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Craft Beer Rising (Pop Up Bar)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Botanist - Limey PorterExcellent1
Windsor & Eton - Eton BoatmanExcellent1
Sambrook's - WandleNot Tried0
Sambrook's - JunctionNot Tried0
Redemption - Pale AleNot Tried0
Windsor & Eton - Knight of the GarterNot Tried0
Windsor & Eton - GuardsmanNot Tried0
Windsor & Eton - ConquerorNot Tried0
Redemption - TrinityNot Tried0
Windsor & Eton - Windsor KnotNot Tried0
East London (ELB) - Pale AleNot Tried0
East London (ELB) - Foundation BitterNot Tried0
By The Horns - Stiff Upper LipNot Tried0
Botanist - Humulus LupulusNot Tried0
Botanist - Kew GreenNot Tried0
Botanist - Queen CharlotteNot Tried0
By The Horns - Bobby on the WheatNot Tried0
By The Horns - Lambeth WalkNot Tried0
By The Horns - Diamond GeezerNot Tried0
Hackney - Best BitterNot Tried0
Hackney - Golden AleNot Tried0
East London (ELB) - JamboreeNot Tried0
Sambrook's - Lavender Hill (originally exclusively for Nicholson's)Not Tried0
Hackney - American Pale AleNot Tried0
Picture 1. Craft Beer Rising, Greenwich, Greater London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

10 Aug 2012 (Stephen Harris)
The best and most relaxed of the Olympic big screen venues I have visited – probably because it is not ‘official’ and therefore has room for independent food and drink suppliers. This bar provides a very good selection of London-brewed beers on gravity dispense. The only drawback is the high prices, which limited me to a pint and a half.
Windsor & Eton - Eton Boatman4.30ExcellentFull-bodied golden ale with strong citrusy hop flavours from Citra and Galaxy hops.
Botanist - Limey Porter4.80ExcellentThis is a strange beast, a dark brown, winey porter flavoured with lime and kaffir leaves. It really worked for me.
Sambrook's - Wandle3.80Not Tried
Sambrook's - Junction4.50Not Tried
Redemption - Pale Ale3.80Not Tried
Windsor & Eton - Knight of the Garter3.80Not Tried
Windsor & Eton - Guardsman4.20Not Tried
Windsor & Eton - Conqueror5.00Not Tried
Redemption - Trinity3.00Not Tried
Windsor & Eton - Windsor Knot4.00Not Tried
East London (ELB) - Pale Ale4.00Not Tried
East London (ELB) - Foundation Bitter4.20Not Tried
By The Horns - Stiff Upper Lip3.80Not Tried
Botanist - Humulus Lupulus3.80Not Tried
Botanist - Kew Green4.80Not Tried
Botanist - Queen Charlotte5.20Not Tried
By The Horns - Bobby on the Wheat4.70Not Tried
By The Horns - Lambeth Walk5.10Not Tried
By The Horns - Diamond Geezer4.90Not Tried
Hackney - Best Bitter4.40Not Tried
Hackney - Golden Ale4.00Not Tried
East London (ELB) - Jamboree4.80Not Tried
Sambrook's - Lavender Hill (originally exclusively for Nicholson's)4.50Not Tried
Hackney - American Pale Ale4.50Not Tried

About the Craft Beer Rising

The pub sign. Craft Beer Rising, Greenwich, Greater London

Summary of Beer Scores


The pub is found in Greenwich, Greater London, SE10 9NN.

Even just a couple of years ago, a venue such as this would simply have been called ‘The Beer Tent’. Such is progress that these places are now “Pop-Up Bars” and have their own names. This is one of (and by far the best of) the bars at the Greenwich Summer Festival, in the grounds of the Old Royal Navy College. Set up in conjunction with Brockley Market and the London Brewers’ Alliance.

We have visited this pub once, seen 24 different beers and tried 2 of them.

Map location

Postcode: SE10 9NN