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Wibblers Brewery Taproom & Kitchen (Wibblers)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Wibblers - ApprenticeExcellent5
Wibblers - Beneathe the EmbersGood1
Wibblers - Bite The BulletExcellent1
Wibblers - Dengie GoldGood1
Wibblers - Dengie IPAGood1
Wibblers - GalaxyExcellent1
Wibblers - Hop BlackExcellent1
Wibblers - Hop HarvestExcellent1
Wibblers - Interesting TimesGood3
Wibblers - Catching FairiesNot Tried0
Wibblers - Crafty TurtleNot Tried0
Wibblers - SummertimeNot Tried0
Wibblers - Winter WibbleNot Tried0
Picture 1. Wibblers Brewery Taproom & Kitchen, Southminster, Essex
Picture 2. Wibblers Brewery Taproom & Kitchen, Southminster, Essex
Jason Jones

Visits Details

27 Apr 2021 (Magnus Greel)
Lunchtime to late afternoon we had the marquee to ourselves as a few other groups were outside enjoying the slightly warmer weather as of late. Great beers, service and company made for a much missed enjoyable atmosphere we've all missed over recent months.
Wibblers - Apprentice3.90ExcellentRefreshingly hoppy and flavoursome.
Wibblers - Interesting Times4.20ExcellentFull bodied, earthy and dry I had an interesting time drinking this!
Wibblers - Dengie Gold4.00GoodI found this rather malty and lacking in flavour
Wibblers - Dengie IPA3.60GoodNot my idea of an IPA..
Wibblers - Beneathe the Embers4.60Not Tried
27 Apr 2021 (ChrisE)
A group of six of us met here at opening time and sat in the marquee enjoying good beer and coversation until afternoon closing. The kitchen was closed today but will be open at weekends. We had the marquee to ourselves but there were several groups seated outside.
Wibblers - Apprentice3.90ExcellentA good tasty session beer in very good condition. I had several of these.
Wibblers - Interesting Times4.20Good
Wibblers - Beneathe the Embers4.60Good
Wibblers - Dengie Gold4.00Not Tried
Wibblers - Dengie IPA3.60Not Tried
28 Sep 2019 (Magnus Greel)
Lunchtime and already a group of chaps in for a brewery tour, soon joined by another large group. Luckily we had the two main tables along the left side reserved for our group of sixteen, to which we were celebrating a friend's day before his 61st birthday. Good spirits (no pun intended) prevailed and we had an enjoyable couple of hours here, more so by the hard work of the owners who kept us supplied with beer and food and efficient table clearing duties.
Wibblers - Apprentice3.90ExcellentAmber and floral notes gave this copper coloured beer a refreshing bite
Wibblers - Bite The Bullet4.00ExcellentAromatic golden session ale brewed with NZ green bullet hops
Wibblers - Dengie IPA3.60Not Tried
Wibblers - Winter Wibble6.00Not Tried
Wibblers - Catching Fairies5.50Not TriedAlas I did not try this but was described by one of our group as 'dangerously drinkable'
21 Jun 2019 (ChrisE)
Much enlarged since my last visit and just as well as the place was quite full plus a fair number of customers enjoying the sunshine outside.
Wibblers - Hop Black4.00Excellent
08 Jul 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Mid-afternoon, after a hot walk from Burnham along the sea wall and over the marshes. Quiet here, the Chelmsford Beer Festival having drawn away both staff and customers. The food looked very nice, but I had just eaten a sandwich before I arrived.
Wibblers - Galaxy4.20ExcellentPale and hoppy and brewery fresh.
Wibblers - Interesting Times4.20GoodNobody could explain the name to me. This is a chestnut-coloured Best Bitter.
Wibblers - Apprentice3.90Not Tried
Wibblers - Dengie Gold4.00Not Tried
Wibblers - Dengie IPA3.60Not Tried
Wibblers - Summertime3.90Not Tried
12 Nov 2016 (Magnus Greel)
Busy lunchtime visit with a function for the Chappel beer festival volunteers just starting. We were soon joined in the bar by a few other visitors too. The pork scratchings as mentioned by ChrisE were very addictive!
Wibblers - Apprentice3.90Excellent
Wibblers - Hop Harvest4.10Excellent
Wibblers - Dengie IPA3.60Not Tried
Wibblers - Crafty Turtle5.60Not Tried
12 Nov 2016 (ChrisE)
My first visit here but it was easy to find as we just alighted from the train at Southminster and followed everyone else, it turned out that the pub was hosting a private party for people that had worked at the Chappel & Wakes Colne Beer Festival, they were accommodated in a separate room and us paying customers sat in the bar. Beware of the chilli flavoured pork scratchings unless you have a pint ready to cool your tastebuds. This pub was well worth visiting.
Wibblers - Apprentice3.90Excellent
Wibblers - Dengie IPA3.60Not Tried
Wibblers - Hop Harvest4.10Not Tried
Wibblers - Crafty Turtle5.60Not Tried

About the Wibblers Brewery Taproom & Kitchen

The pub sign. Wibblers Brewery Taproom & Kitchen, Southminster, Essex

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The pub is found in Southminster, Essex, CM0 7JW.

Brewery Tap Room adjacent to Wibblers Brewery which relocated to this site in 2016. The pub is a short walk from Southminster railway station.

We have visited this pub 7 times, seen 13 different beers and tried 9 of them.

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Postcode: CM0 7JW