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Fierce Bar (Brewery Tap)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Stone - CoCo-POWExcellent1
Kirkstall - Omnipresent Excellent1
Fierce - Day ShiftGood4
Gipsy Hill - SwamperGood1
Fierce - Fierce PilsnerGood1
Stone - IPAGood1
Fierce - Split ShiftGood1
Gipsy Hill - FugitiveGood1
Fierce - Sunset ShiftAcceptable1
Kirkstall - ProvidenceAcceptable1
Stone - 2nd Anniversary DIPAAcceptable1
Wiper and True - Bristol CrushPoor1

Visits Details

20 Feb 2020 (McGargle)
Pleasantly busy.
Fierce - Day Shift5.00ExcellentNow brewed with London No.3 yeast which brings out the fruit.
01 May 2019 (McGargle)
After work crowd.
Stone - IPA6.90GoodBerlin brewed. Enjoy it while we can.
28 Mar 2019 (McGargle)
Busy. It's the BrewDog AGM weekend. 20 taps. Not all noted.
Fierce - Split Shift5.50Good
Gipsy Hill - Fugitive7.00GoodBurt IPA colab with Verdant.
Gipsy Hill - Swamper3.50GoodNew England Pale Ale.
31 Jan 2019 (McGargle)
Popular with Fyne staff this evening.
Kirkstall - Omnipresent 6.20ExcellentMoreish West Coast IPA.
Fierce - Fierce Pilsner4.20GoodRefreshing light German style Pilsner. Super-fresh. Should have shome in the glass - bit hazy.
28 Dec 2018 (McGargle)
Busy. 20 taps.
Fierce - Sunset Shift5.40AcceptableHoppy amber ale with rye coming to dominate.
13 Dec 2018 (McGargle)
Cursed by once a year drinkers and people in elf jumpers the owners were rubbing theire hands gleefully.
Stone - 2nd Anniversary DIPA8.70AcceptableNot as hop focussed as you'd expect from Stone. This was a Berlin brew.
29 Nov 2018 (McGargle)
More staff than customers.
Fierce - Day Shift5.00GoodSmooth but sharp. Flavoursome.
Kirkstall - Providence5.20AcceptableDescribed as as a New England Pale Ale, it wasn't. Too bitter, lacking juicy mouthfeel it was more West Coast.
08 Nov 2018 (McGargle)
Ideal spot to wait for a lift. Twenty taps - half of them taken by Wicklow Wolf beers.
Fierce - Day Shift5.00Good
13 Sep 2018 (McGargle)
Early evening and plenty of room. Becoming my bar of choice in this part of Aberdeen.
Stone - CoCo-POW7.30ExcellentA substantial porter subtley infused with coconut shavings and coffee beans. My type of beer.
Fierce - Day Shift5.00GoodAlthough Fierce are renowned for 'unusual' adjuncts this is a tasty, straight ahead APA.
Wiper and True - Bristol Crush3.80PoorInoccuous to the point of blandness it needed more of everything except this punter's money.

About the Fierce Bar

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The pub is found in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB11 5BW.

Modern style conversion of a run down boozer round the back of the BrewDog bar on Castlegate. Less achingly hip than BrewDog and all the better for it, there's 20 taps at reasonable prices. Tasty snacks and dog friendly. Tap for the Fierce Brewery and well worth a visit but no cask.

We have visited this pub 9 times, seen 12 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: AB11 5BW