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Hambleton Beers


BeerABV (%)Seen (Tried)Ave. Score
Alpha Ale3.70 1 (1)Good
Bitter3.60 4 (1)Acceptable
Bitter3.80 2 (2)Excellent
Blind Date4.00 1 (1)Good
Buckaroo4.00 1 (1)Acceptable
Calling the Mare4.00 1 (0)Not Tried
Clippety Hop4.00 1 (1)Excellent
Eh Up LAd4.00 1 (1)Excellent
Farriers Formula4.00 1 (1)Excellent
Festive Folly4.00 1 (0)Not Tried
Flash Rocket4.00 1 (1)Excellent
Freckled Warrior4.00 1 (1)Excellent
Ghostly Glory4.00 1 (1)Acceptable
Ghoulish Ghost4.00 1 (1)Excellent
Headless Horseman4.00 3 (2)Excellent
Heartracer4.00 1 (1)Acceptable
Hot Favourite4.00 1 (1)Excellent
Iced4.20 2 (1)Excellent
Independence4.00 1 (1)Good
Kick Ass4.00 1 (1)Good
Marathon Malt4.00 1 (0)Not Tried
nah thEn4.00 2 (0)Not Tried
New World Pale Ale3.90 1 (1)Good
Nightmare Porter5.00 28 (8)Excellent
Nutty Native4.00 1 (1)Good
Pegasus4.00 2 (2)Acceptable
Reinbeer4.50 1 (1)Excellent
Rhatas4.60 2 (2)Good
Saddlesore4.00 1 (1)Excellent
Session Pale3.60 1 (0)Not Tried
Silver Spur4.00 1 (1)Acceptable
Snaffle4.00 1 (0)Not Tried
Stallion Amber4.20 8 (6)Good
Starters Orders4.00 2 (2)Good
Stud Blonde4.30 9 (1)Excellent
Summer Simcoe4.00 1 (0)Not Tried
Super C Session IPA3.60 2 (1)Excellent
Sweet Chariot4.00 1 (1)Acceptable
The Bean Slalom4.00 1 (1)Acceptable
Village Brewer Bull Premium Bitter4.20 2 (0)Not Tried
Village Brewer Raby Ale4.80 3 (1)Excellent
Village Brewer White Boar3.80 7 (3)Good
Whiplash4.00 1 (1)Good
Yorkshire Session Bitter3.80 1 (1)Excellent


Here is a list of all the Hambleton beers we have seen. Click on a beer to see its summary along with the pubs it has been seen in.