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Sadler's (see also Windsor Castle entry) Beers


BeerABV (%)Seen (Tried)Ave. Score
American Rye5.00 1 (1)Excellent
Basilisk4.10 1 (0)Not Tried
Boris Citrov4.70 3 (2)Good
Celtic Trap4.20 1 (1)Excellent
E Type3.80 1 (1)Good
Elementus4.40 1 (0)Not Tried
English Pride4.40 2 (1)Poor
Full Moko4.20 1 (1)Good
Haunted House4.60 1 (1)Good
Hippo4.50 1 (1)Good
Honey Fuggle3.70 1 (1)Good
Hop Bomb5.00 15 (10)Good
Hop Bomb4.60 1 (0)Not Tried
JPA3.80 32 (26)Good
Knight Owl4.50 1 (1)Excellent
Mellow Yellow4.10 15 (5)Good
Mother Earth4.00 1 (1)Good
Old Joe4.60 1 (0)Not Tried
One Stop Hop4.30 1 (0)Not Tried
Peaky Blinder Black IPA (was 4.6%)4.40 16 (12)Good
Peaky Blinder Pale Ale4.30 2 (0)Not Tried
Peaky Blonde4.60 1 (1)Good
Penguin Emperor4.80 2 (1)Good
Randy Otter4.30 1 (1)Excellent
Red House4.00 3 (1)Excellent
Red IPA5.70 3 (1)Good
Red Night4.80 2 (1)Excellent
Samkova's Stache5.00 1 (1)Acceptable
Sprung3.90 1 (1)Excellent
Sun Catcher4.50 1 (0)Not Tried
Sundown4.20 4 (1)Excellent
Thin Ice4.50 3 (1)Excellent
Wee Shimmy3.90 3 (2)Excellent
White Fire4.60 1 (1)Good
Winter Spice4.70 1 (1)Good
Worcester Sorcerer4.30 4 (2)Good
Worcester Sorcerer Golden Ale4.10 2 (1)Good
Yorick's Skull3.80 1 (1)Good

Sadler's (see also Windsor Castle entry)

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