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Pub (sort)Location (sort)Beer (sort)Visits (sort)
Montefiore ArmsKent, RamsgateGood1
Ship InnKent, DealExcellent3
The Lifeboat Ale & Cider HouseKent, MargateAcceptable1
Louis ArmstrongKent, DoverExcellent2
The Conqueror AlehouseKent, RamsgateNot Tried1
The BohemianKent, DealAcceptable1
The ArlingtonKent, DoverExcellent1
The BerryKent, WalmerGood1
The AdmiraltyCentral London, Charing CrossExcellent2
The Plough InnKent, RippleExcellent2
Astronomer (formerly The Shooting Star)Central London, CityPoor1
The Hung Drawn & QuarteredCentral London, CityNot Tried1
Princess of PrussiaCentral London, AldgateGood1
Tan Bueno (formerly The Hop and Huffkin)Kent, SandwichGood1
The Market InnKent, SandwichGood1
Admiral OwenKent, SandwichGood1
The AlmaKent, DealGood2
The Nags HeadCentral London, Covent GardenGood1
Railway HotelKent, FavershamAcceptable1

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