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Kaapse Brouwers (Brew Pub)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Oedipus - Hosanna DIPA Exceptional1
Buddelship - Smook in de Piep Exceptional1
Kwartje - UpgradeExceptional1
Kompaan - Hand Langer Excellent1
Oersoep - Sgt. Pepper Excellent1
Brouwerij Noordt - Seven Hops Double Pale Ale Excellent1
Austmann Bryggeri - Austmann IPAExcellent1
Senses Microbrasserie - Chardonnay Pale Excellent1
La Quince - Double Baden Excellent1
Van Moll - SuaveExcellent1
Guineu - Juicy JonesExcellent1
Magic Rock - Fridge LifeExcellent1
Buddelship - Mr BExcellent1
De Kaapse Brouwers - BeaExcellent1
Nøgne Ø - Imperial Brown Ale (keg)Excellent1
Drift Brouwers - Hijs IPA (2018) Excellent1
Põhjala Öö - Imperial Baltic Beer Excellent1
Hof Ten Dormaal - KriekExcellent1
De Kaapse Brouwers - JeanetteExcellent1
Van de Streek - Hop Art #5 Black IPA Excellent1
Oedipus - VogelenExcellent1
4 Islands - Geronimo! Guava IPA Excellent1
Raven Bone Hill - Jolly Roger – Scavenger Excellent1
Kaf & Koren - TropicanaExcellent1
De Kaapse Brouwers - Lennie Mt Hood Excellent1
Brouwerij Frontaal - Juice Punch v.7 Excellent1
Ramses - Den Dorstige Tijger Excellent1
Het Uiltje - Big Fat 5Excellent1
4 Islands - Blind LionExcellent1
Het Uiltje - Pepper Spray Porter Excellent1
Het Uiltje - Imperial Porter Ardmore B.A. Good1
Katjelam - BloeiGood1
Brouwerij Noordt - Brut IPA Good1
De Kaapse Brouwers - Cheeky Camille Good1
Brussels Beer Project - Dark SisterGood1
Senses Microbrasserie - Ocean of Night Acceptable1
Rooie Dop - Little Dump Strawberry Porter Acceptable1
De Kaapse Brouwers - KwartelAcceptable1
Picture 1. Kaapse Brouwers, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Picture 2. Kaapse Brouwers, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

