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Coney Island Brewing Co. - Trapp’ed on the Cyclone Excellent1
Oyster Bay Brewing Co. - IPAExcellent1
Picture 1. Top Hops, New York, America

Visits Details

19 Feb 2016 (Stephen Harris)
It is the first day of the New York City Beer Week and I make a late-afternoon visit here for the tapping of a special beer from the Coney Island Brewing Company. The little bar is crowded but has a welcoming feel. It reminds me a little of Mother Kelly’s in Bethnal Green, but with a warmer atmosphere. Like everywhere in New York, the beer seemed outrageously expensive, given poor current exchange rates.
Coney Island Brewing Co. - Trapp’ed on the Cyclone 8.50ExcellentA special beer for the Beer Week, brewed using only New York State-produced ingredients. It is a golden, rather hazy beer in the style of a Belgian Tripel. Smooth, fruity and tasty.
Oyster Bay Brewing Co. - IPA7.00ExcellentGolden in colour, with citrus and grassy hop flavours. Very much a US-style IPA.

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The pub sign. Top Hops, New York, America

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The pub is found in New York, America, NY 10002.

A cosy little bar / beer shop in the Lower East Side district of Manhattan. It is a long, narrow premises, occupying the ground floor of a tenement building in Orchard Street. The walls are mostly filled with fridges displaying a wide range of bottled beers (best to avert your eyes though from the very poor UK selection). There is also a bar with a line of taps, featuring especially the burgeoning New York State brewing scene.

We have visited this pub once, seen 2 different beers and tried both.

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Postcode: NY 10002