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The Dering Arms (Freehouse)

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Goacher's - Special House AleGood9
Picture 1. The Dering Arms, Pluckley, Kent
Picture 2. The Dering Arms, Pluckley, Kent

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11 Jun 2013 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. 2145 hours and lights off and door barred despite opening times sign by the door saying open Monday to Saturday 11.30-3.30 & 6-11, Sunday 12-4. Annoying for a long distance destination pub so they must have had a very good reason.
07 May 2013 (Wittenden)
Sunset on a warm May evening. Captains of commerce were discussing strategies that they failed to understand while enjoying their Goachers.
Goacher's - Special House Ale3.80ExcellentEarthy and peppery. My kind of beer.
04 Oct 2012 (HSB)
Excellent country pub, only customers as in at first knockings.
Goacher's - Special House Ale3.80Good
30 Mar 2012 (Wittenden)
Quiet for a Friday evening:we'd come for a family celebration, and discussed psychiatry and Milton.An excellent , unique pub.
Goacher's - Special House Ale3.80ExcellentGrows on you, this. Earthy hops,old school. Deep, riverlike, reminding me of Paine's of St Neots.English.
04 Jul 2010 (Ian)
Just time for one in the main bar before the train home. I sat in the comfy chair talking with a bloke at the bar about Pfizers, work and being made redundant. Sounds depressing, but it was a good pub conversation.
Goacher's - Special House Ale3.80GoodGood, but not great. To be honest I was enjoying my chat so much and the anticipation of lunch that I didn't notice this disappear.
04 Jun 2010 (Ian)
Really busy day at work, lovely sunny day, so I missed most of it. To make up for it I cycled the 30 minute ride out to this most lovely of hunting lodges in the Kent countryside and necked 3 pints in 35 mins. Sat in the garden enjoying the evening sun and Fighting Talk on an MP3 player. Just so happy.
Goacher's - Special House Ale3.80GoodWell 3 pints in 35 means this was good. But I got home and had a bottle of 9 month old Orval and it put the whole thing into perspective. Had it better, but Goachers are just so consistently good.
09 Jan 2010 (Ian)
There used to be an advert about Gordons Ginger Ale being perfect for winter. Well I don't know a better pub for winter. Old hunting lodge, stone flagstones, warm real fire and Goacher's house beer. Fresh barrel had just come on. I also had some bread and cheese as well as a lunchtime snack. Very picturesque.
Goacher's - Special House Ale3.80GoodI sat and read The Times by the fire and read the sports pages of the paper, had 4 pints plus a wee nip of whisky just before I left to keep the cold out and was very happy. Beer had some good malt touches, but overall was a very good session bitter.
30 Jul 2008 (Ian)
Got my new bike so wanted to try it out, so I cycled from Ashford to here. I sat out in the garden watching all the commuters coming home and just enjoying the sunshine.
Goacher's - Special House Ale3.80GoodThe first pint was a bit buttery, but the second one was nice, both in very good condition and they slipped down far too easily.
10 May 2008 (Ian)
I still had some strength in my legs after my Marsh cycle ride, so after a shower and something to eat, I had a leisurely cycle ride out to Pluckley. Sat outside in the garden doing the Independent super su doku. For interest, they now do Pilsener Urquell on draught alongside the Lowenbrau.
Goacher's - Special House Ale3.80GoodThe first pint wasn't that great, but the second pint was very good.
21 Dec 2007 (Ian)
The train timetable change back on December 10th now means that my train that I regularly catch back from Folkestone stops at Pluckley. Oh dear. So the temptation was too great and instead of getting off as Ashford, I just stayed on the train to Pluckley. I walked in, in my cycling gear and thought I would go into the back room and read where it was quieter. I went in and found 4 men sat round a table, clearly still there from lunchtime. I was asked "Are you a farmer?" and a £20 was waved at me. However, I didn't let that put me off and in the end I had a great hour or so. The Goachers Old Ale will no longer be making an appearance as when I asked Jim about it, he said he would order 8 and a half gallons and he ended up throwing 4 and a half gallons of it away.
Goacher's - Special House Ale3.80ExcellentApparently this was towards the end of the barrel, but in great condition. Tasty. Never had it in better condition. Head lasted til bottom of pint. Very definite aroma, some minerality in the malt, some hard water, nice bitterness on end. But definitely more malt. Good orange/marmalade flavours. And then after a couple of pints I only had time for a half more and I got a "Frank from the Mogul," half. And then as the four blokes in the back room were leaving, one of them offered me a drink, so I had another half. Nothing tastes as good as free beer.

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About The Dering Arms

The pub sign. The Dering Arms, Pluckley, Kent

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The pub is found in Pluckley, Kent, TN27 0RR.

Old hunting lodge made of stone with Dering windows, a stone's throw from Pluckley railway station. Mostly viewed as a restaurant, but there is a bar on the left hand side. Stone flags on the floor and large real fire. Beer is Goacher's Special badged as Dering Ale. Good quality, well kept. Service can be slow. A lovely pub to visit in the winter with the fire and great in the summer to sit in the garden. Lots of character. 

We have visited this pub 41 times, seen 3 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: TN27 0RR