales - Spring LoadedNot Tried0
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Speak Easy IPANot Tried0
Range Ales - Bounty HunterNot Tried0
Lytham - StoutNot Tried0
Bespoke - Running the GauntletNot Tried0
Bespoke - Going off half-cockedNot Tried0
Bespoke - Hell's BellsNot Tried0
Mad Cat - Platinum Blonde (previously Meaney's Platinum Blonde Ale)Not Tried0
Wantsum - MontgomeryNot Tried0
Mad Cat - Crispin PaleNot Tried0
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Hockley SoulNot Tried0
Iron Pier - BitterNot Tried0
Tonbridge - CountrymanNot Tried0
Billericay - Sex & Drugs & Rock & RollNot Tried0
Tonbridge - Connor's PaleNot Tried0

Visits Details

14 Jun 2019 (Philip Pirrip)
Late evening visit.
Kent - The New Black4.80PoorTotally flat and unappetising. Even lemonade could not liven it up. Owner apologised but did not seem to take it off sale
Billericay - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll5.00Not TriedBeing sold as the "Secret Ale" - taster was very good, pity too late having opted for the Kent
Tonbridge - Connor's Pale3.70Not Tried
08 Jun 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Afternoon visit and I tarried awhile to watch some televised cricket. There is a much livelier atmosphere than on my last time here.
Kent - The New Black4.80ExcellentVery fresh. A quite complex mix of fruit, hop and malt flavours.
Tonbridge - Countryman4.00Not Tried
27 May 2019 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit planned. As I neared I heard the boom of what sounded like a seaside pier bingo caller - was the pub quiz and no room for me (my choice).
22 Mar 2019 (Philip Pirrip)
Late evening visit until last orders bell. A 4th mystery cask ale on the board but not for me!
Angels & Demons (also uses McCanns branding) - The Second Coming4.50GoodA&D has certainly perfected the use of hops
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Hockley Soul4.20Not Tried
Iron Pier - Bitter4.00Not Tried
26 Oct 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit. Basic infrastructure (bar, toilets, cellar room) unchanged with new owners who have no connection with the previous regime. All the previous hotch-potch of seating has gone and replaced with mainly high tables and stools. No longer a Micropub as seems to want to be an ale-house and sports bar, with 2 large TVs on the wall. Good to see emphasis on Kentish real ales. Has Curious Lager and Draught Guinness fonts on the bar counter.
Mad Cat - Golden India Pale Ale (previously Meaney's Golden India Pale Ale)4.20Good
Mad Cat - Platinum Blonde (previously Meaney's Platinum Blonde Ale)4.20Not Tried
Wantsum - Montgomery4.00Not Tried
Mad Cat - Crispin Pale4.00Not Tried
05 Jul 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Currently closed for major refurbishment and the long intended installation of a brewery in the building's basement. I am agog for a re-opening anon.
27 Apr 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Late evening visit. Solo guitarist / singer on the upper deck. I echo Stephen Harris's recent post here that this pub would help by properly showing the brewer's name against ALL beers on its blackboard. Tonight the barman told me 1 was a Lytham and 3 were Flipside that I later identified off the web as all being from Bespoke. Cmon get your act together!
Bespoke - Over a Barrel5.00Good
Lytham - Stout4.60Not Tried
Bespoke - Running the Gauntlet4.40Not Tried
Bespoke - Going off half-cocked4.60Not Tried
Range Ales - Golden Shot3.70Not Tried
Range Ales - Bounty Hunter4.50Not Tried
Bespoke - Hell's Bells4.80Not Tried
14 Apr 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Late evening visit. Thriving with younger folk.
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Dark Matter4.40GoodLight on the blackcurrant flavouring
Flipside - Random Toss4.40Not Tried
Range Ales - Spring Loaded4.40Not Tried
Range Ales - CQB (Close Quarter Battle)4.00Not TriedRan out
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Speak Easy IPA4.60Not Tried
Range Ales - Bounty Hunter4.50Not Tried
14 Apr 2018 (Stephen Harris)
I was here several hours before PP by the sound of it and he did a much better job than me of deciphering the blackboard which, irritatingly, only lists beer names and not brewers. A brewery is planned for the cellar here but progress was described as “slow”.
Range Ales - CQB (Close Quarter Battle)4.00PoorA golden beer. Completely flat and insipid to the point that I found drinking it a chore.
19 Dec 2017 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid evening trip. I could not believe the A board offering real ales at £1pp tonight for CAMRA members but it was as true as night follows day. Good chat about other micropubs in Kent and SE London. The barmaid was left with a lot of to dos in SE London.
Range Ales - Winter Fire5.10Excellent
Stockport - Stock Porter4.80GoodDark and with liquorice overtones
Range Ales - Golden Shot3.70Not Tried
Silver Brewhouse (formerly Raw) - Jester4.20Not Tried

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About The Dead Pigeon (formerly The Northern Seaman)

The pub sign. The Dead Pigeon (formerly The Northern Seaman), Rochester, Kent

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The pub is found in Rochester, Kent, ME1 1DJ.

At the Chatham end of the High Street, originally a shop conversion from former Montys fish and chip shop, into a Micropub. Bar floor is on two levels with a bar counter on the lower floor. Cask ales and real ciders were sold on gravity dispense, served from stillage in a temperature controlled cellar room up 2 steps from the bar. Initially opened on TENs but full licence valid from 29th July 2016. Closed in June 2018 ostensibly to add the brewery in the basement but in July 2018 found boarded up with a notice of forfeiture displayed. Relaunched with new owners and a new name on 19th October 2018 still selling real ales and ciders / perries on gravity dispense and with plans to include food. Several large sports TVs pander to the venue's alter ego as a sports bar thus denying it Micropub status.

We have visited this pub 21 times, seen 60 different beers and tried 18 of them.

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Postcode: ME1 1DJ