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Goacher's Special House Ale

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
The River Ale HouseEast Greenwich, Greater London19 May 2024
The Pub Herne BayHerne Bay, Kent10 May 2024
Three ChimneysBiddenden, Kent29 Feb 2024
ParkervilleHerne Bay, Kent26 Nov 2022
The Hoptimist Taproom & BarDover, Kent06 May 2022
The Broken DrumBlackfen, Greater London31 Jan 2022
The Dering ArmsPluckley, Kent19 Feb 2020
The WaterworksRye, East Sussex25 Jun 2019
The LanesDover, Kent09 Jan 2019
Halfway HouseBrenchley, Kent07 Oct 2018
Shipwrights ArmsFaversham, Kent03 Feb 2018
The Chequers on the GreenHigh Halden, Kent17 Feb 2015
The RockChiddingstone Hoath, Kent03 Jan 2015
World's WonderWarehorne, Kent19 Jul 2014
The Firkin FrogHerne Bay, Kent11 Jul 2014
The Just ReproachDeal, Kent23 Mar 2014
Louis ArmstrongDover, Kent07 Feb 2014
The Firkin AlehouseFolkestone, Kent26 Jul 2013
The Why NotWestgate-on-Sea, Kent24 May 2013
The GeorgeBethersden, Kent24 Apr 2013
Leas Lift Beer FestivalFolkestone, Kent15 Mar 2013
The Flower PotMaidstone, Kent13 Jan 2013
Bull InnWest Malling, Kent27 Oct 2012
Red LionSnargate, Kent02 Sep 2011
East Malling Beer & Cider Festival 2010East Malling, Kent04 Sep 2010
The White HouseHunton, Kent18 Jul 2010
The Woolpack InnWarehorne, Kent01 Aug 2009
Kent Beer Festival 2007Canterbury, Kent20 Jul 2007
Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2007Dover, Kent26 May 2007

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

The River Ale House, East Greenwich, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried19 May 2024
Philip PirripGood17 May 2024 New cask on at very last knockings, slightly fresh perhaps inevitably
Philip PirripGood24 Mar 2024 Great head but a bit bland
Philip PirripNot Tried28 May 2023
Philip PirripNot Tried11 Dec 2022
Philip PirripExcellent24 Oct 2022 Fine form
Philip PirripNot Tried23 Oct 2022
Philip PirripExcellent05 Oct 2022
Philip PirripNot Tried04 Oct 2022
Philip PirripNot Tried23 Jun 2022 Ran out
Philip PirripGood22 Jun 2022
Philip PirripGood21 Jun 2022 Good basic stuff
Philip PirripAcceptable29 Apr 2022 Rather flat so a chore to finish
Philip PirripNot Tried11 Apr 2022
Philip PirripGood10 Apr 2022
Philip PirripNot Tried08 Apr 2022 Came on at end of session, primarily for tomorrow
Philip PirripGood03 Mar 2022
Philip PirripGood03 Nov 2021 If anything a bit better than yesterday's
Philip PirripGood02 Nov 2021 Good basic mid brown bitter. New cask on, first couple out of the cask
Philip PirripAcceptable12 Sep 2021 What a difference a day makes. After last night's glory today flat and lifeless
Philip PirripExcellent11 Sep 2021 4½* I was looking forward to this. A proper beer that knocks all the sadly now ubiquitous Jif lemon juicer beers into a cocked hat as second raters
Philip PirripNot Tried10 Sep 2021 Came on at last knockings, too late to order one alas
Philip PirripGood02 Feb 2020 Nicely rounded basic jobbie
Philip PirripGood17 Nov 2019 Basic bitter in good form, a quaffable all session ale
Philip PirripExcellent12 Feb 2019 Good basic English bitter

The Pub Herne Bay, Herne Bay, Kent

AndrewGood10 May 2024 Well it wasn't on but you mix half of light and a half dark and hey presto!

Three Chimneys, Biddenden, Kent

AndrewGood29 Feb 2024 Nice pint of special
WittendenGood13 Feb 2024 More fruit than earth.
WittendenAcceptable20 Oct 2022 Listed as 'Chimneys Ale'. Ardent: the result of mixing two casks.
WittendenExcellent25 Nov 2021 In tip top condition, the essence of Kent.
WittendenExcellent30 Jun 2021 Badged as Chimneys Ale.Delicious: profound depth.
WittendenAcceptable22 Oct 2020 Tired.
WittendenExcellent30 Sep 2020 Badged as Chimney's.In excellent condition,full of Tovil goodness.
WittendenExceptional22 Jan 2020 A Goacher's epitome:peppery hops,hedge fruit and that wonderful earthiness,in tiptop condition.Described as "Chimneys Ale".
WittendenExcellent05 Nov 2019 Good to see Goacher's here.Earthy and in great nick.

