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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Downton - Dark DelightExcellent1
Hop Back - TaiphoonExcellent1
Hop Back - FugglestoneExcellent2
Hop Back - GFB (Or Gilbert's First Brew) (superseded by 3.5% version from about 2010)Excellent1
Hop Back - Winter LightningExcellent1
Hop Back - Crop CircleExcellent2
Hop Back - Entire StoutExcellent3
Hop Back - GFB (sometimes GB)Good5
Hop Back - Summer LightningGood2
Hambleton - Chilli PorterGood1
Downton - ArgentoAcceptable1
Downton - Apple Blossom AleNot Tried0
Hop Back - GB (sometimes GFB)Not Tried0
Hop Back - CitraNot Tried0
Castle Rock - Harvest PaleNot Tried0
Castle Rock - Screech OwlNot Tried0
Skinner's - LushingtonsNot Tried0
Camerons - StokerNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Sultan, South Wimbledon, Greater London
Picture 2. The Sultan, South Wimbledon, Greater London
Picture 3. The Sultan, South Wimbledon, Greater London
Michael Croxford

Visits Details

02 Dec 2019 (Magnus Greel)
Mid afternoon to mid evening, our group queued up alongside a couple of locals for a bang on 15.00 opening time. We took over the right side bar as a few more joined us during our stay. Friendly welcome the guv kept the beers coming keeping waiting times minimal.
Hop Back - Winter Lightning5.50ExcellentA lightly spiced amber ale
Hop Back - Crop Circle4.20ExcellentFlaxen coloured with a thirst quenching crispness and delicate fruits. This proved popular amongst our group.
Hop Back - GFB (sometimes GB)3.50GoodGolden clean hoppy aroma with a dry finish
Hambleton - Chilli Porter4.80GoodNot a slightest hint of chilli to be found
Hop Back - Summer Lightning5.00Not Tried
Hop Back - Fugglestone4.00Not Tried
29 Nov 2019 (Magnus Greel)
Mid evening the right hand bar was busy so we opted for the quieter left side bar which as far as I can recall I'd not drunk in before.
Hop Back - Summer Lightning5.00Excellent
Hop Back - Winter Lightning5.50Not Tried
Skinner's - Lushingtons4.20Not Tried
Hop Back - GFB (sometimes GB)3.50Not Tried
Camerons - Stoker4.60Not Tried
Hambleton - Chilli Porter4.80Not Tried
03 Dec 2018 (ChrisE)
Afternoon visit from 3pm opening. I had an interesting journey from Haydons Road railway station as part of Haydons Road itself was cordoned off by police following a shooting incident earlier in the day. A good welcome here as usual.
Hop Back - GFB (sometimes GB)3.50Excellent
11 Jun 2018 (ChrisE)
Early evening visit, I had been with some friends in the nearby Trafalgar and decided to walk to Haydon's Road Railway Station via here. I did not list all the beers available but there was a good range from Hop Back. I was delighted to find that I had arrived at Beer Club time which is some sort of Happy Hour and my beer was very good value at £3 per pint.
Hop Back - Entire Stout4.50ExcellentSo good that I decided to have another one and catch a later train.
14 Apr 2018 (ChrisE)
From mid-day opening for about four hours, a splendid pub with excellent staff and pleasant customers.
Hop Back - GFB (Or Gilbert's First Brew) (superseded by 3.5% version from about 2010)3.80ExcellentSelling well, they got through an 18 yesterday and it looked as if they may do the same today.
Hop Back - Fugglestone4.00ExcellentA good traditional bitter, I stayed on this until it ran out.
Hop Back - Summer Lightning5.00Not Tried
Downton - Dark Delight5.50Not Tried
Castle Rock - Screech Owl5.50Not Tried
02 Apr 2018 (ChrisE)
Easter Monday lunchtime and very welcoming, I could have happily stayed here all day.
Downton - Dark Delight5.50Excellent
Hop Back - Fugglestone4.00ExcellentA good traditional copper coloured beer.
Hop Back - Summer Lightning5.00Not Tried
Castle Rock - Harvest Pale3.80Not Tried
Hop Back - GFB (sometimes GB)3.50Not Tried
04 Dec 2017 (ChrisE)
Afternoon visit, a superb pub with good value beers and a basic food offering. Unfortunately I had to leave just before happy hour.
Hop Back - Crop Circle4.20Excellent
Hop Back - GFB (sometimes GB)3.50Excellent
Hop Back - Summer Lightning5.00Not Tried
Hop Back - Entire Stout4.50Not TriedSelling well and soon ran out.
Downton - Dark Delight5.50Not TriedThis replaced the Entire when that ran out.
Hop Back - Citra4.00Not Tried
22 Jun 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Early to mid-evening with Terry and Albina. It was warm and we sat in the garden.
Hop Back - Summer Lightning5.00AcceptableNot at its best, we thought it might be a little ‘green’.
Downton - Argento4.00AcceptableBrewed with Argentine Cascade hops. A chestnut-coloured Bitter. In somewhat ‘green’ and flat condition.
Downton - Dark Delight5.50Not Tried
Hop Back - GB (sometimes GFB)3.50Not Tried
Hop Back - Citra4.00Not Tried
17 Mar 2017 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit, latish thus finding only the stalwart few left of our Friday evening group. Seemed perverse to me that the pub had just been awarded the local CAMRA branch Pub of Year but called the 2016 award.
Hop Back - Entire Stout4.50Good
Hop Back - GFB (sometimes GB)3.50AcceptableGFB on the pumpclip in the smaller front bar. Quite an average brew
Hop Back - Summer Lightning5.00Not Tried
Hop Back - Taiphoon4.20Not Tried
Downton - Apple Blossom Ale4.30Not Tried
17 Mar 2017 (ChrisE)
Very welcoming and comfortable pub. A group of us met here for one of our regular Friday evening gatherings. Beers were good value and sandwiches available from £2.90 very good for a London pub. I was told that the brewing kit is still intact downstairs but is not currently in use.
Hop Back - Entire Stout4.50Excellent
Hop Back - Taiphoon4.20Excellent
Hop Back - GFB (sometimes GB)3.50ExcellentI am sure it said GFB on the clip.
Hop Back - Summer Lightning5.00Not Tried
Downton - Apple Blossom Ale4.30Not Tried

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About The Sultan

The pub sign. The Sultan, South Wimbledon, Greater London

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The pub is found in South Wimbledon, Greater London, SW19 1BT.

1950s pub built to replace war damage. Two bars, still with lots of original features. Front bar has 4 handpumps and rear larger bar has 6 handpumps and any one beer although pumpclipped in both bars may only be being served from one of the pumps so don't be surprised if your server disappears to the other bar. There is also a modern conservatory, and there was a micro-brewery which seemed to brew iregularly in 2015 which has now been removed. In March 2017 awarded local CAMRA branch Pub of the Year 2016.

We have visited this pub 14 times, seen 27 different beers and tried 14 of them.

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Postcode: SW19 1BT