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Pub (sort)Location (sort)Beer (sort)Visits (sort)
The Hovelling Boat InnKent, RamsgateGood1
The Lifeboat Ale & Cider HouseKent, MargatePoor1
The Why NotKent, Westgate-on-SeaAcceptable1
Bake & AlehouseKent, Westgate-on-SeaExcellent3
The Four Candles AlehouseKent, St Peter'sGood1
The Conqueror AlehouseKent, RamsgateExcellent1
Harbour ArmsKent, MargateGood1
Bell InnKent, St Nicholas-at-WadeExcellent3
The ChapelKent, BroadstairsExcellent1
The Thirty-Nine Steps Brewhouse (formerly The Thirty-Nine Steps Alehouse)Kent, BroadstairsGood2
The Wheel AlehouseKent, Birchington-on-SeaExcellent1
The Sun InnKent, St Nicholas-at-WadeGood1
The Mechanical ElephantKent, MargateExcellent1

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John B

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