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Fourpure Brewing Co. (Brewery)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Fourpure - Barley Wine (2017) Good1
Fourpure - Black IPA Excellent1
Fourpure - BurnsGood1
Fourpure - Cascade SaisonGood1
Fourpure - Flambé Banana Stout Good1
Fourpure - Flatiron RedAcceptable1
Fourpure - Margarita GoseExcellent1
Fourpure - Morning Star 2016Excellent1
Fourpure - Morning Star 2018Exceptional1
Fourpure - New Australia IPAExcellent1
Fourpure - Oatmeal StoutExcellent2
Fourpure - OptareExcellent1
Fourpure - Passionfruit Wit Excellent1
Fourpure - Pudding Lane PorterExcellent1
Fourpure - Session IPAExcellent1
Fourpure - Shape Shifter IPA Excellent1
Fourpure - Amber AleNot Tried0
Fourpure - IPANot Tried0
Fourpure - Pale AleNot Tried0
Picture 1. Fourpure Brewing Co., Bermondsey, Central London
Picture 2. Fourpure Brewing Co., Bermondsey, Central London
Picture 3. Fourpure Brewing Co., Bermondsey, Central London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

02 Feb 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Lots of noisy construction work going on here as development of the new taproom area nears completion. The first beer was on the house as compensation for the disturbance.
Fourpure - Morning Star 20187.10ExceptionalA gorgeous, black, oak-aged porter. It has a creamy mouthfeel and lots of vanilla flavour.
Fourpure - New Australia IPA6.00ExcellentSome great hop flavours in this amber-coloured IPA.
12 Jan 2018 (Stephen Harris)
An early evening visit for the brief period of Friday opening here. And, wow, the brewery has doubled in size since my last visit – and so has the taproom area. This will be officially ‘launched’ on February 10th. Meanwhile, there is the usual excellent selection of kegged beers available tonight.
Fourpure - Black IPA 6.00ExcellentA collaboration with Almasty. Bang-on style and really lovely.
Fourpure - Burns5.90GoodA golden beer, flavoured with mango and chilli. It has quite a creamy mouthfeel. Immediate chilli hit on first taste and overall the chilli dominates over the mango.
Fourpure - Barley Wine (2017) 10.00GoodJust a glorified taster really after being poured for me in error. Strong and sweet.
21 Jul 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Making the most of the short window of Friday evening opening here.
Fourpure - Session IPA4.20ExcellentHazy gold in colour and fragrantly hoppy.
Fourpure - Oatmeal Stout5.10ExcellentBlack Stout with roasted barley and a touch of sweetness. Really good.
Fourpure - Flatiron Red4.70AcceptableDeep red in colour, A middle-of-the-road Red I thought; I had anticipated better.
21 Jan 2017 (Stephen Harris)
I was sitting on a Jubilee Line train when I heard that my afternoon’s football match had been postponed due to a frozen pitch. The best Plan B I could think of was to get off at Canada Water and come here. A CAMRA friend who arrived just after me gave me a nice leaflet on the pubs of the Isle of Thanet, prompting thoughts of further future Kentish exploration.
Fourpure - Shape Shifter IPA 5.80ExcellentA golden, US West Coast-style IPA from key-keg. Fragrantly hoppy.
Fourpure - Passionfruit Wit 5.10ExcellentA cloudy yellow/orange colour with a refreshing, freshly-squeezed, fruity juiciness. Lovely. Hard to believe it was alcoholic, let alone 5.1%.
Fourpure - Flambé Banana Stout 5.50GoodA sweet, black Stout with caramel and banana.
09 Dec 2016 (Stephen Harris)
I recently noticed that this taproom is opening from 4pm to 7:30pm on Fridays, a good time for me to visit after work. The place has developed enormously since my last visit and it was good to see a wall of wooden barrels, thirty-plus, full of maturing beer.
Fourpure - Optare6.60ExcellentOn key-keg dispense, a collaboration beer with Cloudwater. This is a fab Black IPA, given an extra dimension by the use of Belgian yeast.
Fourpure - Margarita Gose4.20ExcellentOn key-keg dispense. Pale gold, with no head. Like the cocktail of the same name, this beer is both salty and sweet.
Fourpure - Morning Star 20167.10ExcellentOn key-keg dispense. An oak barrel-aged, vanilla-flavoured Porter – and every bit as brilliant as you would expect from that description. Only a bit of excessive carbonation stops this being a five star beer for me.
31 Jan 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Early lunchtime for a brief visit and the Tasting Rooms here are pretty busy. A wide range of Fourpure beers are available from key-keg, can and bottle.
Fourpure - Pudding Lane Porter5.30ExcellentFrom a key-keg. Black, with a brown head. A smooth, chocolaty Porter with some dry roastiness.
18 Jan 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Pre-noon visit and Robert S and I are the only customers for an hour-long visit. An impressively large brewery space, nice people and good beer. Beers are available in bottle or brewery-fresh on key keg. No cask beer is produced.
Fourpure - Oatmeal Stout5.10ExcellentA smooth, black, chocolaty stout with Goldings hop character.
Fourpure - Cascade Saison5.60GoodA golden, slightly sour experimental saison, with Cascade hops in the nose. Very clean for a saison.
Fourpure - Session IPA4.20Not Tried
Fourpure - Pale Ale5.00Not Tried
Fourpure - Amber Ale5.10Not Tried
Fourpure - IPA6.50Not Tried

About the Fourpure Brewing Co.

The pub sign. Fourpure Brewing Co., Bermondsey, Central London

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The pub is found in Bermondsey, Central London, SE16 3LL.

A microbrewery established in November 2013 on an industrial estate close to South Bermondsey railway station. The brewery has a small bar area, which opens to the public on Saturdays between 11am and 5pm and also for a brief period on Friday evenings (check website for latest details).

We have visited this pub 7 times, seen 19 different beers and tried 16 of them.

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Postcode: SE16 3LL