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Beer (sort)Brewer (sort)Samples Score (sort)
BeaverÆgir 1Exceptional
Norwegian FarmhouseÆgir 1Good
Black Oyster Stout.Örebro Brygghus1Excellent
One Dozen Hops IPA 1516 Brewing Company1Excellent
Slipper Pale Ale1516 Brewing Company1Excellent
Victory Hop Devil IPA 1516 Brewing Company1Excellent
3 Threads16485Acceptable to Good
Absolutely Marvellous16481Poor
Beer House16482Excellent
Brew 1734 Brown Ale16481Acceptable
Brew Master16482Acceptable to Good
Choc Orange Mild16482Acceptable to Good
Festivale 3016482Good to Excellent
Ginger No. 116483Acceptable to Good
Gold Angel16484Good
Hop Pocket16481Good

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All Beers Tried

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