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Chequers Inn (Brew Pub)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Front Street - Norfolk SunsetExcellent1
Front Street - Callum's AleExcellent2
Front Street - Unity StrongExcellent1
Front Street - Binham CheerGood1
Panther - Honey PantherGood1
Norfolk Brewhouse (uses Moongazer brand name too) - Moon Gazer Gold IPAGood1
Picture 1. Chequers Inn, Binham, Norfolk

Visits Details

03 Nov 2014 (Bear & Ragged Staff)
Sad to see that this pub was under new ownership and that Front Street brewery has closed (or at least from this location). Nevertheless, the pub was busy, the food was as good as ever and there was a decent range of real ales on tap.
Panther - Honey Panther4.00Goodi enjoy honey beers, this was OK. Condition and presentation were excellent.
Norfolk Brewhouse (uses Moongazer brand name too) - Moon Gazer Gold IPA5.00GoodGood condition and presentation. Nice beer.
23 Jun 2013 (Bear & Ragged Staff)
A peaceful Sunday evening.
Front Street - Callum's Ale4.30GoodSemi dry and hoppy with a nutty aftertaste.
Front Street - Binham Cheer3.90GoodStraw coloured, crisp and fresh.
13 Jun 2012 (Bear & Ragged Staff)
Always a good decision to visit this pub. Early doors were just going as we arrived so there weren't too many about.
Front Street - Norfolk Sunset4.00ExcellentA well crafted bitter with a nicely dry finish.
Front Street - Callum's Ale4.30ExcellentAnother good bitter with a medium dry finish.
Front Street - Unity Strong5.00ExcellentWell balanced, sweet, malty strong ale. Easy to drink and not heavy at 5.0%.

About the Chequers Inn

The pub sign. Chequers Inn, Binham, Norfolk

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The pub is found in Binham, Norfolk, NR21 0AL.

17th Century listed building in the lovely village of Binham in Front Street. Car park to the right of the pub. At one time the Front Street Brewery was located here in an outhouse.

We have visited this pub 3 times, seen 6 different beers and tried them all.

Map location

Postcode: NR21 0AL