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Hello, I'm Bear & Ragged Staff. I started using this site on the 08 Feb 2011 and since then I've made 345 pub visits, tried 639 different beers and visited 43 different pubs.

About Me

I am located in Shropshire and my local pub is The Bailey Head in Oswestry. Five different real ales always on handpump with at least one Oakham ale being on most of the time. Whilst I don't get much of a chance to visit other pubs regularly, I do get to sample a fair variety of ales. I always look forward to my holidays in North Norfolk where the beer desert of the 70's and 80's has turned into a bountiful oasis of excellent ales. I also enjoy metal detecting, golf and the occasional visit to the gym. Oh yes, and I collect pump clips from Midlands and Norfolk breweries (anorak or what!). Thanks for reading.

My Pubs

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My Beers

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Bear & Ragged Staff

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