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Beer Merchants Tap (Freehouse)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Northern Monk - SharknadoExceptional1
Magic Rock - BA de MoleExceptional1
Beavertown - Zoltar Says “Make Your Wish” Exceptional1
Tiny Rebel - CwtchExcellent1
Magic Rock - BA El GingeroExcellent1
Lervig - Easy DDH IPA Excellent1
Tiny Rebel - Fields Forever NEIPAExcellent1
Verzet - Oud Bruin Raspberry Harvest 2017 Excellent1
La Senne - Brussels CallingExcellent1
Tiny Rebel - The Vader ShuffleExcellent1
Magic Rock - Bearded Lady Excellent1
Tiny Rebel - Strawberry MilkshakeExcellent1
Lost and Grounded - Running with SpectresExcellent1
Magic Rock - ConjurerExcellent1
Tiny Rebel - Club TropicanaGood1
Kona Brewing Co. - Hanalei IPAGood1
Tiny Rebel - Nelson Sauvin Milkshake IPA Good1
Siren Craft - Under CurrentNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - HANKNot Tried0
Titanic - Plum PorterNot Tried0
Picture 1. Beer Merchants Tap, Hackney, Greater London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

20 Feb 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Late afternoon before the crowds build.
Magic Rock - BA de Mole10.00ExceptionalBrewed in collaboration with de Molen and kegged in some way. It is fabulous. Black, with chilli and spice and dusty old wood.
Magic Rock - Bearded Lady 10.50ExcellentA rare treat indeed to find this Imperial Stout in cask. Sublime.
Magic Rock - Conjurer3.50ExcellentA Pale Ale with a very hoppy nose. Biscuity malt and a floral and citrus hop taste.
Magic Rock - BA El Gingero7.50ExcellentFrom some form of keggery. A strong, barrel-aged Oatmeal Stout with ginger and orange.
09 Sep 2018 (Stephen Harris)
There is nothing wrong with the two cask beers available here tonight – two of my absolute favourites in fact – but I need a slow, sippin’ kind of beer whilst my body deals with a large overload of nachos from the previous pub.
La Senne - Brussels Calling6.50ExcellentA cloudy, golden IPA – everyone is brewing them. Fragrant and bitter.
Titanic - Plum Porter4.90Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - Cwtch4.60Not Tried
29 Jul 2018 (Stephen Harris)
On to Beer Merchants where a group of friends is ensconced. It is Tiny Rebel week or Tiny Rebel month or something and good to see a couple of their interesting beers on cask as well as a line of key-keg taps.
Tiny Rebel - Strawberry Milkshake4.20ExcellentLess lactose than the Nelson Milkshake beer and lots of strawberry. Better balance in my opinion.
Tiny Rebel - Fields Forever NEIPA6.50ExcellentFrom key-keg. Murky gold. Amber, sweet, milky, strawberry.
Tiny Rebel - Nelson Sauvin Milkshake IPA 4.20GoodMurky pale gold, a lot of lactose, bit of grapefruit.
Tiny Rebel - Club Tropicana5.40GoodFrom key-keg and a bit too much carbonation has built up for my tastes. Hazy gold, with lots of tropical fruit flavours.
06 May 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Busy on Sunday early evening, although nothing compared to the crowds at nearby Crate and Howling Hops – one look at those and I moved on.
Northern Monk - Sharknado5.50ExceptionalFrom key-keg. Orange in colour. This is an IPA, flavoured with sea salt and blood orange. It is fantastic. My friend starts to get annoyed by my repeated comments about how fantastic it is.
Beavertown - Zoltar Says “Make Your Wish” 7.50ExceptionalFrom key-keg. Another superb beer. This one is a white wine barrel-aged Stout. English hops and Irish yeast.
Tiny Rebel - Cwtch4.60ExcellentThe sole beer on cask today, but it’s a cracker.
Kona Brewing Co. - Hanalei IPA4.50GoodFrom keg dispense and a bit fizzy. A rather dry, fruity, pale IPA.
18 Apr 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Whilst everyone was sitting with their coats on as far from the door as possible when I visited a couple of weeks ago, tonight they are all out in the yard wearing T-shirts.
Tiny Rebel - The Vader Shuffle6.50ExcellentA black, barrel-aged Porter brewed with Belgian yeast. Oak and spice and toffee. Special stuff.
Lost and Grounded - Running with Spectres6.80ExcellentFrom key-keg. A Baltic-style Porter. Good strength. Black, rich and dry, with chocolate flavours.
Tiny Rebel - HANK4.00Not Tried
02 Apr 2018 (Stephen Harris)
I’ve read a lot about this place recently and was pleased to make a first visit. Very impressive. For some reason I shunned a favourite cask beer to try a couple of the keg thingies.
Lervig - Easy DDH IPA 4.50ExcellentFrom a keg of some kind. A wonderful, murky, golden IPA with Mosaic and Citra.
Verzet - Oud Bruin Raspberry Harvest 2017 6.00ExcellentFrom a keg of some kind. Dry and woody and fruity and sour and expensive.
Siren Craft - Under Current4.50Not Tried

About the Beer Merchants Tap

The pub sign. Beer Merchants Tap, Hackney, Greater London

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The pub is found in Hackney, Greater London, E9 5LN.

A very large new bar, opened in former industrial premises close to Hackney Wick Station in early 2018. There is a large, split-level main bar, with another big room beyond and a courtyard seating area at the front. Beer sold in a variety of formats, including through 20 taps and two handpumps on the bar.

We have visited this pub 6 times, seen 20 different beers and tried 17 of them.

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Postcode: E9 5LN