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Beers that Judy G Garland has Tried

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Beer (sort)Brewer (sort)Samples Score (sort)
#10 Smoked PorterShamblemoose1Excellent
#8 Pamplemoose Grapefruit IPAShamblemoose1Acceptable
80 ShillingDark Star2Excellent
AcerBristol Beer Factory1Acceptable
Alton's PrideTriple fff1Excellent
Beyond the PaleKent1Excellent
Big Inflatable Cowboy HatSiren Craft1Excellent
Black GoldKent1Excellent
Black JesusGreat Heck1Exceptional
Bluestone BitterKite (see and use entry now for Glamorgan)1Acceptable
Boadicea (G.H 2013)Swan on the Green1Excellent
Bohemian RhapsodyWesterham1Acceptable
Cream StoutSt Peter's1Excellent
CuriousMagic Rock1Excellent
Dark Side of the MooOld Dairy1Exceptional
Dark Side Of The MoosePurple Moose1Excellent
DubbelHowling Hops (Former brewery at Cock Tavern)1Excellent

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Judy G Garland

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