Parkerville, Herne Bay, Kent

AndrewExcellent26 Nov 2022 Nice Goacher's Special!

The Hoptimist Taproom & Bar, Dover, Kent

Jack WilliamExcellent06 May 2022 Splendid amber ale - recommended by a local.

The Broken Drum, Blackfen, Greater London

Philip PirripGood31 Jan 2022

The Dering Arms, Pluckley, Kent

WittendenExcellent19 Feb 2020 Badged as Dering Ale.Earthy Tovil goodness.Grand.
Magnus GreelPoor22 Feb 2018 Badged as Dering Ale. Just about drinkable.
WittendenGood07 Feb 2017 Peppery rather than earthy.Welcome.
Jack WilliamGood01 Jan 2017 Badged as Dering Ale - at 3.7
WittendenGood24 May 2016 Plums on the finish.
WittendenExcellent25 Apr 2016 In tiptop condition.Earthy and intriguing.
ChrisEGood14 Jan 2016
WittendenAcceptable27 Jun 2015 First out: a touch ardent at first, but the sunshine drew out the underlying earthiness.
WittendenExceptional23 Aug 2013 On pluperfect form tonight. Seems hoppier than before, but still resinous and earthy.
PedroGood09 Aug 2013 £3-50/pint
WittendenExcellent07 May 2013 Earthy and peppery. My kind of beer.
HSBGood04 Oct 2012
WittendenExcellent30 Mar 2012 Grows on you, this. Earthy hops,old school. Deep, riverlike, reminding me of Paine's of St Neots.English.
IanGood04 Jul 2010 Good, but not great. To be honest I was enjoying my chat so much and the anticipation of lunch that I didn't notice this disappear.
IanGood04 Jun 2010 Well 3 pints in 35 means this was good. But I got home and had a bottle of 9 month old Orval and it put the whole thing into perspective. Had it better, but Goachers are just so consistently good.
IanGood09 Jan 2010 I sat and read The Times by the fire and read the sports pages of the paper, had 4 pints plus a wee nip of whisky just before I left to keep the cold out and was very happy. Beer had some good malt touches, but overall was a very good session bitter.
IanGood30 Jul 2008 The first pint was a bit buttery, but the second one was nice, both in very good condition and they slipped down far too easily.
IanGood10 May 2008 The first pint wasn't that great, but the second pint was very good.
IanExcellent21 Dec 2007 Apparently this was towards the end of the barrel, but in great condition. Tasty. Never had it in better condition. Head lasted til bottom of pint. Very definite aroma, some minerality in the malt, some hard water, nice bitterness on end. But definitely more malt. Good orange/marmalade flavours. And then after a couple of pints I only had time for a half more and I got a "Frank from the Mogul," half. And then as the four blokes in the back room were leaving, one of them offered me a drink, so I had another half. Nothing tastes as good as free beer.
IanAcceptable20 Nov 2007 Badged as Dering Ale. I was the first customer in on the stroke of 6pm. The beer was in good condition, but just lacked a certain something. I thought it was a little more caramelly than normal. Didn't stop me sinking 4 pints though.
IanAcceptable08 Jun 2007 A little bit buttery for my liking, but I still sank 4 pints.
IanGood30 Mar 2007 Very drinkable session bitter.
IanExcellent23 Jan 2007 Very easy drinking session beer.
AndrewExcellent23 Jan 2007 I like Goacher's Special and especially here. The initial flavours are of Goacher's Light but the finish is of Dark. What a great beer.
IanGood06 Jan 2007 Really quite drinkable. Good typical Goacher's malt and hop flavours. A bit more light than dark in this mixture I thought.
IanExcellent23 Dec 2006 Slipped down like a good session beer should. Nice malt and hop balance. Quite rich in the mouth.
IanExceptional30 Jun 2006 The first pint was disappointing, but then I think that they changed the barrel as the second pint was bright, attractive amber colour, with good head. Malty with hoppy bite on end. This is terrific. It has the Fine Light Ale taste profile of marmalade fruit with earthy hop on end. Breathtaking pint and I think the best pint of Special I've had
AndrewExcellent23 Dec 2005 Good mix of Goacher's dark and light with more dark than light I'd say. Loverly
IanNot Tried23 Dec 2005 Badged as Dering Ale
IanExcellent24 Aug 2005 Badged as Dering Ale. Deep copper, lasting white head. Extremely malty and hoppy. Orange/tangerine fruit, somewhat like candied fruit with smack of bitter hops on end. One of the best pints of this that I've had in a time. Seems to have more of the fine light ale about it than the dark. Distinctive Goacher's aroma and just slightly acidic in the mouth
AndrewGood19 Jul 2005 Badged as Deering Ale. It had that deep malty hoppyness that I'd expect from Goachers Special with a malty sweet hoppy aftertaste. Slightly tired but still very nice.
IanAcceptable19 Jul 2005 Badged as Dering Ale, it was ok but not at its malty hoppy best
IanAcceptable10 Jun 2005 Not at its pinnacle but still a good malty session beer with a dry hoppy finish. Malts dominate throughout though
IanExceptional26 Mar 2005 Badged as Dering Ale, this golden malty beer was at the top of its form tonight
IanGood21 Jan 2005 As per usual extremely good malty flavour
IanExcellent11 Jan 2005 Good malty body with many flavours
IanExcellent24 Dec 2004 Excellent blend of malt flavours with some hoppiness to balance
AndrewExcellent24 Dec 2004 As always a loverly pint
IanExcellent17 Dec 2004 Badged as Dering Ale, this is an excellent mid brown session beer with tasty malt and some bitterness on the end
AndrewExceptional10 Sep 2004

