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Beer (sort)Brewer (sort)Samples Score (sort)
BeaverÆgir 1Exceptional
Norwegian FarmhouseÆgir 1Good
CRyeO1516 Brewing Company1Excellent
Kimchi Spiced Sour Porter1516 Brewing Company1Good
One Dozen Hops IPA 1516 Brewing Company1Excellent
Slipper Pale Ale1516 Brewing Company1Excellent
Victory Hop Devil IPA 1516 Brewing Company1Excellent
3 Threads16481Acceptable
Royal Jubilee16481Acceptable
Classic English Ale3 Brewers of St. Albans2Acceptable
Copper3 Brewers of St. Albans2Acceptable
IPA Nema3 Cariocas1Good
Space Cake (Galaxy)3 Cariocas1Excellent
Golden Smiler3 Piers1Acceptable
Pacific Pale #49360°1Excellent
Single Hop Citra360°1Excellent
Sussex #42360°1Acceptable
West Coast IPA360°1Good
West Coast Pale360°1Excellent
West Coast Pale Ale #50360°1Excellent

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