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Beers that Jack William has Tried

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Beer (sort)Brewer (sort)Samples Score (sort)
Best BitterBlack Sheep10Good
Ember Pale AleBlack Sheep1Poor
Golden SheepBlack Sheep1Acceptable
Monty Python's Holy GrailBlack Sheep3Good
TwilighterBlack Sheep1Good
Bomber Mountain AmberBlack Tooth Brewing1Acceptable
Pride of DartmoorBlack Tor1Good
99 Red BaboonsBlue Monkey1Good
BG SipsBlue Monkey1Good
Bedrock BlondeBluestone (Pembrokeshire)1Acceptable
RockhopperBluestone (Pembrokeshire)2Good
Tigers Eye PABluestone (Pembrokeshire)1Good
Black Monk of PontefractBoothtown1Good
Proud MinerBoothtown1Good
Back. Street Bootleg1Good
Urban FoxBootleg1Good
ElderflowerBorn in the Borders (formerly Scottish Borders)1Excellent
Down The HatchBosun's1Good
High WireBoutilliers1Good

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Jack William

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