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Post Office Vaults (Freehouse)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Hobsons - Champion MildExceptional1
Temperance Union - Vfm SoftyExcellent1
Bristol Beer Factory - Milk StoutExcellent1
Killer Cat (sub-brand of Malmesbury) - Circus IPAExcellent1
Fernandes - Golden ArrowExcellent1
Odyssey - Syren Excellent1
Left Handed Giant - USPAExcellent1
Hobsons - MildGood2
Froth Blowers - Bar-King MadGood1
Portobello - APAGood1
Fernandes - ChinookGood1
Elliswood - Best of BritishGood1
BRÚ - DubhGood1
Pied Bull - MatadorGood1
Crouch Vale - Blackwater MildGood1
Fernandes - CentennialGood1
Phoenix - Wobbly BobAcceptable1
Silver Brewhouse (formerly Raw) - Citra BlackNot Tried0
Cloudwater - PaleNot Tried0
Fernandes - DustcutterNot Tried0
Brightside - Amarillo American Style IPANot Tried0
Purple Moose - RevelationNot Tried0
Briggs Signature Ales - Rock & RollNot Tried0
Welbeck Abbey - GouldsmeadowNot Tried0
Blackjack - Bramling CrossNot Tried0
Great Heck - ChristopherNot Tried0
Caveman (latterly a cuckoo at Leatherbritches) - Clovis Point Brown Not Tried0
Kinver - 1st Class StampNot Tried0
Abbeydale - Westcoast PaleNot Tried0
Vibrant Forest - Cambrian RootNot Tried0
Dawkins - FreebirdNot Tried0
Mallinsons - Simcoe XLNot Tried0
Houston - Warlock StoutNot Tried0
Fernandes - Irish StoutNot Tried0
Mallinsons / Pictish Collaboration - Transpennine Brown AleNot Tried0
Salopian - OracleNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Oatmeal StoutNot Tried0
Rat - Cheating RatNot Tried0
Abbeydale - Dr Morton's Accent CompensationNot Tried0
Portobello - StarNot Tried0
Old School (OSB) - School's OutNot Tried0
Byatt's - XK StrongNot Tried0
Beowulf - Dark RavenNot Tried0
Three Castles - Vale AleNot Tried0
Clark's (sometimes shown as Westgate Brewery) - Conversion Not Tried0
Hopstar - Dark KnightNot Tried0
Holden's - Noddy HoldenNot Tried0
Beowulf - Folded CrossNot Tried0
Bradfield - Farmers StoutNot Tried0
Saltaire - Dark MatterNot Tried0
Acorn - GorlovkaNot Tried0
Picture 1. Post Office Vaults, Birmingham, West Midlands
Picture 2. Post Office Vaults, Birmingham, West Midlands
Picture 3. Post Office Vaults, Birmingham, West Midlands

