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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Leeds - Midnight BellExcellent1
Leeds - ImperialExcellent1
Salopian - Hop TwisterExcellent1
Leeds - New MoonExcellent1
Portobello - Market PorterExcellent1
Windsor & Eton - CorkerGood1
Kent - CobnutGood1
Hackney - American Pale AleGood2
Little Valley - Hebden's WheatGood1
Budvar - BudvarGood1
Windsor & Eton - Windsor KnotGood1
East London (ELB) - NightwatchmanGood1
Westerham - 1965 Special Bitter AleGood1
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Orkney BestGood1
Edinbrew - 85/-Acceptable1
Hop Stuff - Single Hop SimcoeAcceptable1
East London (ELB) - Foundation BitterNot Tried0
London Beer Factory - Chelsea BlondeNot Tried0
Sambrook's - JunctionNot Tried0
Black Sheep - Golden SheepNot Tried0
Sharp's - AtlanticNot Tried0
Castle Rock - Harvest PaleNot Tried0
Hackney - Best BitterNot Tried0
Wold Top - BitterNot Tried0
New River - London TapNot Tried0
Hanlons (formerly O'Hanlon's) - Original Port StoutNot Tried0
Corvedale - Katie's PrideNot Tried0
Wolf - Golden JackalNot Tried0
Potbelly - Crazy DazeNot Tried0
Naylor's - Pinnacle PorterNot Tried0
Hogs Back - T.E.A.Not Tried0
Thwaites - Wainwright (please now use the Banks's entry)Not Tried0
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Not Tried0
Picture 1. The New Rose, Islington, Central London
Picture 2. The New Rose, Islington, Central London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

16 May 2017 (Stephen Harris)
After work drinks with Dave R, and we start a little pub-crawl here. He at least remembers the CAMRA discount, even if I don’t.
Edinbrew - 85/-4.60AcceptableA Mild; nearly black in colour, with a huge, foaming head. Slightly roasty flavour.
Castle Rock - Harvest Pale3.80Not Tried
Hackney - Best Bitter4.40Not Tried
New River - London Tap3.80Not Tried
21 Aug 2015 (Stephen Harris)
A hot and muggy early evening and I arrive here damp from my tube journey. Dave R and I have to adjust our seating to avoid being subjected to the horror of an England batting collapse on the TV. Wish I had read Jack William’s review more closely and remembered the CAMRA discount.
Windsor & Eton - Corker4.00GoodA nice, light, Pale Ale.
Black Sheep - Golden Sheep3.80Not Tried
Sharp's - Atlantic4.20Not Tried
08 Aug 2015 (Jack William)
Mid evening on a warm Saturday evening. This area of London is heaving - but this pub offered a peaceful oasis with enough staff to make it pleasant. Of my 4 this evening this is the one to return to. A bit pricey - but 10 % CAMRA discount actively promoted by the friendly (Bolivian) barman.
Salopian - Hop Twister4.50ExcellentIt was zesty, great flavour and perfect for a Summer evening.
East London (ELB) - Nightwatchman4.50GoodGood body, malty.
Hop Stuff - Single Hop Simcoe4.20AcceptableBit warm
09 May 2015 (ChrisE)
Saturday evening and very busy but the service was good and I did manage to find a table so I decided to treat myself to a pizza.
Leeds - Imperial4.70ExcellentReddish ale with a good balance of malt and hops.
Sambrook's - Junction4.50Not Tried
Hackney - American Pale Ale4.50Not Tried
07 May 2015 (ChrisE)
I thought the beer was a bit pricey, but the girl behind the bar reminded me that this is Islington, she then offered me Camra discount and a free pizza. The chef was trying out various ideas for a new pizza menu so I, and everyone else were given about five or six quite large portions of very good pizza to try. They were very good indeed so I might even buy one when they appear on the menu. A couple of other customers asked me if I new anything about a pub called Crocker's Folly so I showed them the entry on this site. I thoroughly enjoyed this visit, my only complaint was the Country and Western music being played on the sound system.
Leeds - Midnight Bell4.80ExcellentDelicious dark ale.
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Orkney Best3.60Good
Hackney - American Pale Ale4.50Good
16 Feb 2015 (thebrewingman)
A friendly welcome from the staff and the whippet.
Leeds - New Moon4.60Excellent
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)3.80Not Tried
East London (ELB) - Foundation Bitter4.20Not Tried
London Beer Factory - Chelsea Blonde4.30Not Tried
23 Apr 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Mid to late-evening and quite busy, although we did not have to wait long for a table to become free.
Kent - Cobnut4.10GoodDark, heavy, rich and nutty.
Hackney - American Pale Ale4.50GoodServed with a huge head, which quickly dissipated. Very fruity hop tastes, although not in peak condition here.
Budvar - Budvar5.00GoodOn keg dispense. Ages since I’ve drunk this outside of the Czech Republic. Pale and with a malty bite. Improved as it warmed.
Hogs Back - T.E.A.4.20Not Tried
Thwaites - Wainwright (please now use the Banks's entry)4.10Not Tried
12 Feb 2013 (ChrisE)
Another pub that we found by accident, we had originally intended to go to Corley's Tavern in New North Road, but found that it had been demolished about two years ago. We wandered down Essex Road to catch a bus to St. Pancras and found this excellent pub adjacent to the bus stop. Advertised as Just Another Pub we had to go in, and we found an excellent boozer. The pub is hosting a beer festival sometime in April this year, unfortunately I did not make a note of the exact dates and the pub's web site does not give any clues.
Portobello - Market Porter4.60ExcellentVery impressive beer.
Windsor & Eton - Windsor Knot4.00Good
Westerham - 1965 Special Bitter Ale4.80Good
03 May 2012 (Stephen Harris)
Final knockings of a little beer festival that has been running for a few days. Very busy. A Bingo session about to commence as I left.
Little Valley - Hebden's Wheat4.50GoodOrangey-coloured ‘Wit Bier’ in the Belgian style. Cloudy, a bit lemony, hint of coriander. Strange to be drinking a wheat beer out of a dimpled pint mug.
Wold Top - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Hanlons (formerly O'Hanlon's) - Original Port Stout4.80Not Tried
Corvedale - Katie's Pride4.30Not Tried
Wolf - Golden Jackal3.70Not Tried
Potbelly - Crazy Daze5.50Not Tried
Naylor's - Pinnacle Porter4.80Not Tried

About The New Rose

The pub sign. The New Rose, Islington, Central London

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The pub is found in Islington, Central London, N1 8LU.

This is a pub in Essex Road with attitude. Two spacious rooms, its location on Essex Road almost guarantees a big crowd – but the pub works hard to keep the crowd, hosting numerous events.

We have visited this pub 9 times, seen 33 different beers and tried 16 of them.

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Postcode: N1 8LU