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The Ship Inn (Freehouse)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Ship Inn - 3 Sheets to the WindExcellent1
Ship Inn - Sea CoalExcellent4
Ship Inn - Sea DogExcellent1
Ship Inn - Sea Wheat Excellent1
Ship Inn - White HorsesGood1
Ship Inn - SpindriftGood1
Ship Inn - Squid InkGood1
Ship Inn - Newton GoldGood1
Ship Inn - PilgrimGood2
Ship Inn - Indian SummerGood1
Ship Inn - Red HerringGood2
Ship Inn - Sandcastles at DawnNot Tried0
Hadrian and Border - Secret KingdomNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Ship Inn, Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Northumberland

Visits Details

14 Sep 2020 (Jack William)
Just sneaked in before 7pm closing.
Ship Inn - 3 Sheets to the Wind5.00ExcellentFresh on, Pale ale, very nice, good body
Ship Inn - White Horses4.20Not Tried
Ship Inn - Sea Coal4.00Not Tried
13 Sep 2020 (Jack William)
I will try not to get too boring with these entries - but we are staying for a week just 100 metres away from the pub door. Early evening, warm and has been busy here all afternoon- the queue has gone so we pop in (or rather stay out) for a couple.
Ship Inn - Sea Coal4.00ExcellentAs good as yesterday.
Ship Inn - White Horses4.20GoodNow badged at 4.3% Refreshing.
12 Sep 2020 (Jack William)
Mid-evening, just getting dark. No entry to the pub itself due to COVID - but they have erected three covered areas outside to supplement the picnic tables on the green. Two other own-brews on - not noted.
Ship Inn - Sea Coal4.00ExcellentSmooth, thick and oaty.
07 Jun 2019 (Jack William)
Our last night so we had a rather pleasant dinner here. All tables taken with diners but it thinned out around 9. The waitress had never heard of Dolly Daydream (my previous favourite brew here). Still, another new home-brew on tonight.
Ship Inn - Sea Wheat 3.80ExcellentDelicious.
Ship Inn - Pilgrim4.20Good(Now 4.3). Good malty bitter.
Ship Inn - Sea Coal4.00GoodWent well with the fruit crumble.
Ship Inn - Red Herring3.80Not Tried
06 Jun 2019 (Jack William)
Another day, another home-brew on. Mid-evening - the tables are full with diners - the best place is outside with a low sun giving the sea a glorious deep blue tone against a clear, light-blue sky. You can keep your Mediterranean, I’m telling you mate I’d rather have a Northumberland beach with a good ale in my hand.
Ship Inn - Indian Summer4.40GoodVery lemony, with a hint of liquorice. Labelled as an “aromatic blonde” and clearly had some unusual flavourings included.
Hadrian and Border - Secret Kingdom4.30Not Tried
Ship Inn - Red Herring3.80Not Tried
Ship Inn - Sea Coal4.00Not Tried
05 Jun 2019 (Jack William)
Early evening - just filling up with diners including a minibus of old chaps. New beer on today (Gold) rather good.
Ship Inn - Red Herring3.80GoodVery nice.
Ship Inn - Newton Gold4.20GoodFull bodied, golden ale in excellent nick.
Hadrian and Border - Secret Kingdom4.30Not Tried
Ship Inn - Sea Coal4.00Not Tried
03 Jun 2019 (Jack William)
What a difference a day makes. Monday evening and just two other customers in. The bar person was making pesto most of the time I was in - using a very loud blender. I sat in the end room and tried to read but was rather irritated. Just the swift one.
Ship Inn - Sea Coal4.00GoodSmooth oatmeal.
Hadrian and Border - Secret Kingdom4.30Not Tried
Ship Inn - Sea Wheat 3.80Not Tried
02 Jun 2019 (Jack William)
Early Sunday lunchtime - busy already but swift and friendly service. Staying nearby for a week - I will be back.
Ship Inn - Spindrift3.90GoodVery nice pale ale - went well with the Stilton and pear panini.
Hadrian and Border - Secret Kingdom4.30Not Tried
Ship Inn - Red Herring3.80Not Tried
Ship Inn - Sea Coal4.00Not Tried
27 Jun 2018 (Stu)
A relaxing couple of beers over looking the bay after a long walk down the coast.
Ship Inn - Sea Dog4.10Excellent
Ship Inn - Red Herring3.80Good
Ship Inn - Sandcastles at Dawn4.10Not Tried
Ship Inn - Indian Summer4.40Not Tried
13 Mar 2016 (Stephen Harris)
A marvellous little pub in a beautiful setting. It’s early Sunday evening and the small collection of customers are pushed into one room, whilst a jazz band fills the other.
Ship Inn - Squid Ink4.20GoodSeems to be listed everywhere as 4.2%, although I thought in the pub I was told 3.8%. Dark brown in colour. A chocolaty Porter-style beer.
Ship Inn - Pilgrim4.20GoodA decent, dark Bitter with a good hop presence (presumably from Pilgrim hops).
Ship Inn - White Horses4.20Not Tried

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About The Ship Inn

The pub sign. The Ship Inn, Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Northumberland

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The pub is found in Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, NE66 3EL.

Two roomed pub, decked out in pine, overlooking a National Trust owned square and the Northumberland coast. Has its own brewery.

We have visited this pub 14 times, seen 18 different beers and tried 15 of them.

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Postcode: NE66 3EL