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Battersea Beer Festival 2009 (CAMRA Beer Festival)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Purple Moose - Madog's AleExcellent1
Joseph Holt (see also Holt's) - MildGood1
Copper Dragon - Black GoldGood1
Epicurus Craft Beer (formerly Hornbeam) - Black Coral StoutGood1
Fyne - Piper's GoldGood1
Epicurus Craft Beer (formerly Hornbeam) - BitterGood1
Green Jack - CanaryAcceptable1
Downton - Black Knight BitterAcceptable1
Buntingford - Golden PloverAcceptable1
Weetwood - Best BitterAcceptable1
Blindmans - Golden SpringPoor1
Wyre Piddle - Piddle In The DarkPoor1
Quartz - CrystalPoor1
Wyre Piddle - Piddle in the WindPoor1
Bushy's - Old Bushy TailPoor1
Ascot - Double TroublePoor1
Yates' (Isle of Wight) (some beers brewed at Goddards) - Holy JoePoor1
Mayfields - Naughty Nell'sPoor1
Woodlands - Light OakUndrinkable1
Picture 1. Battersea Beer Festival 2009, Battersea, Greater London

Visits Details

11 Feb 2009 (Ian)
This beer festival gets a bit of stick as not all the UK beers on are on at the same time. I have never had a problem with it. They were serving 1/3 pint measures too which makes it easier to get around some of the UK beers. I had a fair few UK beers, but then had some good German beers on draught from Olaf who brings them over and a perry. I had a good time. Will be back next year if work allows it.
Purple Moose - Madog's Ale3.70ExcellentSlightly hazy copper, lasting beige head. Tea, bitter. But I like it. Excellent understated good drinking bitter. Good proper bitterness on end. Really good.
Joseph Holt (see also Holt's) - Mild3.20GoodBlack, very dark brown, lasting beige bubbly head. A proper dark mild from up north, so interested to have it. It's really drinkable, a bit cola-ish. But decent acidity. Some roasted malt. I've ahd a lot worse beers today. Quite a decent interersting light in ABV dark mild, ok dark fruits.
Copper Dragon - Black Gold3.70GoodVery deep ruby lasting very bubbly head. roasty aroma. Nice roasted aroma. I like it, the roasted notes are excellent.
Fyne - Piper's Gold3.80GoodClean clear gold, thin ivory head. It's over carbonated, but good. Tasty, slight dust on the hop, but good stuff.
Epicurus Craft Beer (formerly Hornbeam) - Bitter3.80GoodGold, lasting off white bubbly head. Some sherberty hop on aroma. Bit of American hop maybe. Tasty new style bitter. More fragrant than bitter, but with some drying bitterness on finish.
Epicurus Craft Beer (formerly Hornbeam) - Black Coral Stout4.50GoodBlack, very dark brown, very thin beige head. Some dark fruit on aroma. Odd, I expected it to be roasty, but it isn't. It's a fuller, bigger, juicier stout. Good carbonation sting on finish. OK, good interest.
Weetwood - Best Bitter3.80AcceptableAmber, thin beige head. It's a bitter. Decent bitter, bit of butter maybe. But it's ok.
Green Jack - Canary3.80AcceptablePure gold colour, lasting white head. Some hop. Decent condition. It's an alright golden beer.
Buntingford - Golden Plover3.80AcceptableGold, bubbly beige head. Quite a decent stoney, fruit salad beer, quite minerally. Bit of caranel, quite decent.
Downton - Black Knight Bitter4.10AcceptableVery roasted toasty dark bitter. Some English yeast on it. It's reasonably tasty. Unusual to have such a dark bitter. Fine.
Bushy's - Old Bushy Tail4.50PoorAmber, lasting bubbly beige head. Buttery rubbish. Not a good bitter.
Yates' (Isle of Wight) (some beers brewed at Goddards) - Holy Joe4.90PoorAmber, disappearing off white head. Grapefruit hoppy aroma, some toffee. Actually that toffee is diacetyl. Too much diacetyl. Poor.
Blindmans - Golden Spring4.00PoorPale gold, bit thin in mouth, bit of dryness, bit dull. Watery.
Wyre Piddle - Piddle In The Dark4.50PoorDeep copper colour thin off white head. Toasty aroma. It's not good.
Wyre Piddle - Piddle in the Wind4.50PoorOnly slightly better than the In the Dark from the same brewery. Copper colour, a disappointing bitter.
Ascot - Double Trouble5.40PoorVery dark brown, thin disappearing dark beige head. Made with a Beglian yeast clearly. Bit sour, bit too banana ester. Not my kinda thing. Bit too sweet. Good attempt, but poorish execution. The esters and sweetness are almost unpleasant.
Mayfields - Naughty Nell's4.20PoorAmber, thin bubbly beige head. Some fruitiness on a rather syrupy malty best bitter. Not very good.
Quartz - Crystal4.20PoorCrystal clear amber, no head. Bit stoney, it's a bit thin. Yep, just a bit poor.
Woodlands - Light Oak4.00UndrinkableLooks good, smells horrible. Man alive, pure diacetyl. And it's apalling. Maybe the brewery should have checked this batch before it left the site. It will only damage their reputation.

About the Battersea Beer Festival 2009

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The pub is found in Battersea, Greater London, SW11 5TN.

Held in the main hall of the Battersea Arts Centre. Central stillage area dispenses beer as the casks are ready. Decent if not overly exciting UK list with a very good foreign bar. Cider bar and more seating downstairs. Easy to access from Waterloo/Clapham Junction.

We have visited this pub once, seen 19 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: SW11 5TN