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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
One Mile End Brew Co. (formerly Mulligans at the White Hart and then WH Brew Pub) - Barrel Sour Blend – Black Framboise Exceptional1
Weird Beard - Next Episode Excellent1
Orbit - Caps & Taps Summer Pale with Kaffir Lime Leaves Excellent1
Chorlton - Cherry SourExcellent1
Chorlton - Mosaic Double Sour Excellent1
Alvinne - Cuvée Sofie Excellent1
Left Handed Giant - Apricot Saison Excellent1
Oedipus - PolyamorieExcellent1
Kiuchi - Hitachino Nest White Ale Excellent1
Fourpure - Deucebox Excellent1
Border Brewing - Non-CentsExcellent1
Mondo - Lord MalmoleExcellent1
Border Brewing - GreenroomExcellent1
Glasshouse - Wax & WayneExcellent1
Põhjala Öö - Virmalised IPAExcellent1
Redchurch - Mother Kelly’s Tart Pale Excellent1
Vibrant Forest - MosaicGood1
Solvay Society - Superposition Good1
Basqueland Brewing Project - Arraun Amber AleGood1
Põhjala Öö - Uus Maailm Good1
Almasty - Salted CaramildAcceptable1
Picture 1. Mother Kelly's, Bethnal Green, Greater London
Stephen Harris

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03 Mar 2019 (Stephen Harris)
A brief call.
Chorlton - Cherry Sour5.50ExcellentFrom keg. A soured Brown Ale with lots of cherry.
01 Feb 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Friday night crowds are here.
Glasshouse - Wax & Wayne6.00ExcellentMurky pale gold. Full of fresh Mosaic hop goodness.
Weird Beard - Next Episode 7.60ExcellentLight malt and bitter, in-your-face, hops.
27 Jan 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Relatively quiet in here on a Sunday afternoon.
Oedipus - Polyamorie5.00ExcellentHaving recently watched Louis Theroux's startling documentary on polyamory I was in two minds about ordering this. It was great though. A mango sour with plenty of actual fruit and fruity hops too.
Mondo - Lord Malmole7.30ExcellentA black Stout with brown foam. Chocolate, chilli, vanilla.
10 Aug 2017 (Stephen Harris)
As part of the London Beer City event, several of London’s foremost ‘bottle shops’ have worked with their local breweries to produce a one-off special beer. They are all being launched here and judged tonight. It is unfeasibly busy, even at 5pm, so I do not stay for long.
Redchurch - Mother Kelly’s Tart Pale 4.20ExcellentThe local option. Cloudy yellow/gold in colour. Tart and refreshing.
Orbit - Caps & Taps Summer Pale with Kaffir Lime Leaves 4.00ExcellentCloudy yellow/gold in colour. Heavily flavoured with a kind of spicy lime taste.
Solvay Society - Superposition 3.80GoodNot, it turns out, one of tonight’s special beers. It is a cloudy gold, hoppy sort of thing (isn’t everything these days).
22 Jul 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Mid-evening and I finally catch up with friends. It is very crowded here however and I only stay for one.
Põhjala Öö - Uus Maailm 4.70GoodA sharp, US-style Session IPA. A bit cold and fizzy from conventional keg.
06 Jul 2017 (Stephen Harris)
We came here after having found the nearby Redchurch Brewery Taproom closed for refurbishment.
Alvinne - Cuvée Sofie 10.00ExcellentA barrel-aged sour ale. Amber-coloured. It is certainly sour, although I struggled to detect any evidence of the barrel aging. Excellent nonetheless.
Fourpure - Deucebox 8.30ExcellentA pretty damn good Imperial IPA.
Vibrant Forest - Mosaic5.00GoodAmber-coloured with plenty of hop character. Quite well-carbonated.
04 May 2017 (Stephen Harris)
I had planned to go to the cheese night at the Cock Tavern in Hackney, but it took so long to get as far as Bethnal Green tonight that I went in here instead. Very busy.
One Mile End Brew Co. (formerly Mulligans at the White Hart and then WH Brew Pub) - Barrel Sour Blend – Black Framboise 8.10ExceptionalFrom key-keg. A superb black beer. It is a sour Raspberry Stout. Flavours of brett, wood and fruit.
Border Brewing - Non-Cents5.00ExcellentKeg dispense. A lovely, fresh, golden US beer.
Border Brewing - Greenroom5.40ExcellentKeg dispense. Really good, hoppy APA. Great to catch these imported US beers in such fresh condition.
20 Dec 2016 (Stephen Harris)
Pre-Christmas drinks here with Brian, Tim and Rob, survivors of the old Wenlock Arms Tuesday night scene. Plenty of weird and wonderful beers on which to splash the cash.
Chorlton - Mosaic Double Sour 7.10ExcellentOn key-keg dispense. I must admit that in the gloom I had misread the beer menu as saying ‘Double Stout’ rather than ‘Double Sour’ – so initially taken aback. This is a thick, fruity (blood orange?) tasting beer. I could not decide whether it was sweet or sour. Both, I think.
Left Handed Giant - Apricot Saison 7.40ExcellentOn keg dispense. I love fruit-flavoured Saisons and I love the taste of apricots, so this was an easy choice off the beer menu. Very nice, despite an excessive carbonation.
Almasty - Salted Caramild3.80AcceptableOn key-keg dispense. A very full-flavoured , rich, dark Mild. Too sweet for my palate.
11 Jul 2016 (Stephen Harris)
It’s a gloomy Monday evening, but every table taken in here.
Põhjala Öö - Virmalised IPA6.50ExcellentYum. A superior quality, mellow, tasty IPA.
Basqueland Brewing Project - Arraun Amber Ale5.00GoodDark amber/brown in colour. Malty. A long, bitter finish.
10 Mar 2016 (Stephen Harris)
Mid-evening. Less crowded than I was expecting and I was able to find a stool at the bar. Always an interesting beer selection in here, for those willing to look beyond cask format.
Kiuchi - Hitachino Nest White Ale 5.50ExcellentHaving read about this beer a while ago I have ben half looking out for it ever since, so pleased to get my chance tonight. It is a Witbier in the Belgian style; turbid yellow in colour. Full of juicy orange/citrus flavours and a good yeast presence. Some nice hop flavours too – Styrian Goldings according to the label. I did think about five stars but will go with four.

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About the Mother Kelly's

The pub sign. Mother Kelly's, Bethnal Green, Greater London

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The pub is found in Bethnal Green, Greater London, E2 9LE.

A modern ‘Bottle Shop & Tap Room’ which opened in a restored railway arch in Paradise Row in April 2014. It is just a couple of minutes’ walk from Bethnal Green tube station. The bar features 23 keg taps and there is a wall of fridges containing bottled beers. Cold snacks – cheese, meat, pork pies – are available. There is no cask-conditioned real ale in the conventional sense. Choice of indoor or exterior seating.

We have visited this pub 17 times, seen 37 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: E2 9LE