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Beers that Judy G Garland has Tried

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Beer (sort)Brewer (sort)Samples Score (sort)
#10 Smoked PorterShamblemoose1Excellent
#8 Pamplemoose Grapefruit IPAShamblemoose1Acceptable
Big Inflatable Cowboy HatSiren Craft1Excellent
TrelawnySt Austell1Acceptable
Cream StoutSt Peter's1Excellent
TeleporterSummer Wine (SWB)1Excellent
Boadicea (G.H 2013)Swan on the Green1Excellent
First Gold (Green Hop 2013)Swan on the Green1Excellent
Fuggles Pale AleSwan on the Green1Good
GingerSwan on the Green1Good
Goldings Mild (Green Hop 2013)Swan on the Green1Excellent
Old PeculierTheakston1Good
JaipurThornbridge / Thornbridge Hall1Excellent
FluxTiny Rebel1Exceptional
FUBARTiny Rebel1Excellent
Alton's PrideTriple fff1Excellent
JabberwockyTriple fff1Excellent
Old DrayTriple fff1Acceptable

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