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Shakespeares Ale & Cider House (Free House)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Ascot - Aureole AleExcellent1
Welbeck Abbey - Dark HorseExcellent1
Geeves - Smoke on the Caledonian CanalExcellent1
Geeves - Coco CanalExcellent1
Tiny Rebel - The Full NelsonExcellent1
Pennine (Batley) - see now entry for Pennine (Bedale) after move - Midnight RoseExcellent1
Toolmakers - JigsawExcellent1
Stringers - Dark CountryExcellent1
2 Bobs - Black NellExcellent1
Revolutions - Le FreakGood1
Welbeck Abbey - Barley MayGood1
Blackhill - Top Busty BitterGood1
Toolmakers - BlondeGood1
Cuerden (Brewed at Bridestones) - MunichGood1
Collingham - Artisan's ChoiceGood1
Salamander - Blind SpotGood1
Irwell Works - Bobby's Cryptic KickerGood1
Cullercoats - Watch House Winter WarmerGood1
Muirhouse - Buzzard BitterGood1
Llangorse - Maid for NottinghamGood1
Revolutions - ManifestoGood1
Blue Bee - Shake, Rattle & RollAcceptable1
Bumpmill - Heart of GoldAcceptable1
Raw / Steel City Collaboration - Responsible Imperial Pacific PorterAcceptable1
Geltsdale - CopperAcceptable1
Frome (formerly Milk Street) - Devils Backbone PorterAcceptable1
Jolly Sailor - Cue BrewAcceptable1
Little Ale Cart - Steel City JesterAcceptable1
Blue Bee - Brown BallNot Tried0
Pennine (Batley) - see now entry for Pennine (Bedale) after move - Spring BarleyNot Tried0
Oakwell - Barnsley BitterNot Tried0
Great Newsome - Holderness DarkNot Tried0
Blue Bee - Tangled Up IPANot Tried0
Wold Top - BitterNot Tried0
Liverpool Organic - Kitty WilkinsonNot Tried0
Sheffield - ForgemastersNot Tried0
Mallinsons - Aversion TherapyNot Tried0
Rat - Malt RatNot Tried0
Anarchy - The AlgorithmNot Tried0
Abbeydale - DeceptionNot Tried0
Picture 1. Shakespeares Ale & Cider House, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Visits Details

