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Brussels Beer Project (Brewery)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Lervig - KonradExceptional1
Voodoo - Big Black Voodoo DaddyExceptional1
Hof Ten Dormaal - Leuven Innovation Beer Festival 2016 Exceptional1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0055 Exceptional1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0028 Exceptional1
Brussels Beer Project - Night Drift B.A.Exceptional1
Galway Bay - Solemn BlackExceptional1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0031 Excellent1
Cyclic Beer Farm - BootsyExcellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0056 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0040 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - Miami B**ch Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - Go Belgium 2018Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - Summer HazeExcellent1
Brussels Beer Project - Jungle JoyExcellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0037 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0050 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - I like it Bitter (2017) Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - Juice Junkie (2018) Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - Black Bird Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - MinotaureExcellent1
Half Acre - VallejoExcellent1
Brussels Beer Project - Ste. Kat’ Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0051 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0048 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0029 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0057 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - Patagonian Dream Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0052 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0030 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0058 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0027 Excellent1
Brussels Beer Project - Churchill’s Delusion Good1
Half Acre - Lifecycle Good1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0047 Good1
Brussels Beer Project - Déu N’hi Do! Good1
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0054 Acceptable1
Picture 1. Brussels Beer Project, Brussels, Belgium
Picture 2. Brussels Beer Project, Brussels, Belgium
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

