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Wuppertaler Brauhaus (Brew Pub)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Wuppertaler Brauhaus - BernsteinfarbenExceptional1
Wuppertaler Brauhaus - Wupper HellExcellent1
Wuppertaler Brauhaus - Wupper DunkelGood1
Picture 1. Wuppertaler Brauhaus, Wuppertal, Germany
Picture 2. Wuppertaler Brauhaus, Wuppertal, Germany
Picture 3. Wuppertaler Brauhaus, Wuppertal, Germany
Jason Jones

Visits Details

08 Oct 2018 (Magnus Greel)
Mid afternoon just in time for 1500 to 1700 'happy hour' 0,4l for €2.20 for the thrifty minded .Very quiet considering, just a handful easily swallowed up by the vast size of the place. My first successful visit and am impressed. The upper gallery seating was closed off so I sat in the lower. I've only listed the beers on tap.
Wuppertaler Brauhaus - Bernsteinfarben5.60ExceptionalThis surprised me, golden amber colour with a toasted buttery aftertaste which became cough candy towards the end. Complex and faultless.
Wuppertaler Brauhaus - Wupper Hell4.90ExcellentUnfiltered hazy full bodied and fruity with a delicate peppery twang. Spot on condition the head lined the glass down to the last drop.
Wuppertaler Brauhaus - Wupper Dunkel4.90GoodAnticipated a sharp coffee bite - not so, more like an English mild, delicate malts with bready earthy floral hops prevalent.
29 May 2018 (Magnus Greel)
An hour or so's thunderstorms and torrential rain had somehow affected the Schweibebahn so we walked the last half mile only to find the place closed due to flooding, Feuerwehr in attendance here and many other places pumping out floodwater.

About the Wuppertaler Brauhaus

The pub sign. Wuppertaler Brauhaus, Wuppertal, Germany

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The pub is found in Wuppertal, Germany, 42275.

In June 1997, our brewery opened in the historic building of Barmer Badeanstalt. Here is the unique Wuppertal beer brewed right in front of your eyes. An own brewer, carefully selected raw materials and a craftsmanship guarantee for 18 years the consistently high quality. The natural fermentation and storage give the beer time to mature in peace - it comes naturally cloudy, unfiltered and untreated, with all its valuable ingredients, we braufrisch for serving. Our kitchen team provides hearty, culinary delights and little things to the beer. Seasonal promotions, events and corporate parties are just as much part of it as regular events with live music and the largest and most beautiful beer garden in the middle of the city.

We have visited this pub twice, seen 3 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: 42275