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Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) Beers


BeerABV (%)Seen (Tried)Ave. Score
"25" Gold6.80 3 (3)Excellent
"21.5" Strong Gold6.20 1 (0)Not Tried
21 Strong Pale6.20 4 (3)Excellent
236.40 9 (4)Good
24 Dark Gold6.70 4 (2)Good
500 Gold4.00 1 (0)Not Tried
Amber Best Bitter3.70 1 (0)Not Tried
American Gold4.50 1 (1)Acceptable
American Pale Ale4.70 2 (2)Good
American Triple4.60 1 (1)Excellent
Auburn Green4.30 6 (5)Good
Autumn Amber3.90 4 (1)Excellent
Autumn Gold4.70 1 (0)Not Tried
Bavarian Blonde4.40 1 (0)Not Tried
Bavarian Red4.90 1 (1)Excellent
Best Bitter3.70 3 (3)Good
Black IPA5.00 5 (5)Good
Brenley Pale5.40 3 (1)Acceptable
Burnaps Beard3.80 6 (5)Acceptable
Centennial Porter5.40 2 (2)Excellent
Early Bird Pale3.60 3 (1)Good
East Kent Golding4.70 3 (1)Excellent
EKG Green Hop Pale5.30 3 (2)Excellent
EKG IPA3.90 2 (2)Excellent
EKG Pale3.90 1 (0)Not Tried
Ernest Strong Pale4.90 3 (3)Good
German 3 Hop Huell Melon, Hallertau Mittelfruh, Mandarina Bavaria4.50 1 (1)Good
German Twin Hop Hallertau/Mandarina4.20 4 (3)Acceptable
Godiva Red4.10 1 (1)Excellent
Green & Black4.20 2 (1)Excellent
Green & Black East Kent Goldings Green Hop Stout3.90 3 (1)Excellent
Green & Black Green Hop4.00 10 (4)Excellent
Green & Gold5.30 3 (2)Good
Green & Gold5.50 3 (3)Good
Green & Gold5.40 2 (0)Not Tried
Green & Pale East Kent Goldings Green Hop Ale3.80 9 (4)Excellent
Green and Gold4.80 5 (4)Excellent
Green and Gold5.10 2 (1)Excellent
Green and Pale4.30 2 (2)Excellent
Green Black4.10 4 (3)Excellent
Green Hop Ale4.30 9 (5)Good
Green Hop Black3.70 1 (1)Excellent
Host's Ale (version spiced with ginger)5.20 1 (1)Excellent
Kent I.P.A.5.00 1 (1)Acceptable
Kent Pale5.20 2 (1)Good
Kentish Best3.70 27 (16)Good
Kentish Bitter3.70 3 (3)Good
Kentish Rye Porter5.40 5 (2)Excellent
Kentish Session IPA4.30 5 (4)Excellent
KHBB Kentish House Best Bitter3.70 1 (0)Not Tried
King Ale3.90 1 (1)Poor
KPA Kent Pale Ale5.20 3 (2)Excellent
Light Gold3.60 1 (0)Not Tried
Light Red Session3.90 1 (0)Not Tried
Luverlee Juberlee3.90 2 (1)Excellent
New World Gold4.60 4 (2)Good
New Zealand Pale Ale4.40 1 (1)Good
New Zealand Red4.40 1 (1)Excellent
NZ Pale3.60 1 (0)Not Tried
NZ Pale3.80 2 (1)Excellent
Oatmeal Pale4.50 4 (3)Excellent
Oatmeal Pale4.80 5 (3)Excellent
Oatmeal Porter4.90 4 (3)Good
Obama's Green Hop Honey Ale (collaboration with Canterbury Brewers)4.70 12 (6)Excellent
Olicana4.00 3 (3)Good
Olicana3.60 1 (0)Not Tried
Olicana Oatmeal IPA4.00 4 (1)Good
Pacific Pale4.30 2 (0)Not Tried
Pale Green5.30 4 (2)Excellent
Rakau +5.00 1 (1)Excellent
Rauchbier4.80 1 (1)Undrinkable
Red Rye4.20 1 (0)Not Tried
Red Simcoe4.80 2 (0)Not Tried