The Waterworks, Rye, East Sussex

Jack WilliamNot Tried25 Jun 2019
Jack WilliamNot Tried17 May 2019

The Lanes, Dover, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried09 Jan 2019

Halfway House, Brenchley, Kent

WittendenNot Tried07 Oct 2018
ChrisENot Tried24 Apr 2013

Shipwrights Arms, Faversham, Kent

WittendenExcellent03 Feb 2018 Full of earthy Tovil goodness.
AndrewNot Tried07 May 2017
AndrewNot Tried29 Dec 2015
AndrewExcellent12 Sep 2015 Lovely combination of light and dark
AndrewExcellent11 Jan 2015 Excellent combo of the Dark and Light flavours of Mr Goacher.
Philip PirripGood25 Mar 2014 A beer brewed specially for here and 3 other pubs and sold under their own names
WittendenExceptional26 Oct 2013 The epitome of Goacher's: earthy and dark tasting.
WittendenExcellent26 Oct 2013 Fresh barrel:the earthyness was there, but the freshness and condition held it at bay.
AndrewExceptional26 Jul 2013 Rich marmalade with hints of Dark. Lovely.
PedroNot Tried20 Oct 2012 Labelled as Shipwrecked here.
EddieExceptional07 Oct 2012 Straight from the cask and a superb pint it was indeed :)
Stephen HarrisExcellent27 May 2012 Perfect condition. Copper-coloured, malty and easy drinking, it really hit the spot.
thebrewingmanExcellent23 Jun 2011 Known as Shipwrecked here.
AndrewGood08 May 2011 Touch of bread dough about it. Lot more like Goacher's Light than Dark.
AndrewGood22 Jul 2010 Reasonable condition. Sharp, orangy, bit roasted too.
AndrewExcellent02 May 2009 Fresh and light. Easy drinking. More light than dark.
AndrewAcceptable15 Feb 2009 Judging by the angle of the barrel this was near the end. It had a high degree of carbonation but once that past I was left with a resinous, slightly 1 dimensional representation of a usually great beer.
AndrewGood20 Jul 2008 Badged as "Shipwrecked". Perhaps not in great condition (bit of marmite on the aroma and in the mouth) but there was a good dose of Goacher's Dark in this that made it pleasurable.
KevinExcellent27 Mar 2008 Excellent balance of hops and malt. Very well kept and the forth pint tasted as good as the first!
SteveNot Tried10 Aug 2007
AndrewExcellent03 Mar 2007 Badged as "Shipwrecked" this had lots of Goacher's Dark giving it excellent body and a malty, earthy hop finish. Hints of staw and orange peel present too.
AndrewExcellent21 Jan 2006 Good and hoppy with a bitter finish and a creamy lingering mouth feel. I detected a slight peaty taste.
IanNot Tried29 Aug 2005 Badged as their house beer
AndrewExcellent26 Aug 2005 Lots of orange with a malt finish. Far more 'light' in this than 'dark'
AndrewExcellent09 Apr 2005 More light than dark but still loverly
IanGood09 Apr 2005 Dark gold. Bit citric with tart hops and some malt. Slightly creamy in mouth
AndrewExcellent28 Aug 2004
AndrewExceptional16 Apr 2004

