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The Star Inn (Punch Taverns)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Abbey Ales - SalvationExcellent1
Thwaites - Wainwright (please now use the Banks's entry)Excellent1
Marston's - BassGood8
Abbey Ales - BellringerGood8
Sadler's (see also Windsor Castle entry) - Haunted HouseGood1
Mordue - Spring TyneNot Tried0
Kirkstall - Dissolution IPANot Tried0
Abbey Ales - MildNot Tried0
Black Sheep - RiggwelterNot Tried0
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Old OriginalNot Tried0
Rooster's - Wild MuleNot Tried0
Abbey Ales - White FriarNot Tried0
Wychwood - Bah Humbug!Not Tried0
Coach House - Gunpowder Strong MildNot Tried0
Hop Back - Summer LightningNot Tried0
Abbey Ales - Bath StarNot Tried0
Robinsons - Trooper (superseded by 4.7% version)Not Tried0
Coach House - Honeypot BitterNot Tried0
Abbey Ales - Bath BestNot Tried0
Dorset Brewing Company - YachtsmanNot Tried0
Batemans - Rosey NoseyNot Tried0
Abbey Ales - Twelfth NightNot Tried0
Belhaven - Howell's Frosty BellsNot Tried0
Abbey Ales - Abbey ChristmasNot Tried0
Adnams - American Style IPANot Tried0
Pennine (Batley) - see now entry for Pennine (Bedale) after move - Real BlondeNot Tried0
Sharp's - Doom BarNot Tried0
Moorhouse's - Blond WitchNot Tried0
Tintagel - Cornwall's PrideNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Star Inn, Bath, Somerset

Visits Details

19 Aug 2020 (Magnus Greel)
Lunchtime and quiet just 2 other chaps sat in the bar area, we opted for the middle snug by the entrance. 20 years since my last visit, still a superb unspoilt timewarp boozer.
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20GoodFruity with a lingering bitterness
Marston's - Bass4.40Not Tried
Abbey Ales - Bath Best4.00Not Tried
01 Sep 2014 (Archie14)
Wonderful unspoilt pub that falls under the CAMRA national inventory for historical pub interiors. 4 small bars. this pub was wonderful, with free snuff available in the side bar with the so called 'death row' bench for elderly customers.
Thwaites - Wainwright (please now use the Banks's entry)4.10Excellent
Marston's - Bass4.40Good
Hop Back - Summer Lightning5.00Not Tried
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20Not Tried
Robinsons - Trooper (superseded by 4.7% version)4.80Not TriedRan out
16 Dec 2013 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. The Christmas raffle draw was in full swing. Never seen a granite kitchen rolling pin before but a wonderful prize as were £60 bar tabs. Cheese and biscuits on the bar to glutton upon. The open fire made for a cosy, albeit balmy, place to be after the drizzle outside.
Marston's - Bass4.40Good
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20Acceptable
Black Sheep - Riggwelter5.90Not Tried
Rooster's - Wild Mule3.90Not Tried
Wychwood - Bah Humbug!4.30Not Tried
09 Jul 2013 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Pub is just gearing up for a Cornish Beer Festival from 11th to 14th July. Blue Anchor Spingo is one to be on offer.
Marston's - Bass4.40ExcellentKept a good head despite gravity dispense. Enjoyable pint
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20ExcellentJust gone up from £3 (last visit) to £3.30 pp - the Chancellor's 1p reduction has not benefitted here very much.
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
Tintagel - Cornwall's Pride4.00Not Tried
Kirkstall - Dissolution IPA5.00Not Tried
14 Mar 2013 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Nice atmosphere with customers doing their own thing. Turned out to be cheese night with some rather fine complimentary tastings - after the snacks at The GW Swindon earlier this was a good old epicurean night. The cheeseboard soon resembled a battleground.
Marston's - Bass4.40Excellent
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20Excellent
Abbey Ales - Salvation4.80Excellent
Adnams - American Style IPA4.80Not Tried
Pennine (Batley) - see now entry for Pennine (Bedale) after move - Real Blonde4.00Not Tried
18 Dec 2012 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Various small groups of Christmas revellers arrived and later left - mostly drinking shorts!
Marston's - Bass4.40ExcellentI find one never is sure what a Bass will taste like - this was quite sweet
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20Excellent
Batemans - Rosey Nosey4.90Not Tried
Abbey Ales - Twelfth Night5.00Not TriedRan out just before I intended ordering
Belhaven - Howell's Frosty Bells4.00Not Tried
Abbey Ales - Abbey Christmas3.80Not TriedReplaced the Twelfth Night
09 Sep 2012 (Philip Pirrip)
2110 hours visit. Buzzing atmosphere with locals and visitors. Had a good read of Viz and Private Eye copies in the paper rack.
Marston's - Bass4.40GoodOK but no clear taste genre
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20Good
Abbey Ales - Bath Star4.50Not Tried
Coach House - Honeypot Bitter3.80Not Tried
Dorset Brewing Company - Yachtsman4.70Not Tried
16 Jun 2012 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid evening visit. Picked up my Summer 2012 copy of the CAMRA award winning magazine Pints West. Comfortably quiet.
Marston's - Bass4.40GoodA little debate about how this Bass resembles that of old. The barman killed the conversation with an aptly incisive comment that it rather resembled Marston's Pedigree. Hmmh yes it did tonight
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20Good
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Old Original5.20Not Tried
Abbey Ales - White Friar5.00Not Tried
Coach House - Gunpowder Strong Mild3.80Not Tried
09 May 2012 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid evening visit with Bath doused in persistent rain. Always think Bass in Bath when going up The Paragon high pavement.
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20Excellent
Marston's - Bass4.40Good
Moorhouse's - Blond Witch4.50Not Tried
Mordue - Spring Tyne4.20Not Tried
Abbey Ales - Mild4.00Not Tried
14 Dec 2011 (Martin the Mildman)
Superb atmosphere as ever here, with a discrete group in, and subdued Christmas decorations and lighting.
Sadler's (see also Windsor Castle entry) - Haunted House4.60GoodReddish beer with fairly low bitterness and a fruity and malty character. My score 15/20.

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About The Star Inn

The pub sign. The Star Inn, Bath, Somerset

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The pub is found in Bath, Somerset, BA1 5NA.

Located at the north end of high pavement on The Paragon. Traditional pub, famous for its multi-roomed interior of "Oustanding historic interest". Also once famous for its Bass served from 2 casks on gravity dispense on the floor behind the bar and served from jug to glass. 5 handpumps grace the bar, one of which is usually reserved for cider. Although owned by Punch is leased to Abbey Ales and acts as their unofficial brewery tap. Reported in late 2017 that the Bass is no longer on gravity cask as it can not be supplied in 18 gallon casks so Abbey Ales Bellringer is now sold that way instead and Bass moved to handpump dispense.

We have visited this pub 13 times, seen 32 different beers and tried 7 of them.

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Postcode: BA1 5NA