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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Pressure Drop - Hazy CoalitionExceptional1
Verdant - Donít Fear the Ferryman BA Exceptional1
Verdant - Everyone Was SpinningExcellent1
Pressure Drop - LorikeetExcellent1
Verdant - People, Money, Space, Time Excellent1
Pressure Drop - Rocks Rivers TreesExcellent1
Verdant - Some FiftyExcellent1
Verdant - Your Limitation. It's Only Your ImaginationExcellent1
Pressure Drop - Float OnExcellent1
Verdant - Roy, I Want a HiloxExcellent1
Verdant - Safety FlaresExcellent1
Pressure Drop - Alive and WellExcellent1
Verdant - Majestic HighwayExcellent1
Verdant - Planets Don't Twinkle - Galaxy Single Hop DIPAExcellent1
Pressure Drop - DreamlifeExcellent1
Verdant - Photon Trails: Amarillo Ekuanot Azacca Excellent1
Verdant - Neal Gets Things Done Excellent1
Wylam - Comeback SpecialExcellent1
Pressure Drop - PromenadeExcellent1
Verdant - The Most Effective WayExcellent1
Pressure Drop - Partial PressuresExcellent1
Pressure Drop - Beer & Art Series 2019-11 DDH PaleExcellent1
Picture 1. The Experiment, Hackney, Greater London
Picture 2. The Experiment, Hackney, Greater London
Picture 3. The Experiment, Hackney, Greater London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

02 Feb 2020 (Stephen Harris)
A typically relaxed Sunday evening atmosphere.
Pressure Drop - Beer & Art Series 2019-11 DDH Pale5.50ExcellentFrom key-keg. Dirty, murky gold. Fruity flavours from Hallertau Blanc and Huel Melon hops.
Pressure Drop - Rocks Rivers Trees6.80ExcellentFrom key-keg. Hazy gold. Assertive, resinous hops. Pine and a little grapefruit.
19 Dec 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Chilly tonight and the shutters are down to make it a bit cosier inside.
Verdant - Planets Don't Twinkle - Galaxy Single Hop DIPA8.00ExcellentFrom key-keg. Verdant themselves have said that DIPAs are, by definition, unbalanced. Thick and fruity.
Wylam - Comeback Special6.80ExcellentFrom key-keg. A strong and opaque IPA. Very fruity, especially grapefruit.
18 Aug 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Sunday evening after the crowds.
Pressure Drop - Promenade4.80ExcellentKeg dispense. A Gose (the Gose style is often now a long way removed from what you might be served in Leipzig) flavoured with yuzu, apricot and vanilla. Also contains lactose. Very lovely. It is sweet rather than sour.
Verdant - Everyone Was Spinning6.60ExcellentKeg dispense. A full-blown Black IPA.
19 Jul 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Peak Friday evening.
Verdant - Some Fifty5.20ExcellentFrom key-keg. Cloudy, pale gold. Flavours of tangerine and grapefruit.
Verdant - Roy, I Want a Hilox5.50ExcellentA NEIPA from key-keg. Murky fruit mush. Peachy. Has a harder mouthfeel than some and even a hint of bitterness.
21 Feb 2019 (Stephen Harris)
I'm growing rather fond of this bar.
Verdant - Safety Flares5.20ExcellentKegged in some way. A fabulous Simcoe singl-hop Pale Ale. Citrus and pine. Quite apart from the taste, it smells fantastic.
Pressure Drop - Dreamlife4.60ExcellentKeg. Soft and fluffy and peachy.
31 Jan 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Unusually quiet in here on a cold and bleak Thursday evening.
Verdant - The Most Effective Way5.00ExcellentFrom key-keg. A spectacularly murky Pale Ale. A melon and citrus hop smoothie.
Pressure Drop - Lorikeet6.80ExcellentFrom key-keg. A golden, murky, bitter and fruity NEIPA.
Verdant - Your Limitation. It's Only Your Imagination8.00ExcellentFrom a key-keg. Golden murk. Massively hopped. Simcoe, Loral and Chinook. Very smooth.
25 Oct 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Every table taken on a Thursday evening, but people are here for the long haul and there is not the constant throughput of customers I have seen on weekend visits. Ten beers available; five from each brewery.
Pressure Drop - Alive and Well3.60ExcellentKey-keg. Murky gold. A session-strength hopfest.
Verdant - Photon Trails: Amarillo Ekuanot Azacca 5.20ExcellentKey-keg. Murky gold. Soft mouthfeel. Great hop blend.
12 Oct 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Although this bar is not crowded tonight, we have ourselves become quite a big group and fill a significant space.
Verdant - Donít Fear the Ferryman BA 10.00ExceptionalFrom key-keg. A truly superb, bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout.
Pressure Drop - Partial Pressures7.40ExcellentServed from key-keg. Just as I think I have had enough of the NEIPAs I find a fantastic one; like this one. It would be five stars on another day Iím sure.
Verdant - People, Money, Space, Time 3.80ExcellentFrom key-keg. A murky, golden APA.
08 Sep 2018 (Stephen Harris)
A steady throughflow of customers during my own short time here Ė a pub/brewery crawl has already developed in this area.
Verdant - Neal Gets Things Done 6.50ExcellentFrom key-keg. As murky as a village duckpond, yet somehow wonderfully fresh and hoppy and lovely.
03 Aug 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Mid to late-evening visit. Busy; the secret is well and truly out about this place.
Pressure Drop - Hazy Coalition6.80ExceptionalFor the time being at least, I am still loving these hazy, hoppy beers that everyone seems to be brewing. This is a murky yellow/gold liquid. A massive mouthful of hops, with Azacca, El Dorado and Citra for a full-on experience. Starts pineapple then becomes bitter. Temperature, condition and carbonation all seem perfect from key-keg. By miles the best beer of the day so far and probably of the year so far in fact. (The 'coalition' is with Boxcar Brewery).
Pressure Drop - Float On6.50ExcellentCloudy gold from key-keg. Juicy, fruity excellence. In your face Centennial, Citra and AV635 hop mix.
Verdant - Majestic Highway8.00ExcellentA simply huge beer, from key-keg.

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About The Experiment

The pub sign. The Experiment, Hackney, Greater London

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The pub is found in Hackney, Greater London, E8 1DU.

Pressure Drop brewery was established in Stoke Newington in 2012, with the first beer sold in January 2013. The brewery moved to these larger premises in Hackney in March 2013. Here, it occupied a large railway arch behind Tescoís, in the centre of Hackney. Whilst located here, the brewery had a production capacity of five barrels and produced cask, keg and bottled beers. In 2017, Pressure Drop upsized again to very much larger premises at Tottenham Hale and this railway arch stood unused for a while. In July 2018 it re-opened as The Experiment, a bar set up as a joint venture between Pressure Drop and Verdant Breweries.

We have visited this pub 12 times, seen 29 different beers and tried 28 of them.

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Postcode: E8 1DU