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Bowland Beer Hall (Bowland)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Bowland - Pheasant PluckerExcellent1
Brewsmith - Oatmeal StoutExcellent1
Saltaire - Amarillo (was Amarillo Gold)Excellent1
Neptune - Nelson Sails AgainGood1
Ilkley - PaleNot Tried0
Nightjar (formerly Slightly Foxed) - Happy JooseNot Tried0
Vocation - Heart & SoulNot Tried0
Farmyard Ales - Brew ChaffNot Tried0
Vocation - Pride & JoyNot Tried0
Nightjar (formerly Slightly Foxed) - Lost In IKEANot Tried0
Vocation - Bread & ButterNot Tried0
Neptune - EziliNot Tried0
Rooster's - JubileeNot Tried0
Neptune - Forecast JesterNot Tried0
Saltaire - BlondeNot Tried0
Farmyard Ales - HaybobNot Tried0
Ilkley - Lotus (please use other entry)Not Tried0
Wilde Child - Risk AvoidanceNot Tried0
Bowland - Boxer BlondeNot Tried0
Bowland - BumbleNot Tried0
Wishbone - Tiller PinNot Tried0
Bowland - Deer StalkerNot Tried0
Bowland - GoldNot Tried0
RedWillow - HeadlessNot Tried0
Rooster's - YPA (Yorkshire Pale Ale)Not Tried0
Bowland - BusterNot Tried0
Marble - Manchester BitterNot Tried0
Torrside - Yellow PeakNot Tried0
Bowland - Hen HarrierNot Tried0
Ilkley - BlondeNot Tried0
Rooster's - YankeeNot Tried0
RedWillow - WeightlessNot Tried0
Marble - PintNot Tried0
RedWillow - Heritage PorterNot Tried0
Ilkley - Mary JaneNot Tried0
Wilde Child - Brownie HunterNot Tried0
Picture 1. Bowland Beer Hall, Clitheroe, Lancashire
Jason Jones

Visits Details

27 Jan 2022 (Magnus Greel)
This incongruously located beer lover's paradise was the highlight of today's crawl. Many groups in easily swallowed up thanks to the vast size of the place.
Saltaire - Amarillo (was Amarillo Gold)4.50ExcellentTicked all my Amarillo boxes
Neptune - Nelson Sails Again4.50GoodSingle Hopped New Zealand pale, gooseberry and grapefruit flavours from Nelson Sauvin hops
Bowland - Gold3.80Not Tried
Bowland - Hen Harrier4.00Not Tried
RedWillow - Headless3.90Not Tried
Bowland - Pheasant Plucker3.70Not Tried
Vocation - Heart & Soul4.40Not Tried
Vocation - Bread & Butter3.90Not Tried
Bowland - Buster4.50Not Tried
Torrside - Yellow Peak4.20Not Tried
Ilkley - Blonde3.90Not Tried
RedWillow - Weightless4.20Not Tried
Bowland - Boxer Blonde4.00Not Tried
RedWillow - Heritage Porter5.30Not Tried
Wilde Child - Brownie Hunter4.90Not Tried
Nightjar (formerly Slightly Foxed) - Happy Joose5.40Not Tried
Farmyard Ales - Brew Chaff4.70Not Tried
Nightjar (formerly Slightly Foxed) - Lost In IKEA4.20Not Tried
Neptune - Ezili4.00Not Tried
Neptune - Forecast Jester3.90Not Tried
Farmyard Ales - Haybob3.90Not Tried
Wilde Child - Risk Avoidance3.80Not Tried
Bowland - Bumble4.00Not Tried
Bowland - Deer Stalker4.50Not Tried
04 Aug 2021 (ChrisE)
An amazing place, a bit like a German Beer Hall with a British twist, I got table service although I could have sat at the bar. Well woth seeking out.
Bowland - Pheasant Plucker3.70Excellent
Brewsmith - Oatmeal Stout5.20ExcellentSuperb
Bowland - Gold3.80Not Tried
Rooster's - YPA (Yorkshire Pale Ale)4.10Not Tried
Marble - Manchester Bitter4.20Not Tried
Bowland - Hen Harrier4.00Not Tried
Rooster's - Yankee4.30Not Tried
Saltaire - Amarillo (was Amarillo Gold)4.50Not Tried
Marble - Pint3.90Not Tried
Ilkley - Mary Jane3.50Not Tried
Ilkley - Pale4.20Not Tried
Vocation - Heart & Soul4.40Not Tried
Vocation - Pride & Joy5.30Not Tried
Vocation - Bread & Butter3.90Not Tried
Rooster's - Jubilee4.00Not Tried
Saltaire - Blonde4.00Not Tried
Ilkley - Lotus (please use other entry)5.50Not Tried
Bowland - Boxer Blonde4.00Not Tried
Wishbone - Tiller Pin4.20Not Tried

About the Bowland Beer Hall

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The pub is found in Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1EB.

Massive beer hall in the Holmes Mill complex. Forty two handpulls on the bar.

We have visited this pub twice, seen 35 different beers and tried 4 of them.

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Postcode: BB7 1EB