Saison's Greetings5.00 4 (1)Good
Sauvin5.00 3 (3)Good
Simcoe Red4.60 1 (1)Good
Single Hop Agnus5.20 1 (1)Acceptable
Single Hop Azzaca Rye5.00 2 (2)Good
Single Hop Calypso4.60 3 (3)Good
Single Hop Centennial Gold4.50 1 (1)Excellent
Single Hop Centennial Rye Porter5.40 1 (0)Not Tried
Single Hop Chinook Gold4.90 2 (1)Excellent
Single Hop Chinook Pale4.70 2 (1)Good
Single Hop Comet Gold4.80 2 (1)Excellent
Single Hop Dana4.00 1 (1)Excellent
Single Hop Ernest5.10 5 (5)Excellent
Single Hop Ernest4.20 2 (2)Good
Single Hop Hallertau Blanc4.20 2 (0)Not Tried
Single Hop Huell Melon4.30 4 (1)Good
Single Hop Jarrylo Porter4.40 7 (6)Excellent
Single Hop Jester4.60 2 (0)Not Tried
Single Hop Junga4.30 1 (0)Not Tried
Single Hop Kazbek Rye Porter4.60 4 (1)Excellent
Single Hop Kazbek Rye Porter4.20 4 (2)Excellent
Single Hop Kazbek Rye Porter5.20 3 (1)Excellent
Single Hop Kazbek Rye Porter5.00 2 (1)Good
Single Hop Mandarina Bavaria4.70 2 (1)Excellent
Single Hop Mosaic5.00 4 (3)Good
Single Hop Mosaic4.30 3 (1)Good
Single Hop Mosaic Gold5.00 1 (0)Not Tried
Single Hop Mosaic Gold3.80 4 (1)Good
Single Hop Mosaic Gold4.90 5 (3)Excellent
Single Hop Rakau5.00 1 (0)Not Tried
Single Hop Saphir4.60 2 (0)Not Tried
Single Hop Simcoe4.40 2 (2)Good
Single Hop Sybilla4.50 1 (1)Good
Slap and Tickled3.60 13 (6)Good
Sorachi Ace4.10 2 (1)Poor
Spring Gold3.90 1 (0)Not Tried
Spring Gold5.10 7 (2)Good
Spring Pale3.60 3 (0)Not Tried
Strong Pale5.80 5 (3)Good
Styrian Cardinal4.50 2 (0)Not Tried
Summer Light3.60 2 (0)Not Tried
Summer Pale3.40 2 (0)Not Tried
Summer Pale4.80 1 (0)Not Tried
Summer Session3.80 1 (0)Not Tried
Summer Session4.00 3 (0)Not Tried
Summer Session Pale Ale3.60 4 (2)Excellent
The Friar's Ale4.30 68 (35)Good
The Host's5.20 9 (5)Good
The Host's Ale (superseded by 5.2% version)4.70 4 (2)Excellent
The Knight's4.60 7 (4)Good
The Knight's Ale4.60 67 (26)Good
The Merchant's4.00 3 (1)Excellent
The Merchant's Ale4.00 58 (24)Excellent
The Merchant's Stout4.00 14 (5)Good
The Miller's Ale (originally 4.5%)4.20 2 (1)Good
The Miller's Ale (originally 4.5%)4.20 72 (21)Good
The Pardoner's Ale3.80 82 (37)Good
The Pardoner's Ale4.10 3 (2)Good
The Pardoner's Ale (superseded by 3.8% version)4.10 7 (6)Excellent
The Prince's Ale4.00 4 (2)Good
The Reeve's Ale4.10 108 (43)Good
The Wife of Bath's Ale3.90 170 (95)Excellent
Trout Pout (house beer)3.90 24 (7)Good
US Pale4.70 3 (1)Good
West Coast Light3.60 5 (1)Acceptable
West Coast Pale4.40 1 (0)Not Tried
White Horse Summer Ale3.80 2 (2)Good
Winter Gold4.70 1 (0)Not Tried
Winter Gold3.90 2 (1)Excellent

Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew)

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