11 Oct 2018 (Stephen Harris)
A visit here is deserved reward after a gruelling two days of meetings in Brussels and ahead of a much delayed Eurostar to London.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0055 10.20ExceptionalBlack, with a very fruity smell. This is a blackberry-flavoured Baltic Porter. Taste is predominately chocolate and blackberry. Wonderful.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0057 6.40ExcellentCloudy gold. This is a Citra-hopped IPA. Heavily-hopped in fact. Bitter.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0058 7.70ExcellentCloudy gold. In the currently-fashionable Brut IPA style. Naturally it is bone dry. It is also smooth and flavoursome.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0056 7.60ExcellentCloudy gold. This is a heavy-duty Double IPA. Dry. Pine and fruit flavours from the hops.
30 Aug 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Happy timing places me in Brussels for meetings on a Thursday and the chance of a good session in here. It is particularly busy in the late afternoon/early evening with visitors of many nationalities.
Brussels Beer Project - Miami B**ch 4.60ExcellentI enjoyed this a lot. Cloudy gold, with kiwifruit, lactose and brett sourness.
Half Acre - Vallejo6.70ExcellentA golden and distinctively US-style IPA.
Half Acre - Lifecycle 6.00GoodBrewed in collaboration with Brussels Beer Project. A sticky, fruity beer with guava and tangerine flavours; in a Belgian Blonde style.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0054 2.70AcceptableThe latest experimental beer is a low-strength beer in the American Brown Ale style. It clearly has good flavours, but at this strength is rather too dominated by high carbonation.
19 Jul 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Afternoon visit following a couple of days of meetings in Brussels.
Brussels Beer Project - Go Belgium 20185.40ExcellentA red-coloured fruit beer. Very tasty.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0050 4.70ExcellentAn American Brown Ale that does not lack for hops. Near black in colour.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0051 5.20ExcellentA hazy gold, sour, dry and spicy Grisette.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0052 4.70ExcellentDescribed as a ‘Tropical Extra Special Bitter’. An unusual brew with tropical fruit flavours, caramel malt and a long bitter finish.
12 Jul 2018 (Stephen Harris)
I’m pleased to find myself in Brussels during opening hours here for the first time in ages. Indeed, I’m almost the first customer of the day, although the Taproom soon starts filling up.
Brussels Beer Project - Summer Haze3.80ExcellentYellow, hazy, very hoppy and bitter.
Brussels Beer Project - Juice Junkie (2018) 5.80ExcellentA NEIPA and cloudy, without being quite the full London Murky – it has however been brewed collaboratively with Weird Beard Brewery. Juicy and bitter.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0048 7.00ExcellentA Chocolate Mint Stout that tastes uncannily like After Eights.
Cyclic Beer Farm - Bootsy5.50ExcellentA dry-hopped and kettle-soured Saison. Hazy gold, hoppy, spicy and sour. Yum.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0047 4.80GoodA gluten-free, Session IPA. Cloudy gold and spicy.
16 Dec 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Saturday evening and it is pretty full in here. There is a lot of take-away trade I notice. I decide to look at the guest beers at the foot of the daily list.
Galway Bay - Solemn Black9.00ExceptionalA huge Black IPA. Beautiful.
Voodoo - Big Black Voodoo Daddy12.00ExceptionalA monstrous Imperial Stout. After this I feel the need to head to my hotel for a lie down.
14 Dec 2017 (Stephen Harris)
A busy Thursday evening here.
Brussels Beer Project - Night Drift B.A.9.90ExceptionalA Bourbon barrel-aged version of BBP’s Imperial Stout. Bitter and mellow and complex and strong.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0040 6.80ExcellentThis lush beer is described as a Smoked Blonde Chocolate Milk Stout, and all of those flavours are apparent.
Brussels Beer Project - Jungle Joy7.00ExcellentA fabulously fruity Pale Ale, with mango and passion fruit.
Brussels Beer Project - Minotaure6.70ExcellentA Flemish Red Ale, the slightly sour and fruity flavours enhanced by Burgundy Barrel-aging.
19 Oct 2017 (Stephen Harris)
A Thursday afternoon visit, with brewing in progress and a sprinkling of customers. 13 home-brewed beers on keg to choose from.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0037 4.10ExcellentA Black Session IPA. In fact it is dark brown in colour, with plenty of both malt and hop flavours.
Brussels Beer Project - Ste. Kat’ 7.00ExcellentA fund-raising beer for nearby St Katherine’s church, brewed with the help of Father Jeremie. It is in the Abbey style, but brewed with US hops (Cascade, Citra, Columbus and Mosaic) for that extra something.
Brussels Beer Project - Patagonian Dream 4.20ExcellentA Witbier, brewed with blueberries and Argentine hops. It’s really very lovely.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0027 4.20ExcellentA cloudy, golden Pale Ale. Herbal and tropical fruit tastes from the hops.
23 Mar 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Late afternoon visit. Bar quiet today, although starting to fill as I had to leave to catch my Eurostar.
Hof Ten Dormaal - Leuven Innovation Beer Festival 2016 9.30ExceptionalA Bordeaux barrel-aged Imperial Stout. Black and smooth. So winey from the barrel-aging that it is verging on sour. Superb.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0030 6.60ExcellentA golden, cloudy, single-hop beer, hopped with New Zealand Wakatu.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0031 6.60ExcellentA golden, cloudy, single-hop beer, hopped with Australian Ella.
02 Feb 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Interesting to note that it was quite a lot busier in here on a Thursday late-afternoon than it had been on a Friday evening on my previous visit. Two large brewery tour groups amongst the crowds.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0028 9.20ExceptionalThis is a very powerful and complex Oatmeal Imperial Stout. Black, with a foaming brown head. Superb, thick and strong. You know all that old guff you read about beers tasting of wet dogs and blankets and tobacco and camel dung and horse saddles and so on? This beer has all of that and more.
Brussels Beer Project - I like it Bitter (2017) 7.70ExcellentAmber-coloured and hazy. When they say ‘Bitter’, they are not joking – this Double IPA has an IBU of 100 and the 2017 version is hopped with Equinox and Mosaic. It’s intense.
Brussels Beer Project - Churchill’s Delusion 5.70GoodBrewed in collaboration with London’s Weird Beard Brewery. Dark brown. An ‘English Mild’, infused with cigar smoke. You can imagine the fun they must have had brewing this one. It is a decent, smooth Mild. But the smoke is subtle to the point of invisibility.
27 Jan 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Somehow or other this is my first visit here, and instantly becomes my number one pub in Brussels. A lovely smell of brewing as soon as you walk in and a good crowd of eager imbibers in more-spacious surroundings than any of the Bermondsey taprooms. 11 home-brewed beers on tap, plus one guest and a few of the house beers in bottle as well.
Lervig - Konrad10.40ExceptionalA collaboration beer with the Brussels Beer Project – internet research suggests it is brewed in Norway rather than Brussels. It is a massive, black Imperial Stout with a big brown head. Hugely over-blown and magnificent.
Brussels Beer Project - Black Bird 6.10ExcellentA Black Rye Saison, brewed in collaboration with London’s Anspach & Hobday Brewery. It is black in colour. Has the burn of rye and the tartness of a Saison. Quite well-carbonated.
Brussels Beer Project - #EXP 0029 7.30ExcellentThe latest of a series of experimental beers. It is a ruby/brown coloured Barley Wine. Smooth and strong, with very little carbonation. Sticky toffee and fruit.
Brussels Beer Project - Déu N’hi Do! 5.60GoodThe name of this beer translates from Catalan as “Oh my God” and it is a collaboration brew with Pirata Brewery. Cloudy brown in colour. The beer is flavoured with Cascara to give a sort of fruity coffee flavour. Not completely sure that I liked it to be honest.

About the Brussels Beer Project

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The pub is found in Brussels, Belgium, 1000.

A city centre brewery established in 2013 with a collaborative spirit and a modern outlook. They make a point in their publicity of stressing that they were founded in 2013 “not 1492”. The brewery occupies a site at 188 Rue Antoine Danseart, just across the canal from Graaf van Vlaanderen Metro station. Attached is a spacious Taproom which opens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 2pm to 10pm.

We have visited this pub 10 times, seen 37 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: 1000