The Chequers on the Green, High Halden, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried17 Feb 2015

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath, Kent

WittendenExcellent03 Jan 2015 Wonderfully earthy:as good as I've had this in ages-my score 4.5

World's Wonder, Warehorne, Kent

ChrisEExcellent19 Jul 2014 First pourings from a new cask, the beer is served on gravity dispense from the cellar. Goachers as it should be.

The Firkin Frog, Herne Bay, Kent

BaymartGood11 Jul 2014 Not sure if this was the House Special.

The Just Reproach, Deal, Kent

IanAcceptable23 Mar 2014 Under a house badge for the pub.

Louis Armstrong, Dover, Kent

ChrisENot Tried07 Feb 2014 Badged as Decca 50 years
AndrewAcceptable07 Feb 2014 Badged as Decca. Lacking a bit of condition, but drinkable.
ChrisEExcellent02 Nov 2013 Badged as Decca 50 years.

The Firkin Alehouse, Folkestone, Kent

IanExcellent26 Jul 2013 Light influence with dark malty flavour. Really good

The Why Not, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried24 May 2013
Philip PirripGood10 Apr 2013 Called Why Not!

The George, Bethersden, Kent

ChrisENot Tried24 Apr 2013

Leas Lift Beer Festival, Folkestone, Kent

ChrisENot Tried15 Mar 2013

The Flower Pot, Maidstone, Kent

DosserNot Tried13 Jan 2013
PedroExcellent12 Jan 2013
PedroExcellent12 Jan 2013
PedroNot Tried18 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried17 Jan 2012
DosserNot Tried04 Dec 2011
PedroExcellent04 Dec 2011
PedroNot Tried03 Dec 2011
PedroExcellent02 Dec 2011

Bull Inn, West Malling, Kent

PedroExcellent27 Oct 2012
PedroNot Tried26 Oct 2012

Red Lion, Snargate, Kent

thebrewingmanExcellent02 Sep 2011 Labelled as DSB.
IanNot Tried11 Jul 2008 Labelled as DSB
IanGood27 Oct 2007 Badged as Doris' Special Bitter. Very good malty Goacher's flavour.
IanNot Tried28 May 2007
IanNot Tried14 Jan 2007 Badged as DSB - Doris' Special Bitter at 3.8%
IanNot Tried25 Jun 2005 Badged as DSB - Doris' Special Bitter
IanPoor22 Jan 2005 Badged as DSB - Doris' Special Beer
IanExceptional04 Jan 2005 On top form with great depth to the malt and a hoppy/malty finish

East Malling Beer & Cider Festival 2010, East Malling, Kent

AlenomoreExceptional04 Sep 2010 This "blend" was quite nice, and not encountered before today.

The White House, Hunton, Kent

PedroNot Tried18 Jul 2010

The Woolpack Inn, Warehorne, Kent

AndrewGood01 Aug 2009 Quite cold but definitely Goachers.
IanNot Tried11 Oct 2008
TrevorNot Tried09 Sep 2008
IanNot Tried11 Jul 2008
IanNot Tried10 May 2008
IanNot Tried18 Nov 2007 Badged as Woolpack Bitter
IanNot Tried27 Oct 2007 Badged as Woolpack Bitter
IanNot Tried14 Apr 2007
IanNot Tried23 Dec 2006
IanGood16 Sep 2006 Goachers Fine Light Ale with a little dark ale for flavour and badged at 3.8% Woolpack Inn Goachers Ale. More malt than just the Light on its own. Nice.

Kent Beer Festival 2007, Canterbury, Kent

AndrewAcceptable20 Jul 2007 Okay this wasn't actually on the beer list but Brain had a half of Dark and I had a half of Light and both were a bit harsh so we mixed them as 1/3 Dark, 2/3 Light and made Special! Didn't help the taste much but it was fun to do.

Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2007, Dover, Kent

AndrewGood26 May 2007 Badged as "Goachers Special Mill Ale" and the festival's beer. Dark caramel brown coloured beer with rich malt and a toasted bite.

Goacher's Special House Ale

3.80% ABV.

We have tried this beer 113 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Good to Excellent.

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