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Battersea Beer Festival 2006 (CAMRA Beer Festival)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Hummel-Brau - Raucherla MarzenExcellent1
Brauerei Heller-Trum - Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier UrbockExcellent1
Oakham - Bishops FarewellExcellent1
Brauerei Hartmann - BockGood1
Cropton (see also Great Yorkshire) - Backwoods BitterGood1
Fyne - Vital SparkGood1
Brauerei Karg - Dunkles Hefe-WeissbierGood1
Humpty Dumpty - Railway SleeperGood1
Brauerei Trunk - Vierzehnheiligen Nothelfer Urdunkel ExportGood1
Cottage - Champflower AleGood1
Gribble - AleAcceptable1
Keltek - Magik (superseded by the 4% version)Acceptable1
Belvoir - Star MildAcceptable1
Isle of Skye - Red CuillinAcceptable1

Visits Details

09 Feb 2006 (Ian)
I got here around opening time and the hall filled quite quickly. There was adequate seating in other areas apart from the main hall. Food appeared to be going down well. Central beer stillage supplied the UK beers. However, not all of the beers were on that were listed in the beer list which was a little disappointing. Excellent foreign beer stand though with plenty of bottled and draught beers. The actual cider and perry stand, although interesting, did not bear any resemblance to what was advertised in the beer listings. Overall, a good festival and I will attend again next year.
Oakham - Bishops Farewell4.60ExcellentLast beer before I left for the train. Excellent blond hoppy beer. Just a bit under the weather, but still a very fine beer.
Hummel-Brau - Raucherla Marzen5.50ExcellentChestnut colour with lasting off white head. Smokey bacon aroma. Good in mouth, quite smooth. Bit spicey, but a lovely smokey flavour. Good finish and a refreshing change from all of those bitters.
Brauerei Heller-Trum - Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock6.50ExcellentDeep red/brown with thin white head. Malty and smokey beer. Really quite nice. Smokey, but not overly meaty. Well rounded, sweetish malt balances the smoke
Cottage - Champflower Ale4.20GoodDeep chestnut with disappearing white head. Slightly meaty aroma. Good agressive hops in mouth and drying hop finish. Quite nice. As you would expect from Cottage, rich flavours. But this is better than the average bitter
Cropton (see also Great Yorkshire) - Backwoods Bitter5.10GoodHoppy and deep citrus aroma, some grapefruit. Hop, dry finish is quite pleasant. quite tasty peppery/herby hop and good juicy malt. Didn’t think that it was as strong as 5.1%, but definitely drinkable
Brauerei Karg - Dunkles Hefe-Weissbier5.20GoodDirty brown with hints of gold. Not the world’s most attractive beer. Lemoney/vinegar aroma with some bubblegum. Really quite a nice dunkel weiss. The lemon is really noticeable throughout. Good finish
Humpty Dumpty - Railway Sleeper5.00GoodCopper colour with thin white head. Bitter aroma. Quite full in mouth with some cream, even coffee. As a strong bitter, it’s good.
Brauerei Trunk - Vierzehnheiligen Nothelfer Urdunkel Export5.10GoodDeep chestnut with lasting creamy head. Some sweetish malt on aroma, nice enough in mouth some cream, some smoke, a little burnt malt, drinkable inoffensive. Hoppy finish, not as much flavour as you might expect. Just enough on the finish to keep you interested. Slightly chewy finish. Extremely and dangerously drinkable
Brauerei Hartmann - Bock7.00GoodDeep chestnut colour with cream head. Quite nice malts, bit of carbonation. Good malts, some smoke, some toffee, dryish finish. In fact a bit too over carbonated. Some soy sauce
Fyne - Vital Spark4.40GoodI think this was my highest rated UK beer of the festival and it wasn’t even on the list!!! Chestnut colour with thin beige head. Lovely aroma, nutty/dates/fruit and deep malt. Good malts in mouth. Drying finish. In fact my notes say, Best UK beer so far. Soft in mouth with a salty bitterness.
Gribble - Ale1.00AcceptableCopper colour with disappearing white head. Strong lime aroma. Fairly standard citric bitter in mouth. Underlying acidity is apparent throughout and the finish has some pleasing lemon/lime fruit and dusty hops, but that aroma..... truly odd
Isle of Skye - Red Cuillin4.20AcceptableRusset colour with thin white head. Quite good red fruit, some hop, yeasty in mouth and on finish. OK Scottish beer with some gingerish spice
Keltek - Magik (superseded by the 4% version)4.20AcceptableDeep copper/amber colour with disappearing head. US style hop aroma with grapefruit. Not a huge amount of malt. Citric finish. Bit of toffee, bit of smoke and overall a bit thin.
Belvoir - Star Mild3.40AcceptableVery deep ruby colour with bubbly beige head. Quite a hoppy/herby nose, not what you’d expect from a mild at all. Some mild flavt malt in mouth, then more herb and some powdery charcoal. Fairly low on flavour and a drying finish. Its a mild and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

About the Battersea Beer Festival 2006

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The pub is found in Battersea, Greater London, SW11 5TN.

This beer festival is held in a medium sized hall 10 minutes walk from Clapham Junction railway station. Slightly odd arrangement in that the festival runs from Wed-Fri. UK beer list of around 100 beers plus a Bieres Sans Frontieres stand and a UK Cider and Perry stand.

We have visited this pub once, seen 14 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: SW11 5TN