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Beers that McGargle has Tried

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Beer (sort)Brewer (sort)Samples Score (sort)
Dead Pony ClubBrewDog1Excellent
Dead Pony Club (keg)BrewDog9Excellent
Edge (keg)BrewDog1Poor
Elvis JuiceBrewDog1Good
Equity for PunksBrewDog1Excellent
Eurotrash (keg)BrewDog1Excellent
Hazy JaneBrewDog1Excellent
Hello My Name is Ingrid (keg)BrewDog1Good
Hop FictionBrewDog2Excellent
Hopped-Up Brown AleBrewDog1Excellent
Hops Kill Nazis (keg)BrewDog1Excellent
IPA is Dead - El Dorado (keg)BrewDog1Poor
IPA is Dead, Bramling Cross (keg)BrewDog1Acceptable
Jackhammer (keg)BrewDog2Good
Jet Black HeartBrewDog3Acceptable
Libertine Black IPA (keg)BrewDog5Good
Mikkeller I Hardcore You (keg)BrewDog2Good
Paradox Uncle DukesBrewDog1Acceptable
Punk IPABrewDog4Good

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