Visits Details

16 Jan 2017 (Andrew)
I needed a quality pint and I was passing.
Hobsons - Champion Mild3.20ExceptionalBrown malty goodness. Sweet and nutty.
Purple Moose - Revelation3.80Not Tried
Welbeck Abbey - Gouldsmeadow4.00Not Tried
Great Heck - Christopher4.50Not Tried
Kinver - 1st Class Stamp4.20Not Tried
Vibrant Forest - Cambrian Root5.10Not Tried
Mallinsons - Simcoe XL4.90Not Tried
Mallinsons / Pictish Collaboration - Transpennine Brown Ale6.00Not Tried
17 May 2016 (Blair)
Second stop. Great little basement bar, interesting beers and good staff.
Bristol Beer Factory - Milk Stout4.50ExcellentDelicious milk stout, went down a treat.
Hobsons - Mild3.20GoodGreat condition but this beer was just too subtle for me.
10 Nov 2015 (Alenomore)
A swift look-in, having eventually found it. A small, select crowd in, but blimey, Foreign beer heaven, in the centre of Brum! 8 Real Ales for the purist too. Their Beer Bible (menu), is a worldly stonker. In another life, I could spend some quality time in here....but must dash for the 18:31 to Manchester. Like the decor plus the two entrance/exits.
Temperance Union - Vfm Softy1.00ExcellentYou pay for quality, and the menu here is more than quality.
15 Jul 2015 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Amazingly this great beer and cider venue is under potential compulsory purchase order threat to accommodate new tram lines - all due to delivery difficulties. A chap here gave me some truly superb directions to get to The Woodman.
Left Handed Giant - USPA5.50Excellent
Bradfield - Farmers Stout4.50Not Tried
Acorn - Gorlovka6.00Not Tried
Hobsons - Champion Mild3.20Not Tried
Cloudwater - Pale3.70Not Tried
Fernandes - Dustcutter4.10Not Tried
17 Mar 2015 (Magnus Greel)
Lively subterranean drinking den.
Odyssey - Syren 3.90ExcellentRefreshing grapefruit twang to this.
BRÚ - Dubh4.50GoodIn good form but the burnt coffee tone not to my taste.
Beowulf - Dark Raven4.50Not Tried
Hobsons - Champion Mild3.20Not Tried
Clark's (sometimes shown as Westgate Brewery) - Conversion 4.50Not Tried
Holden's - Noddy Holden4.80Not Tried
01 Mar 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Time for a couple of beers in here ahead of a train journey to London.
Killer Cat (sub-brand of Malmesbury) - Circus IPA5.80ExcellentThere are a lot of good, US-style IPAs around these days – and this one is a real cracker.
Fernandes - Centennial4.10GoodA very crisp, fresh-tasting, moderately-hoppy, golden pint.
Froth Blowers - Bar-King Mad4.30GoodPale gold.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Oatmeal Stout4.60Not Tried
Salopian - Oracle4.00Not Tried
Hobsons - Champion Mild3.20Not Tried
Abbeydale - Dr Morton's Accent Compensation4.10Not Tried
Old School (OSB) - School's Out5.10Not Tried
14 Jul 2014 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Long walk (lost the way several times at least) from Jewellery Quarter had build up a head of thirst.
Pied Bull - Matador5.00GoodAs a chaser helped the Wobbly Bob go down. Nice dry aftertaste
Phoenix - Wobbly Bob6.00AcceptableDarker brew than Phoenix's usual very light beers. Cloying and little condition. Bit of an effort
Hobsons - Mild3.20Not Tried
Salopian - Oracle4.00Not Tried
Caveman (latterly a cuckoo at Leatherbritches) - Clovis Point Brown 5.20Not Tried
Abbeydale - Westcoast Pale4.30Not Tried
Dawkins - Freebird3.90Not Tried
Fernandes - Irish Stout4.20Not Tried
09 Jun 2014 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Very quiet but was a Monday I suppose. Always amazed at the huge choice of real ciders on offer - 10 tonight I think it was.
Fernandes - Chinook4.00GoodVery pale. Amazingly dry mouthfeel
Hobsons - Mild3.20Not Tried
Salopian - Oracle4.00Not Tried
Saltaire - Dark Matter3.80Not Tried
Silver Brewhouse (formerly Raw) - Citra Black4.40Not Tried
Brightside - Amarillo American Style IPA5.00Not Tried
Briggs Signature Ales - Rock & Roll4.00Not Tried
Blackjack - Bramling Cross4.00Not Tried
15 Apr 2014 (Mick)
seats available but quite busy. Friendly pub
Crouch Vale - Blackwater Mild3.70GoodNice dark mild.
Hobsons - Mild3.20GoodNice dark mild, malty and nutty.
Portobello - APA5.00GoodNice APA, hoppy and a bit sweet.
Salopian - Oracle4.00Not Tried
Three Castles - Vale Ale4.30Not Tried
Hopstar - Dark Knight4.00Not Tried
Beowulf - Folded Cross4.30Not Tried
24 Mar 2014 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. I believe I chatted to Nigel Barker this side of the bar - the architect of Wellington, Post Office Vaults and Woodman et al fame. 13 draught ciders is an amazing choice!
Fernandes - Golden Arrow4.20ExcellentHeavy hop hit of Galaxy and Goldings?
Elliswood - Best of British4.50GoodNot spectacular
Hobsons - Mild3.20Not Tried
Houston - Warlock Stout4.70Not Tried
Salopian - Oracle4.00Not Tried
Rat - Cheating Rat4.10Not Tried
Portobello - Star4.30Not Tried
Byatt's - XK Strong4.90Not Tried

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About the Post Office Vaults

The pub sign. Post Office Vaults, Birmingham, West Midlands

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The pub is found in Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 4BA.

Cellar Bar in New Street, entrance next to Greggs with a larger frontage down the side street, this pub aims to keep eight cask ales and up to two hundred foreign beers plus an array of ciders and perries on gravity from a cooled back room. The pub boasts a bar billiards table on free play - ask for the skittles behind the bar as one was stolen on the first night of opening. 8 handpumps in everyday use. The pub offers the opportunity to bring your own food and it will supply the crockery and cutlery.

We have visited this pub 30 times, seen 134 different beers and tried 43 of them.

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Postcode: B2 4BA