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Stile Bridge (Free House)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Kent - Altered StatesExcellent2
Black Sheep - Christmas Special Imperial Russian StoutExceptional1
Elgood's - Black Eagle Imperial StoutExceptional1
Oakham - The OpportunistExceptional1
Rooster's - BuckeyeExceptional1
Adnams / Camden Town Collaboration - South TownExcellent1
Bespoke - The Kings ShillingExcellent1
Kent - Black Gold +Excellent1
Lincoln Green - Hood Best BitterExcellent1
Pig & Porter - Big K Irish Pale AleExcellent1
Rockin Robin - Hoppin RobinExcellent1
St Peter's - Cream StoutExcellent1
Westerham - Summer PerleExcellent1
Windsor & Eton - GuardsmanExcellent1
Bath Ales - BarnseyGood1
Camerons - 150 Commemorative BrewGood1
Charnwood - Old SchoolGood1
Pig & Porter - Red Spider Rye (superseded by 4.8% version)Good1
Westerham - Alt EgoGood1
Westerham - Hop Rocket India Pale AleGood1
Camerons - StrongarmNot Tried0
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Not Tried0
Goacher's - Fine Light AleNot Tried0
Rockin Robin - Mildly RockinNot Tried0
Rockin Robin - Rockin RioNot Tried0
Shepherd Neame - Kent's BestNot Tried0
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew BitterNot Tried0
Skinner's - Betty Stogs BitterNot Tried0
Westerham - Audit AleNot Tried0
Picture 1. Stile Bridge, Marden, Kent

Visits Details

21 Mar 2015 (Dosser)
Visit to the pub named third in Maidstones POTY competition, down from first place. They are now selling Goachers light regularly.
St Peter's - Cream Stout6.50ExcellentA quality stout.
Goacher's - Fine Light Ale3.70Not Tried
22 Feb 2015 (Dosser)
Very wet outside. Plenty of dark beers on
Oakham - The Opportunist4.10ExceptionalSuperb
Bespoke - The Kings Shilling4.20Excellent
Charnwood - Old School5.00GoodToo bitter for me
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)3.80Not Tried
09 Feb 2015 (Magnus Greel)
Lunchtime visit one other customer here so far.
Rooster's - Buckeye3.50ExceptionalDelicious. Could not fault this, perfect.
Windsor & Eton - Guardsman4.20ExcellentFruity plum flavour
Lincoln Green - Hood Best Bitter4.20ExcellentInstant smoky notes with this one.
Camerons - 150 Commemorative Brew5.00GoodHad a taster of this, far too malty for my liking.
Shepherd Neame - Kent's Best4.10Not Tried
01 Sep 2014 (thebrewingman)
Quiet Monday lunchtime. In addition to the real ale, there was Turner's (from Marden) real cider on hand pump.
Westerham - Summer Perle3.80ExcellentI was pleasantly surprise by the flavour coming through on this beer.
Pig & Porter - Big K Irish Pale Ale5.20ExcellentA very bitter ale on first tasting but seems to mellow as the pint goes down.
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew Bitter3.70Not Tried
Camerons - Strongarm4.00Not Tried
Westerham - Audit Ale6.20Not Tried
19 Jul 2014 (Dosser)
Kent - Altered States4.70Good
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew Bitter3.70Not Tried
12 Jul 2014 (Dosser)
Bath Ales - Barnsey4.50Good
Pig & Porter - Red Spider Rye (superseded by 4.8% version)5.50GoodClip said 4.7%
Rockin Robin - Rockin Rio4.00Not Tried
12 Jun 2014 (Dosser)
Afternoon coming back from Benenden hospital.
Black Sheep - Christmas Special Imperial Russian Stout7.50ExceptionalImperial stout, clip says mention of Xmas. Superb and £3.60 a pint!!
Rockin Robin - Mildly Rockin3.70Not Tried
16 May 2014 (thebrewingman)
Mid afternoon, quiet with a few stray diners in the garden.
Kent - Black Gold +4.00Excellent
Kent - Altered States4.70Excellent
Westerham - Alt Ego4.00GoodWhy do most Westerham beers tend to taste the same despite what it says on the pump clip?
Westerham - Hop Rocket India Pale Ale4.80GoodBut where are the hops?
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew Bitter3.70Not Tried
07 Apr 2014 (thebrewingman)
Rockin Robin - Hoppin Robin3.70ExcellentGood session bitter.
Adnams / Camden Town Collaboration - South Town4.90Excellent
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew Bitter3.70Not Tried
Skinner's - Betty Stogs Bitter4.00Not Tried
Elgood's - Black Eagle Imperial Stout8.70Not Tried
29 Mar 2014 (Dosser)
Big crowd in
Elgood's - Black Eagle Imperial Stout8.70ExceptionalWow. Two of these and I was stumbling.

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About the Stile Bridge

The pub sign. Stile Bridge, Marden, Kent

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The pub is found in Marden, Kent, TN12 9BH.

2010 CAMRA MMK branch runner-up Pub of the Year. Located on A229 Staplehurst Road. CAMRA MMK branch Pub of the Year 2014.

We have visited this pub 62 times, seen 193 different beers and tried 110 of them.

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Postcode: TN12 9BH