11 Oct 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Surprisingly uncrowded in the early evening, and seats were even obtained in the front bar. Soon started to fill up though.
Welbeck Abbey - Barley May4.00Good10p per pint to Guide Dogs for the Blind charity. A nicely-balanced Pale Ale.
Bumpmill - Heart of Gold4.20AcceptableGolden. A bit grainy. Slightly sweet finish.
Wold Top - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Abbeydale - Deception4.10Not Tried
Liverpool Organic - Kitty Wilkinson4.50Not Tried
Sheffield - Forgemasters4.80Not Tried
Mallinsons - Aversion Therapy3.90Not Tried
Rat - Malt Rat4.70Not Tried
Anarchy - The Algorithm6.00Not Tried
31 Mar 2013 (Stephen Harris)
This pub can get very crowded, but there was a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, early on a Sunday evening.
Tiny Rebel - The Full Nelson4.80ExcellentI’m a real sucker for sharp, fruity, Nelson Sauvin hops.
Toolmakers - Jigsaw4.20ExcellentI was impressed with this first taste of a Toolmakers beer. It is a golden beer, with a nice full body and good hops too.
Oakwell - Barnsley Bitter3.80Not Tried
Abbeydale - Deception4.10Not Tried
Great Newsome - Holderness Dark4.30Not Tried
Pennine (Batley) - see now entry for Pennine (Bedale) after move - Spring Barley4.40Not Tried
Blue Bee - Tangled Up IPA6.00Not Tried
15 Dec 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Starting point for the pre-Christmas crawl of the best Sheffield pubs.
Toolmakers - Blonde4.20GoodVery pale bitter with a good balance of malt and hop with a fairly sweetish finish. My score 15/20.
Irwell Works - Bobby's Cryptic Kicker4.20GoodAmber bitter with a good balance of hop and malt. Fairly sweet finish. My score 15/20.
Little Ale Cart - Steel City Jester3.80AcceptableBlack bitter with very high hop bitterness and virtually no malt flavour. Not my style of beer but well brewed for the strength. My score 13/20.
Raw / Steel City Collaboration - Responsible Imperial Pacific Porter7.40AcceptableBalck porter with very high bitterness not entirely true to style. Little sweetness but some dark chocolate malt flavour. Full bodied and smooth with a bitter finish. My score 14/20.
16 Nov 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Autumn Beer Festival in progress with beers on the pumps, from upstairs stillage or from the cellar.
2 Bobs - Black Nell4.00ExcellentStout with a well rounded roast malt character with coffee and chocolate notes. Good roast malt finish. My score 16/20.
Geeves - Smoke on the Caledonian Canal5.00ExcellentBlack smokey stout with a big smoked and roast malt hit and a little fruit in the finish. My score 16/20.
Collingham - Artisan's Choice4.40GoodTraditional style best bitter, amber in colour with a good balance of malt and hop. My score 15/20.
Cullercoats - Watch House Winter Warmer5.00GoodReddish dark bitter with good malt character and bitterness. Dryish bitter finish. My score 15/20.
Jolly Sailor - Cue Brew4.00AcceptableSupposedly a mild but lacking maltiness and too much bitterenss for my taste. Colour is dark brown, but more like a dark bitter. My score 14/20.
Frome (formerly Milk Street) - Devils Backbone Porter4.60AcceptableBlack porter syle beer with a mainly dry, bitter malt flavour with little hop balance. Dry, bitter finish. My score 14/20.
05 Oct 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Quite busy late afternoon on a Friday.
Muirhouse - Buzzard Bitter4.00GoodA malty amber bitter with some bitter hop flavour. Some fruit in the finish. My score 15/20.
29 Sep 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Quite busy late on a Saturday afternoon.
Salamander - Blind Spot4.80GoodBlakc porter with a slightly over burnt roast malt flavour. Some hoppiness but the burnt flavour overides this to give a dry, powdery burnt finish. My score 15/20.
Blue Bee - Shake, Rattle & Roll4.50AcceptableIntensely bitter hop taste almost to the point of slight phenolic flavours. Pale in colour with a very bitter finish. My score 12/20.
07 Jul 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Fairly busy late on a Saturday afternoon.
Revolutions - Le Freak4.50GoodQuite bitter and hoppy pale ale with some malt balance. Dryish finish. My score 15/20.
09 Jun 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Last day of a beer festival, beers from the handpumps, cellar or upstairs.
Stringers - Dark Country3.50ExcellentDark brown mild with a good malty character and a sweetish fruity finish. My score 16/20.
Ascot - Aureole Ale3.30ExcellentPale lightweight bitter packed full of flavour, fruity citrus and tropical fruits and a good malt base combine to give a very flavoursome beer. My score 16/20.
Blackhill - Top Busty Bitter3.70GoodBrewed at Geltsdale at present, this is a traditional amber bitter with a good balance of hop and malt. My score 15/20.
Llangorse - Maid for Nottingham4.20GoodRed/brown dark bitter with a farily sweet toffee malt character and little in the way of hops present. Fruity finish. My score 15/20.
Revolutions - Manifesto6.00GoodStrong stout rather over dominated by a burnt malt flavour which knocks the balance off a bit. My score 15/20.
Geltsdale - Copper3.80AcceptableAs it says, fairly bitter but lacking any strong flavours form either hop or malt. My score 14/20.
19 May 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Lunchtime on a Saturday and quite a few in already.
Geeves - Coco Canal3.60ExcellentBlack mild with a pronounced roast malt character with chocolate and coffee notes. Low hop rate and a dryish finish. My score 16/20.
Pennine (Batley) - see now entry for Pennine (Bedale) after move - Midnight Rose3.70ExcellentBlack mild with a sweet and malty character with a smooth mouthfeel. Low hop rate and a sweetish, fruity finish. My score 17/20.
14 Apr 2012 (Stephen Harris)
The rising star on the Sheffield real ale circuit. We managed to squeeze into one of the front rooms, where we could hear but not see the band playing in the upstairs room. I also drank one ofthe Sheffield Brewery IPAs, but have got into a muddle over which one. I did not note all the beers available.
Welbeck Abbey - Dark Horse4.80ExcellentA really tasty, chocolatey, black beer.
Cuerden (Brewed at Bridestones) - Munich3.70GoodA pale, sweetish, lager-style beer.
Abbeydale - Deception4.10Not Tried
Blue Bee - Brown Ball4.00Not Tried
Pennine (Batley) - see now entry for Pennine (Bedale) after move - Spring Barley4.40Not Tried

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About the Shakespeares Ale & Cider House

The pub sign. Shakespeares Ale & Cider House, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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The pub is found in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 8UB.

Revitalised pub rescued from dereliction by a forward thinking team who recognised its potential. Now a welcome addition to the excellent cask ale scene in Sheffield and not far from the "Valley of Beer". Still retains a multi room layout. Good selection of guest beers which often include a dark offering. A couple of regular beers too.

We have visited this pub 19 times, seen 70 different beers and tried 54 of them.

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Postcode: S3 8UB