23 Sep 2018 (Stephen Harris)
My now annual visit to the beer festival here – I see that I did not get around to writing it up last year. The format is as ever – small sampling glasses, tokens for beer and a selection of brewers present to supplement the normal bar. Weather a bit drizzly, so the crowd mostly packed inside rather than out on the quayside.
Buddelship - Smook in de Piep 9.60ExceptionalA superb, black, strong, rich-tasting, barrel-aged Porter.
Drift Brouwers - Hijs IPA (2018) 6.50ExcellentA strongly-flavoured, typically US West Coast-style IPA.
4 Islands - Geronimo! Guava IPA 4.80ExcellentA fruity, golden IPA.
4 Islands - Blind Lion6.00ExcellentA pale golden, murky, fruity IPA.
Brouwerij Noordt - Seven Hops Double Pale Ale 6.00ExcellentA strong, golden Pale Ale that is very well-hopped.
Buddelship - Mr B6.70ExcellentYet another juicy, fruity, murky, golden concoction.
Brouwerij Frontaal - Juice Punch v.7 5.80ExcellentExceptionally juicy and fruity.
Senses Microbrasserie - Chardonnay Pale 5.00ExcellentI loved this pale beer which tasted more like wine than beer.
Magic Rock - Fridge Life7.00ExcellentFruity Yorkshire murk.
De Kaapse Brouwers - Cheeky Camille 5.20GoodA White Bordeaux barrel-aged version of this golden beer. In fact it tastes rather more of barrel than it does of beer (in a nice way).
Brouwerij Noordt - Brut IPA 7.00GoodVery pale and very, very dry.
Senses Microbrasserie - Ocean of Night 7.00AcceptableA slightly odd Oatmeal Stout. Dark brown in colour and sweetish, with a bit of chocolate.
25 Sep 2016 (Stephen Harris)
Sunday evening session at the Borefts After Festival. A mild evening and great sitting out on the dockside. Good to see several familiar faces here from London.
Kwartje - Upgrade9.20ExceptionalTop class chili Imperial Stout. Wonderful stuff.
Nøgne Ø - Imperial Brown Ale (keg)7.20ExcellentStrong brown ale from Norway. Badged as 7.5%.
Oedipus - Vogelen4.00ExcellentA dry-hopped Berlinner Weiss. Shocking first taste but quickly grew on me.
Het Uiltje - Big Fat 58.00ExcellentA very tasty IPA.
Kompaan - Hand Langer 8.00ExcellentAnother very tasty, strong IPA-style beer.
Austmann Bryggeri - Austmann IPA6.50ExcellentI’m on a run of excellent IPAs this-evening. This one from Norway.
Guineu - Juicy Jones6.50ExcellentA collaboration beer with Bristol’s Moor Brewery. A great beer.
Hof Ten Dormaal - Kriek6.50ExcellentAn exceptionally nice cherry beer.
Kaf & Koren - Tropicana5.50ExcellentAnother great Dutch IPA.
Katjelam - Bloei5.40GoodGolden-coloured Sour beer.
27 Sep 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Enjoyable evening session at the ‘Borefts After Festival’, a spillover from this weekend’s Borefts Bier Festival at de Molen. Pleasant enough to sit out by the quayside into the evening. Eight brewers have stands here alongside the home-brew operation.
Oedipus - Hosanna DIPA 8.00ExceptionalFabulous, golden beer, heavily-hopped with Simcoe.
De Kaapse Brouwers - Jeanette7.50ExcellentGolden, heavy, very hoppy, West Coast IPA.
De Kaapse Brouwers - Lennie Mt Hood 10.50ExcellentPowerful, US-hopped DIPA.
Van Moll - Suave5.00ExcellentA Pale Ale brewed with gin botanicals and cucumber.
Põhjala Öö - Imperial Baltic Beer 10.50ExcellentThick and black.
Raven Bone Hill - Jolly Roger – Scavenger 6.60ExcellentFiercely chilli-flavoured. Vanilla too.
Het Uiltje - Pepper Spray Porter 8.20ExcellentChilli-flavoured beers usually creep up on you over the course of the glass. This one hits you in the face immediately at first sip.
La Quince - Double Baden 8.20ExcellentA Spanish-brewed, full-on, US-style IPA.
Het Uiltje - Imperial Porter Ardmore B.A. 15.70GoodThe strength of this beer was actually given as 18.7%, probably the strongest I have ever drunk (although not quite the strongest on sale here today). It is beyond my comprehension of what a beer is to be honest.
De Kaapse Brouwers - Kwartel6.00AcceptableA collaboration with Kees!. A very murky brown Smoked Porter.
28 Sep 2014 (Stephen Harris)
More than a hint of Hackney Wick about this area of Rotterdam! We only had a little over an hour at the start of what looked to be a great little beer festival here, with ten (mostly) new-ish brewers selling their beers and a great range of food available. Set up as a ‘Borefts After Festival’ and already getting busy when we had to leave at 1:15. Other breweries present were ‘T Ij, Kompaan, Mommeriete and Oedipus.
De Kaapse Brouwers - Bea6.00ExcellentA very tasty, Black Rye IPA.
Van de Streek - Hop Art #5 Black IPA 6.80ExcellentI do love a Black IPA, and this is a really good one. Strong, smooth and hoppy.
Ramses - Den Dorstige Tijger 6.60ExcellentAn orangey-brown IPA. Some sweet caramel, bitter finish.
Oersoep - Sgt. Pepper 6.00ExcellentA golden, cloudy, spicy, Saison.
Brussels Beer Project - Dark Sister6.70GoodDark brown and malty, with a bitter finish.
Rooie Dop - Little Dump Strawberry Porter 3.50AcceptableVery odd – as odd as its name in fact. Muddy brown in colour. A roasted, bitter Porter with strawberry tastes. Brewed in collaboration with Buxton Brewery.

About the Kaapse Brouwers

The pub sign. Kaapse Brouwers, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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The pub is found in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3072 AN.

A brewery, bar and bottle shop situated within the Fenix Food Court in an old warehouse on the Rijnhaven quayside. There are great views across the Niuewe Maas to the city centre. Open on Wednesdays to Sundays.

We have visited this pub 4 times, seen 38 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: 3072 AN